Academic Hospital Eichsfeld

Kleinbartloff, Germany

Department of Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Therapy

Karl Kirchner

Dr. med.

Karl Kirchner

Specialized in: anesthesia

Pain management provides a comfortable environment for both the patient and the doctors performing the surgery. Local anesthesia is considered to be the safest method of anesthesia and is used during minor surgeries. General anesthesia is the most difficult type of pain management. One of the main objectives of our experts is, of course, pain reduction or complete elimination of pain after the surgery. In our treatment of pain, we use a combination of medications, physical therapy and countseling of psychologists. Our pain therapists continuously monitor the health status of the patient. Patients in critical condition are monitored by our well-trained staff around the clock with the help of the most modern equipment. Such care from our staff and modern equipment in the intensive care guarantee a speedy recovery.

Two multidisciplinary intensive care units are available in hospitals of Heiligenstadt and Reifenstein. In case of renal failure, specialists of our intensive care units also perform kidney dialysis. In cooperation with the surgical areas of urology and gynecology, we offer autologous blood donations for certain surgeries.


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