Klinik Belair

Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Department of Anesthesiology

Madeleine Keller-Suvada

Dr. med.

Madeleine Keller-Suvada

Specialized in: anaesthesiolgy

For general anesthesia, the anesthesiologist uses a variety of anesthesia drugs for pain relief and loss of consciousness in the patient, who is about to undergo a surgery. Since the beginning of the surgery and until it is completed, the patient is in a state of deep sleep. General anesthesia is usually carried out using a hypnotic drug injected into a vein with a syringe. Used anesthesia drugs are usually a combination of sleeping pills and painkillers, as well as muscle relaxants. During the surgery, artificial respiration is provided so that the patient continues to receive the necessary oxygen: a special tube is inserted through the patient's mouth into his or her airways after induction of anesthesia drugs (insertion of a tube). Of course, as you are asleep, you won’t feel anything. With the help of administered anesthesia drugs, awakening from general anesthesia is very quick. Thus, anesthesia is no less important than the surgery itself.


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