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How to choose a clinic for treatment abroad?

A convenient sorting system will be really helpful here. You can orient yourself and select considering a profile of the medical institution, its location (certain country, region or city), remoteness from the airports, hospitalization terms, cost of the offer, Focus magazine rating or patient poll rating. You can also use our recommendation “we recommend”, which is based on a long experience and a profound analysis of all criteria necessary for the quality of medical services.

What should be noted when ordering a medical program? 

If you do not have a visa, the program should begin not earlier than 2 weeks later (in urgent cases, please contact the visa service department in advance).

Can I book a hotel and airline tickets through your portal?

Yes, you can book a hotel and airline tickets using the links on our homepage: is used for a hotel reservation, whereas Lufthansa and Anydayanyway serve for booking airline tickets. We draw your attention to the fact that before booking the programs we recommend checking the availability of nearby hotels and the availability of airline tickets.

What is the cost of your services? 

Depending on the duration of the medical program, the cost may range from €200 and above. But even considering the cost of our services, the final cost for our customers is much lower than that you will have to pay when organizing the program on your own. There are several reasons for it: 1. Many clinics provide the Booking Health customers with the prices like for German patients, without overstated rates. 2. Booking Health insures clinics and patients from unforeseen expenses, so the cost of prepayment is much lower than in case of an independent organization. 3. BookingHealth takes over all organizational work and replaces an expensive and inefficient international department.

Why are the prices for some programs indicated with a discount?

Booking Health is committed to providing its patients with the most favourable treatment conditions. In many cases, we manage to negotiate with clinics and doctors about fixed prices for certain procedures, which leads to a significant reduction in cost. The list of such procedures is steadily expanding. For more information, please contact our medical advisor.

With whom will I conclude the contract?

You will conclude a contract with Bookinghealth. It is a contract on the organization of a medical trip and provision of services. Upon admission to the clinic, you will conclude a direct contract with the clinic for the provision of medical services.

Why should I pay you, but not the clinic?

Unlike many intermediary firms and portals, we do not take from clinics a percentage of the medical service cost. Thus, we remain independent in choosing a medical facility and work exclusively for the benefit of the patient. Any type of payment for sending a patient to the clinic is prohibited by law, since it contradicts medical ethics. 

Can I contact the clinic directly? 

Yes, of course, you can also contact the clinic on you own. You should choose the clinic and the attending physician, write an email to the chief physician with a description of your case either in German or in English, ask him/her about the possibility of undergoing treatment in the clinic and the approximate cost of the medical program. If you have received the consent of the clinic and you are satisfied with the price, you transfer an advance payment to the specified account and write an email to the secretary of the clinic with a request to send an invitation for a visa. Please note that the invitation should come from the chief physician, but not from the clinic’s international department. After that you should on your own get a visa for medical treatment abroad, agree with the secretary of the chief physician on the date of the initial examination (hospitalization), translate medical records of local physicians into German or English (depending on the chosen country for treatment), book a hotel, prepare a transfer from the airport and find for yourself an interpreter for communication with the medical staff. Partially the organization of the services listed above can be ordered at the clinic, but in this case the cost may reach up to 40% of the medical program cost. A prepayment for treatment is usually overestimated 2 times, i.e. the clinic insures itself against possible complications. It is always up to you whether to contact the clinic directly or to use our services. 

Shall I pay for a distance consultation? 

A distance consultation is provided free except that case when it is necessary to study CT or MRI images as the specialist gives an official consultation with a written opinion on your language
Is it necessary to translate epicrises and medical records from domestic doctors into English (German)?
If you opt for our services for the organization of treatment abroad, there is no need to translate the medical records. This will be done by qualified specialists.

At what point do the services become paid?

The services for the organization of treatment abroad become paid from the moment the contract is signed and the medical program is booked.

What happens, if I refuse from the program?

If you refuse from the treatment program abroad, You will get a refund of the advance payment. The expenses for paperwork and program preparation in the clinic will be held back.

Is it possible to postpone the booked program?

Yes, it is. In case of an advance postponement (more than 48 hours before the start of the program), the program cost will not be changed.

How to book a visa for treatment abroad?

At your request, we will provide you with visa support services that specialize in arranging visas for treatment abroad. If you use our service, visa support will be included in the service package and we will do all the work ourselves.

What security guarantees do I have?

All medical tours offered by Booking Health GmbH are insured against possible complications and unforeseen contingencies. The additional treatment costs will be covered by the insurance.

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