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Our team

Lena Lorenz

Founder & CEO


Dmytro Nikolin

Head of Product & IT


Victoria Grundmann

Head of Content Department


Sarah Kessler

Head of Patient Service Department​


Waleed Akhtar

Vice President


Dr. S. Scholz

Medical Advisor


Dr. Linda Postupalska

Medical Advisor​


Olga Zuck

Head of Patient Case Department


Max Thompson

Head of Patient Case Department in the MENA Region


Kateryna Bielousova

Support manager


Anastasia Klein

Patient Case Manager


Tanja Wilke

Patient Case Manager


Nabila Saidi

Patient Case Manager


Maria Dill

Patient Case Manager


Ida Dareskog

Patient Case Manager


Denis Walter

Patient Case Manager


Mohamed Al Shammari

Patient Case Manager


Jana Lange

Patient Case Manager


Reem Alnajar

Patient Case Manager


Natalie Korner

Patient Case Manager


Oxana Kocherzhenko

Patient Case Manager


Malak Alomari

Patient Case Manager


Georgii Kerzman

Patient Case Manager


Nour Elhouda Khellaf

Travel Manager


Hishem Zizi

Travel Manager


Maria Stern

Travel Manager


Julia Meinhard

Travel Manager


Badr Ismail

Head of Quality


Hany Elrouby 

Quality Manager


Umair Hafeez 

Quality Manager


Ekaterina Ostrovskaya

Chief Accountant


Jürgen Kretschmer

Head of Digital Marketing


Anson Kramer

PPC Manager


Lena Hanten

Senior Social Media Manager


Vera Cherkasova

Social Media Manager


Niklas Schütze

SEO Manager


Katrin Richter

SEO Manager


Liana Wolf

Deputy Head of Content


Mario Frank

Medical translator


Tanja Lenz

Content Manager


Nadezhda Ivanisova

Content Manager


Alex Kurt

Content Manager


Moustafa Mohamed

Content Manager


Mahmoud Hosny

Content Manager



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The Company

Booking Health™ is the portal for direct booking of treatment in leading clinics around the world.

The portal presents more than 250 clinics with the highest accreditation throughout the world.

By booking medical services with the help of Booking Health™, patients receive the necessary service and full medical support, as well as save on diagnostics and treatment from 40% up to 70%, as compared to a direct contact with the clinic.

Thus, working with us will save you both time and money.
As the first medical tourism company in the world with the ISO 9001 quality certificate, we have been adhering to high quality standards for assessing and selecting hospitals for patients for more than 15 years and for organizing the full service package.
The company is registered in the commercial register of the city of Koblenz under the number HRB 27325, headquartered in Bad Hönningen, Germany. Today, Booking Health™ serves patients from 75 countries in 11 different languages.


The mission is to bring access to medical services to a new qualitative level by offering our patients a combination of advanced medicine and the highest service focused on the patient and their recovery.​ 


Booking HealthTM serves patients from 75 countries in 11 languages and is focused on the following: 


  • Diagnosis – diagnostic programs for already known diseases 
  • Treatment – programs aimed at providing treatment of the corresponding diseases 
  • Rehabilitation – rehabilitation programs with an opportunity to select their terms and duration 
  • Rejuvenation and recreation – spa programs, check-up, detoxification, weight loss


«The concept of the platform allows a patient to choose an appropriate program on his own. The hospital confirms all the selected treatment programs with respect to their appropriateness and possible adjustments in accordance with the indications of the patient’s attached medical records.»  Elena Sergeeva, Executive Director


Analytics of the market of medical services

According to the requirements of the international quality standard, we carefully approached the selection of hospital partners. When recommending a certain healthcare facility to patients, first of all we use the system-statistical approach.  

When analyzing the annual qualification report of the hospitals and collecting data from patients, we pay attention to 400 mandatory items in the hospital report, the main of which are:  

  • Number of surgical procedures performed and percentage of successful ones
  • Hospital specialization when it comes the patient’s disease
  • Lack of complications, patient safety
  • Introduction of advanced technologies and hospital’s equipment level
  • Level of competence of the medical personnel


Reduced risk

All medical programs are insured for the sum of 200.000,00 €. In the event of unforeseen expenses, those foreign patients who book services through Booking Health™ should not pay extra in the treatment process.


All inclusive

You get the full service package. The service fee of Booking Health™ includes the following important functions:

  • Analytical selection of the best hospital and accelerated reservation of the place
  • Audit of financial expenses: no extra costs for foreigners
  • Individual coordinating manager at the hospital for the entire period of the medical program
  • Involvement of other specialists in solving complex medical problems
  • Provision of prescriptions for purchasing original medications after the completion of the program
  • Interpreter
  • Translation of medical documents
  • Visa support
  • Transfer: Airport-Hospital-Airport
  • Insurance against increased costs in case of complications with a cover of 200 000 € and valid for 48 months



Our unique advantages

Why do 12,000 patients choose the Booking Health™ service every year?


Planning down to the smallest detail

Booking Health™:
Early preparation and careful planning of the organization of treatment abroad play a significant role in the effectiveness of the treatment itself and minimization of the final sum. The basic service fee of Booking Health™ enables one to avoid unnecessary costs in the treatment process and guarantees safety and comfort for the patient.

Cost of organizational services

Medical intermediaries:
The first priority of commercial organizations is to increase the cheque, whereas the quality of medicine and patient comfort are secondary. All the organizational actions are actually made by the patient.

The total cost for treatment usually increases. A non-professional cannot plan treatment abroad, and therefore the hospital’s management takes care of the entire organizational process, which leads to the significantly increased costs in the final invoice.

Fixed cost  

Booking Health™:
The patients of Booking Health™ are not required to pay any investment fee to the hospital and any extra charge for possible complications, since the treatment program includes an insurance against complications. Thus, Booking Health ™ patients receive a standard cost, the same as German citizens, which is 40% lower than that one offered to those who do not have the necessary insurance.

The insurance is valid only for medical programs offered by Booking Health™ for a period of 48 months and covers expenses up to 200,000 euros.

Medical intermediaries:
They add their own extra charge to the cost, which already includes an investment fee and increase for possible complications. In case of unforeseen expenses, the patient will have to pay all additional amounts on their own. It is because of inflated prices from medical intermediaries that there is a myth about the high cost of treatment in Germany, compared to other countries, such as Israel and Turkey.

You will be able to avoid extra charges from intermediaries, but additional 40% will still be initially included in the total invoice due to the absence of the necessary type of insurance. You will have to pay all additional costs by yourself.

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