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Dr. Franz Dengler Clinic Baden-Baden - Accommodation

Patients rooms

The clinic has at its disposal single and double rooms, as well as apartments.

Comfortable single room is equipped with a telephone, toilet, shower/bath. A TV and safe are available for free use. An accompanying person can be accommodated in the single room.

Cozy double rooms are equipped the same way. However, they are slightly more spacious. The patient shares the double room with another patient of the same sex.

The apartments are located in a separate building. They are situated directly opposite the clinic. The patients will feel absolutely comfortably and independently in spacious apartments. They can use all the equipment that the clinic provides.

In the rooms of increased comfort, a safe, a refrigerator and upholstered furniture are provided.

Meals and Menus

There are three types of menu for patients to choose from every day. If the patient does not eat certain foods for some reason, he/she needs to inform the medical staff about their personal tastes and needs.


Standard rooms include:






Services of religious representatives can be provided upon request.

Accompanying person

In-patient programs allow for the accompanying person to live with the patient in the hospital  room or in the hotel. They can opt for either variant.


In the outpatient programs, the patient can live in a hotel of their own choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.

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