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Often, after a course of treatment, the patient needs to put a lot of effort to get back to normal life, to restore his strength, to adapt to the new conditions of existence, and to acquire new skills facilitating the most basic processes of life support. Infrequently, a satisfactory recovery from illness is impossible without the help of professionals working in a modern rehabilitation center.

Rehabilitation Treatment in Germany

Much attention is paid to rehabilitation issue in Germany . According to statistics, the quality of rehabilitation treatment in this country is improving steadily. This is evidenced by declines in the average duration of rehabilitation treatment over the past 10 years from 30 to 26 days with a comparable level of efficiency.

The development of rehabilitation care in Germany is due to implementation of new technologies, new treatment protocols, close interaction between hospitals and rehabilitation centers, as well as improvement of institutional arrangements.

Methods Used by Rehabilitation Centers in Germany

The German clinics of rehabilitative medicine create the most comfortable conditions for their patients and are equipped with the latest medical equipment. The rehabilitation course here is full of procedures and trainings selected for each patient individually, depending on his state of health, needs and life priorities.

  • Hardware techniques: the German recovery centers widely use modern plants and innovative systems facilitating the toning of muscles and joints upon diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal system.
  • Occupational therapy is a basic one in the work of rehabilitation professionals. Occupational therapy is aimed at development of domestic and professional skills in terms of an organic body defect.
  • Balneology, i.e. thermal waters, aerotherapy and so on.
  • Physiotherapy uses all classic techniques, improved due to implementation of new developments of German scientists.
  • Neuromodulation and other ways to treat chronic pain.
  • Nonconventional rehabilitation methods, i.e. reflexology, naturopathy, yoga and so on.
  • Manual therapy.
  • Selection of individual simulators and tools to optimize the life.

Rehabilitation course is conducted by highly qualified personnel under the supervision of an experienced healthcare professional who supervises the whole process and makes adjustments, if required.

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Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen at the Goethe University Frankfurt

10/10 from 23 Votes

The Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen at the Goethe University Frankfurt was founded in 1985 by the world-famous professor Dr. Carl von Noorden and Dr. Edouard Lampe. At that time it was Germany's first medical institution specializing in the treatment of diabetes.

Amount of beds available: 211
Inpatients yearly: 20000
Outpatients yearly: 30000
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Frankfurt am Main

University Hospital Cologne

9.8/10 from 82 Votes

The University Hospital Cologne is included in the Focus magazine rating of top German hospitals 2017 and offers patients first-class medical care meeting the latest medical advancements.

Amount of beds available: 1396
Inpatients yearly: 67312
Outpatients yearly: 213586
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Cologne

University Hospital Duesseldorf

9.5/10 from 71 Votes

The University Hospital Dusseldorf  is a maximum-care hospital, and as such, we at Dusseldorf University, or UKD, are a byword for international top-quality service in all areas of medical care.

Amount of beds available: 1298
Inpatients yearly: 47150
Outpatients yearly: 192876
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Duesseldorf

University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

9.5/10 from 97 Votes

The University Hospital Frankfurt is part of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. The hospital was founded in 1914 and today it is a famous German medical institution with rich traditions. The hospital treats about 49,000 inpatients and 220,000 outpatients every year.

Amount of beds available: 1287
Inpatients yearly: 47408
Outpatients yearly: 174972
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Frankfurt am Main

University Hospital Erlangen

9.2/10 from 51 Votes

University Hospital Erlangen is one of the leading university hospitals in Bavaria and offers advanced medicine, characterized by a tight integration of patient care with university research and teaching. It pursues a very innovative concept.

Amount of beds available: 1368
Inpatients yearly: 63000
Outpatients yearly: 475000
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Erlangen

University Hospital RWTH Aachen

8.9/10 from 41 Votes

With its 34 clinics, 25 institutes and five multidisciplinary units covers the University Hospital Aachen not only the entire spectrum of medicine, but also it offers a patient- oriented medical care and nursing, medical education and research of international level.

Amount of beds available: 1282
Inpatients yearly: 45736
Outpatients yearly: 111119
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Aachen

University Hospital Muenster

8.8/10 from 78 Votes

The University Hospital Muenster is one of the most respected multi-field medical centers in Germany. It consists of more than 30 departments and numerous research institutes and centers. Every year over 58,000 inpatients are treated here and nearly 475,000 patients receive medical care on the outpatient basis.

Amount of beds available: 1287
Inpatients yearly: 47323
Outpatients yearly: 240060
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Muenster

Rehabilitation Clinic Benedictus Krankenhaus Feldafing

10/10 from 23 Votes

Rehabilitation clinic Benedictus Krankenhaus Feldafing is a renowned center for further treatment and rehabilitation in the field of orthopedics and neurology.

Amount of beds available: 119
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Feldafing

Clinic in Alpenpark Bad Wiessee

10/10 from 23 Votes

With 120 comfortable hospital patient rooms and a highly specialized team of doctors, the Rehabilitation Clinic in Alpenpark offers comprehensive medical care, final rehabilitation and rehabilitation procedures in such areas as orthopedics and trauma surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology and abdominal surgery.

location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Bad Wiessee

Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic RehaNova Cologne

9.9/10 from 33 Votes

The RehaNova clinic in Cologne stands for a neurological and neurosurgical rehabilitation in accordance with the latest medical knowledge. With 132 beds, the clinic covers all special fields of the neurological rehabilitation.

location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Cologne

University Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU)

9.7/10 from 40 Votes

The Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich is a center of high-end medicine, medical innovation and medical and technical progress, which enables an individual and safe patient care.

Amount of beds available: 2058
Inpatients yearly: 81123
Outpatients yearly: 431302
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Munich

University Hospital Bonn

9.6/10 from 150 Votes

The University Hospital Bonn was founded on 1st January 2001 as a public law institution. It was founded on the site of the former departments of the Medical University.  The University Hospital provides medical care, modern highly effective medicine and plays a part in the public health care.

Amount of beds available: 1207
Inpatients yearly: 46760
Outpatients yearly: 396779
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Bonn

St. Mauritius Therapieklinik Meerbusch

9.5/10 from 23 Votes

The St. Mauritius Therapy Clinic in Meerbusch near Dusseldorf offers inpatient rehabilitation in the largest metropolitan area of Germany. The Clinic uses proven, customized and specialized treatments that ensure the best possible intensity, as well as the most advanced rehabilitation techniques.

location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Meerbusch

University Hospital Halle (Saale)

9.5/10 from 78 Votes

The University Hospital of Halle (Saale), abbreviated as UHH, combines modern medical institutions in a university rich in traditions.

Amount of beds available: 3500
Inpatients yearly: 150000
Outpatients yearly: 100000
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Halle

University Hospital Giessen UKGM

9.5/10 from 35 Votes

The University Hospital Giessen and Marburg (UKGM) offers medical care, modern diagnosis and comprehensive treatment at the modern international level. As a maximum care hospital, the UKGM covers the entire spectrum of modern medicine ranging from ophthalmology up to trauma surgery and dentistry.

Amount of beds available: 1145
Inpatients yearly: 45020
Outpatients yearly: 238354
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Giessen

Max Grundig Clinic Buehl

9.5/10 from 46 Votes

The Max Grundig Clinic offers preventive medicine, treatment of the available disorders and rehabilitation. The work of the clinic is based on the combination of quality medicine, individual care and quality service.

location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Buehl

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