Hospital zum Heiligen Geist

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

About us Hospital zum Heiligen Geist

Hospital „zum Heiligen Geist“is located in the central part of the city and includes five specialized clinics: clinic for internal medicine, surgical clinic with the Department of vascular surgery clinic of gynaecology and obstetrics, psychosomatic medicine, oncology and anesthesiology and radiology Institute. Here about 26.500 patients take their inpatient and outpatient care. It is an interdisciplinary academic hospital of University named after I.V. Goethe and specializes in cardiology, gastroenterology, visceral and vascular surgery, arthroplasty, oncology as like gynecology and childbirth. Due to its central location the hospital is a specialized center of emergency medical aid.

About the city

Hospital „zum Heiligen Geist“ is located in the Central area of the city of Frankfurt on the Main which is an important financial and transportation centre of Germany and the largest European financial centre. It is considered the world's «alpha-city», the center of commerce, culture, science and tourism. A huge number of attractions, museums and festivals make the city more attractive for tourists from all over the world. The cathedral of St. Bartholomew is the cathedral of gothic style, height is 95 m, built in the XXth century, is considered the main Church of the city. Here the kings of the Roman Empire were elected and Emperors were crowned. Saint Paul's Church is the national monument to Germany. The old and new Opera is one of the major Opera Germany. Church of St. Catherine is the largest Lutheran Church, located in the city center on the street Zeil, one of the livelist pedestrian zones of Frankfort with big shopping centers throughout it. The building of Guardhouse in the style of «Baroque» is located in the same street. Complex of buildings Roemer is with the hall on municipal square Römerberg. Goethehouse is the birthplace of the famous German poet, statesman, philosopher and natural scientist Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Stadel art Institute, Frausenfridenkirche, quay of museums, which received its name because of the large concentration of museums such as the Museum of applied arts, the Museum of icons, the Museum of world cultures, the German architecture Museum, the municipal Museum of sculpture, the Museum of German cinema, the European Museum, art gallery.

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