Questions and Answers

How to select a clinic for treatment abroad?

A convenient sorting system (of hospitals and clinics) will help you to deal with this issue. You can search by the profile of the different medical facilities, by location (country, region or city), by the distance from airports, by hospitalization duration, by the offering price, by Focus rating or by patients' feedbacks. You can also benefit from our recommendation, "We Recommend", which is based on years of experiences and in-depth analysis of all criteria of the quality of the medical services from different facilities.

What should I focus on when choosing a medical program abroad?

If you do not have a visa, the program should not start earlier than 3 weeks from the date, you are finalizing the booking process (in urgent cases, please apply your visa request to the visa service center in advance).

Can I book hotels and flights via your portal?

Yes, you can book hotels and flights by using our references on the home page: - for hotel booking Lufthansa and Anydayanyway – for flight booking. Please note that before booking any program, we recommend you that you have to check the availability of a local hotel and an appropriate flight ticket.

With whom should I sign a contract?

You sign a contract with Booking Health for the organization of your medical travel and the rendering of assistance services. Once you enter the clinic, you sign a direct contract with the clinic the provision of medical services.

Will I get an invoice from the clinic?

Yes, at the end of the medical program the clinic will draw up a final invoice and will pass this invoice to you directly, or the clinic will send the invoice to the address, which you have specified in your registration. In the case, that your deposit payment has not been used completely, you can get the positive balance paid back at the cash desk of the clinic or the administration of the clinic will transfer the balance to your bank account.

Can I apply directly to the clinic?

Yes, of course, you can apply directly to the clinic (you will always find a link of the clinic website on our portal).
You should select the clinic and the doctor, then you write a letter to the chief doctor or the chief medical officer, describe your medical case in German or English, and ask about the possibility of treatment at the clinic and the approximate expenses of the medical program. If you will receive a proposal for the clinic and if you will be satisfied with the price, you should arrange a payment in advance to the clinic account and write a letter to the Clinic Secretary with a request for an invitation letter (for your visa). Please note that the invitation should come from the chief doctor or chief medical officer but not from the international department of the clinic. After you will receive your visa for medical treatment program abroad, check with the Secretary of chief doctor or chief medical officer the initial examination (hospitalization) date, translate the epicrisis (which you already have) into German or English (depending on selected country), book a hotel, prepare a transfer from the airport and find an interpreter to communicate with the medical staff of the clinic.
Partially you can order such services at the clinic direct, but please calculate that in this case the cost might be up to 40% of the medical program cost.
It is of course your right whether to apply directly to the clinic or to use our services.

Is the extramural medical consultation free?

The extramural medical consultation is free except for the case that we have to check and study CT or MRT images. In this case, we carry out a formal consultation with a specialist and provide you an official medical conclusion report in your language.

Is it necessary to translate the epicrisis for the doctors into English (or German)?

If you have decided to use our services for the organization of a medical treatment program abroad, you do not need to translate any medical documents. It will be done by a qualified professional within our team.

When should I pay for the services?

Services for the organization of medical treatment program abroad will be paid with the booking process of your medical program.

What happens if I cancel the program?

Upon cancelation of the medical treatment program (medical travel program), prepaid amount except the fees for documents and arrangement of the program in the clinic will be returned to you.

Is it possible to carry over the booked program to a third person?

Yes, it is possible. In case if you transfer your program in advance (minimum 48 hours in advance of the start of the program), the program cost does not change.

Can I book a transfer from (to) the airport and VIP-service at the airport?

Yes, this type of service is available.