Multispecialty Private Hospital PAN Clinic

Cologne, Germany

Department of Human Genetics

Christian Netzer

Prof. Dr. med.

Christian Netzer

Specialized in: human genetics

The Department of Human Genetics at the PAN Clinic on Neumarkt specializes in finding the genetic causes of infertility and genetic risk assessment in the treatment of infertility. The risks are determined accurately within diagnosis and thus numerous fears are decreased.

The experienced specialists of the Department of Human Genetics under the direction of Dr. med. Christian Netzer analyze Your personal health prehistory as well as that of Your family and partner. When all necessary medical data are available, specialists of the Department explain to You what genetic risks can occur, what medical procedures can be reasonable as well as what consequences a possible disease can cause, especially before the possible or desirable pregnancy. Moreover, the Department of Human Genetics is a partner of related departments – gynecology and andrology.

The main focuses of the Department of Human Genetics under the direction of Dr. med. Christian Netzer:

  • Consultation on pregnancy
  • Consultation on infertility
  • Genetic family consultation
  • Genetic consultation for oncology syndromes in the family
  • Genetic laboratory diagnosis 

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