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Dr. med. Martin Christian SchumacherCurriculum vitae keyboard_arrow_down

2014   President of all physicians at the Hirslanden Klinik Aarau, Präsident des Ärzterates der Hirslanden Klinik Aarau

2011   Consultant in Urology, Urologie Zentrum, Hirslanden Klinik Aarau, Switzerland, Belegarzttätigkeit an der Hirslanden Klinik Aarau

2011   Consultant in Urology (part-time clinical work) at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

2008 – 2011   Chief of the Bladder cancer / Cystectomy team at Karolinska University Hospital, Consultant in Urology, Stockholm, Sweden

2006   Research and resident/consultant in Urology, Prof. P. Ekman and Prof. N.P. Wiklund and Ingrid Ehrén, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset; Clinical Cancer Epidemiology, Prof. G. Steineck, Stockholm, Sweden

2001 – 2006   Resident and consultant in Urology, Prof. U. Studer, Inselspital Bern

2000 – 2001   Resident in Nephrology, Prof. F. Frey, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, Inselspital Bern

1999 – 2000   Research, Prof. F. Frey (Division of Nephrology and Hypertension) and Prof. U. Studer (Urology), Inselspital Bern

1998 – 1999   Resident in Surgery, Dr. P. Petropoulos, Surgical Department, Hôpital cantonal de Fribourg, Switzerland

1997 – 1998   Resident in Orthopaedics, Prof. R. Jakob, Surgical Department, Hôpital cantonal de Fribourg, Switzerland

1996 – 1997   Resident in Surgery, Prof. P. Hahnloser and Dr. P. Petropoulos, Surgical Department, Hôpital canontal de Fribourg, Switzerland


Hirslanden Clinic Aarau

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Department of Urology

The medical field of urology deals with the recognition and treatment of diseases of or injuries to the kidneys, suprarenal glands, ureter, bladder, urethra, prostate gland and external male reproductive organs.

location_onCountry: Switzerland
location_searchingCity: Aarau

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