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About Booking Health GmbH

TM is an international platform for booking treatment abroad at the best prices. The platform is served by the company Booking Health GmbH. The headquarters are in Bonn, Germany. The company is registered in the Commercial register of Bonn under the number HRB21122. The platform represents the field of advanced medicine with over 250 hospitals of the leading countries, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for our patients to find the hospital, which offers the best medical program, on their own from any part of the world online, to show a real cost of this program and to book it at the best price.

Booking HealthTM serves patients from 75 countries in 11 languages and is focused on the following:

This is the only one section, where booking is completely automated and does not require medical records. 

«The concept of the platform allows a patient to choose an appropriate program on his own. The hospital confirms all the selected treatment programs with respect to their appropriateness and possible adjustments in accordance with the indications of the patient’s attached medical records. Linda Vetsch, Executive Director

 All the hospitals represented on the platform of Booking HealthTM are medical institutions with the highest possible accreditation and a long history. The company Booking Health GmbH concludes direct contracts with every hospital to speed up the process of treatment arrangement for the patient and to ensure provision of the booked services to the full and at a fixed price. 

The team of Booking HealthTM assumes the organization of treatment entirely and it is free for the patient.

15800 patients used Booking HealthTM platform in 2015. These were mostly the patients from Europe, North America and the countries of the Persian Gulf. 

  • Diagnosis – diagnostic programs for already known diseases
  • Treatment – programs aimed at providing treatment of the corresponding diseases
  • Rehabilitation – rehabilitation programs with an opportunity to select their terms and duration
  • Rejuvenation and recreation – spa programs, check-up, detoxification, weight loss. (youth and beauty)

Our unique advantages

Direct contacts with the customers

You can be sure in the quality of medical services you will receive. Direct contracts with the hospitals guarantee that the booked services will be provided by the hospital to the full and the period of expectation for your reception will be shorter as you are a priority patient.

Quick processing of an application

You should not wait for a hospital response for weeks. The hospitals published all their medical programs on the platform Booking HealthTM and all they can do is to confirm your booking within two working days.  


Treatment costs

Direct contracts allow you to get a cost directly from the hospital and it already includes a general discount for all patients, who book medical services via Booking HealthTM that is a leading medical operator providing treatment to foreign patients in the hospitals of Europe


Fixed prices and insurance

All prices for medical programs are fixed. In case of any possible complications, the price for the medical program will not be changed. The German insurance of Booking HealthTM covers all expenses


Transparency of the provided services

It is easy to control what you pay for. All treatment programs are approved by the hospitals and there is a detailed list with their content. The patient is provided with a detailed description of the hospital services and additional services


Patient comfort

While booking a medical program, you can choose not only a desirable data and a hospital, but also additional services, such as airport-hospital transfer, ward with a higher level of comfort and others


Insurance of treatment abroad

All medical tours provided by Booking HealthTM are insured by German insurance companies. The foreign patients, who book medical tours via Booking HealthTM should not pay up to 50% of the program price for an additional insurance

Our team

Linda Vetsch

Executive director


Angela Kim

Head of the Department of Development


Aleksander Guljaev

Head of the Department of Cooperation with the Hospitals


Wejing Hu 

Country manager (China)


Jolanda Prinz

Senior Manager on work with English speaking patients 


Alena Emich

Head of the Department of Service and Patient Support


Maksim Isayev

Head of the Department of Marketing and Cooperation in the CIS countries


Dmytro Nikolin

Leading software architect


Victoria Grundmann

Head of the Department of Content


Alexander Baumel

Senior Manager on work with Russian speaking patients 


Dr. Bassam Saidi

Country manager (countries of the Persian Gulf)