Sana Hospital Duisburg

Duisburg, Germany

Department of Rheumatolgy

Hans Joachim Bergerhausen

Dr. med.

Hans Joachim Bergerhausen

Specialized in: internal medicine

The Department of Rheumatology is integrated with the medical treatment of the whole hospital. The medical expertise of different medical disciplines ensures a comprehensive diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases, not only those of joints, but also of internal organs. In other words, the department can provide patients suffering from rheumatic diseases with all diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities under one roof.

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pain and disease management by psychologists as well as advice from the hospital service complete the whole range of treatments. Decisive in the care of patients with chronic rheumatic disease is the close-residential care. The Department of Rheumatology of Sana Kliniken Duisburg which dedicates in the care of those patients and is located in the city center, meets this requirement.

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