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Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

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The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is the second largest and one of the most advanced healthcare and research facilities in Israel. It began its work in 1961, but it is still popular among the local population and attracts thousands of international patients. The multidisciplinary medical center covers an area of ​​150,000 m&s

Amount of beds available: 1300
Inpatients yearly: 60000
Outpatients yearly: 500000
Assuta Hospital Tel Aviv

Assuta Hospital Tel Aviv

location_onIsrael, Tel Aviv
The Assuta Hospital Tel Aviv was opened in 2009 and today it is one of the largest, modern hospitals with the highest treatment success rates in Israel. The сlinical practice is based on the use of the state-of-art technologies in the world of medicine. The compliance with the high level of medical care and cooperation with the

Amount of beds available: 250
Inpatients yearly: 85000
Outpatients yearly: 150000

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Israel has several large hospitals located in different regions of the country. These include the Sheba Medical Center, the University Hospital Hadassah and the Rambam Medical Center. There are two hospitals in Tel Aviv that are often visited by foreign patients, namely the Sourasky Medical Center and the Assuta Hospital.

Sourasky Medical Center 

The Sourasky Medical Center (formerly the Medical Center Ichilov) is the largest hospital in Tel Aviv. The priority focuses include:

  • Oncology
  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery
  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Sports medicine

The hospital has the Integrated Cancer Prevention Center where one can quickly get diagnosed for 11 types of the most common malignancies.

Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital. It was opened in 1992. The hospital includes dozens of departments and units that specialize in certain areas of medicine. The hospital performs operations: orthopedic, urological, and heart surgery. It also performs bone marrow transplant, reconstructive surgical interventions to correct congenital malformations and treat eye diseases in children.

Lis Maternity and Women's Hospital. It includes four units specializing in certain areas of medicine: pregnancy and childbirth, infertility, gynecology, newborns and premature babies.

Assuta Hospital

Most often people come to the Assuta Hospital for cancer treatment in Israel. This is one of the best cancer hospitals in the world. A five-year survival of patients with malignant tumors exceeds 85%. The hospital demonstrates some of the best indicators in the world in the field of breast cancer treatment – the survival rate of patients with this disease reaches 87%.

Although today a large number of Israeli hospitals have JCI accreditation, it was the Assuta Hospital that received the certificate first.

Here are the main areas of medicine in which medical tourists most often seek help from Israeli hospitals.

  • Oncology. In about 90% of cases, the Assuta Hospital achieves cure for malignant tumors that are detected at an early stage. The medical center uses more than 100 chemotherapy drugs, applies innovative treatment methods, such as high-intensity focused ultrasound, tumor ablation, chemoembolization, selective radiotherapy, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy. Many tumors are removed using minimally invasive methods.
  • Reproductive medicine. The Medical Center Assuta has one of the best Centers for Reproductive Medicine. The effectiveness of IVF in it is on average 43-45%. This is an average of 1.5 times higher than the worldwide indicators. The Medical Center Assuta has the largest Embryology Laboratory in Israel. It uses the EmbryoScope technology, which improves IVF results by 20%.
  • Neurosurgery. The Assuta Hospital specializes in spinal surgery. More than 80% of operations are performed using a minimally invasive approach. To perform stereotactic radiosurgery of the brain, the doctors use TrueBeam STX Novalis linear accelerator.
  • Cardiac surgery. The Assuta Hospital performs OPCAB coronary artery bypass grafting without using a cardiopulmonary bypass. The aortic valve is replaced using the very latest technique, through a small incision in the groin, without removing the patient's own valve.

Cancer treatment in Tel Aviv

Thousands of patients come to Tel Aviv medical centers for cancer treatment. The doctors in Israel are making significant progress in the fight against even the most difficult oncological pathologies.

In Tel Aviv, one can undergo a thorough preventive diagnostics. With modern laboratory and instrumental tests, the doctors can detect either small tumors or precancerous diseases in a person without symptoms. These conditions can be cured easily. In these cases, a person is highly likely to get rid of cancer, with minimal discomfort, at a low cost.

In Israel, the doctors use minimally invasive surgery for cancer treatment. The small tumors can be removed using endoscopic or laparoscopic surgery. The surgeons who deal with cancer treatment insert thin and long instruments through the patient's esophagus, bronchi, urethra, vagina or anus. The intestinal, pancreatic and cervical tumors can be removed using a laparoscopic access.

The large medical centers in Tel Aviv provide cancer treatment using radiation therapy. Israel uses state-of-the-art equipment for this. This allows performing irradiation more efficiently, precisely, according to the shortened program, without significant harm to health. Although the price of this cancer treatment may be higher, its results are much better.

The doctors in Tel Aviv use the very latest chemotherapy drugs. They are administered not only systemically, but locally. For example, in the case of liver tumors, the drugs are injected into the hepatic artery, in the case of brain tumors – into the cerebrospinal fluid, while when treating colon cancer, the abdominal cavity is washed with chemotherapy drugs.

The treatment of some types of cancer in Tel Aviv includes the following options.

Treatment of lung cancer – it involves the use of video-assisted thoracic surgery. To provide an access to the chest, small incisions are made. In Israel, such interventions can be performed with the help of a robot surgeon da Vinci. In this case, the cost of cancer treatment increases, but the risk of complications is reduced.

Treatment of colon cancer – at the initial stage, the treatment can involve the use of endoscopic or laparoscopic techniques. After surgical treatment, the patient receives full medical care.

Breast cancer treatment – in most cases, it involves partial removal of the mammary gland followed by radiation therapy. The specialists in Israel select personalized drug therapy. It includes cancer treatment with chemotherapy, hormonal and biological therapy. The medicines are selected based on the results of diagnostic tests.

Treatment of liver cancer – the therapy includes not only surgery, but also ablation, chemoembolization, radioembolization. To treat this disease, the doctors in Israel use intra-arterial chemotherapy.

Treatment of skin cancer – the disease is treated using photodynamic therapy, micrographic surgery (Mohs surgery). Israeli doctors are seeking a complete recovery of the patient with the best aesthetic result.

Treatment of brain cancer – the therapy involves not only neurosurgical procedures, but also radiosurgery. The small tumors can be destroyed by laser under MRI guidance. Such treatment methods have a higher price, but they are less traumatizing and safer for the health of the patient.

Benefits of treatment in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv offers well-equipped large international hospitals. They are often visited by foreign patients, since the low cost of treatment in Israel is combined with high-quality medical care.

Here are the main benefits of treatment at the hospitals in Tel Aviv:

  • The city has the largest hospitals where one can get help in any area of ​​medicine.
  • They employ the specialists who are considered one of the best in the world.
  • The hospitals in Tel Aviv have state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Israel uses innovative treatment methods to restore human health.
  • Most operations are performed using minimally invasive techniques. This allows the patient to recover faster and reduces health risks.
  • When undergoing treatment, the person is provided with top-class medical care. The specialists of the hospital monitor his health and comfort.
  • Adequate analgesia, symptomatic, maintenance treatment and care after surgery.
  • Low cost of medical services. The prices in Israel are one third lower than European, half lower than American.

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