Find the best hospitals in the world on is an online portal recognized worldwide that offers patients all over the world an array of topnotch healthcare programs from doctors in three countries namely: Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. 

The online portal further gives the patient the actual cost of treating the various medical conditions and the clinics that have the respective services one is looking for. There are over 5000 doctors catering to medical needs of over 700000 patients globally. The doctors are vetted, and their medical background is verified. The portal also offers the option of giving feedback. Therefore, the information on specific doctors is always factual. 

The customer service provided by other staff members, be it nurses, receptionists and a host of other employees are world class. There are training all year round to ensure that the standards of customer services are harmonized and efficient. The portal also offers translation services, so regardless of where you are coming from, your language needs are catered for. 

When it comes to saving people’s lives, speed is of utmost importance, therefore, at the booking, the admitting process is completed within a span of only 24 hours. 

Since the portal values customers’ feedback, if an average of 3% of the clients is not satisfied with the services of a certain clinic, the hospital is struck off the list. As such, customers are assured that the clinics taking care of their health services are the best in the world. 

At the, price matters in that if a client is not satisfied with the prices they have been given, they can always send the complaint and get discounted prices. The discount is offered because one of the pillars of is to provide the best medical services at an affordable price and review. 

The portal also provides free services abroad. Some of the benefits are free services of a medical interpreter for 10 hours during the inpatient treatment and hours after completion of inpatient services.

Hospital Ratings

The hospital ratings on are rated by the renowned MINQ research institute based in Germany. MINQ was formed way back in 2010 as an independent research and analysis agency. 

The methodology that the research europe company uses to reach to their ratings is detailed and in-depth. 

Firstly, all the hospitals and their departments submit their database to the MINQ research institute. Secondly, the institute goes through the entire submitted database and also carries their independent research to ascertain the facts. The process involves going through doctors’ information and patients database to know whether the doctors can tend to the numerous patients who has the best visit the clinics. The standards the institute uses to measure the information are actions that are acceptable according to WHO (World Health Organization). 

There are various types of information that the institute is unable to obtain from the quality medications reports like the patient safety, such cases, call for face to face interviews with patients. 

Finally, MINQ research institute carries out intensive research touching on various aspects namely; reputation, medicine, care and department specific. 

· Reputation

This part of the survey involves telephone interviews with experts who give their opinions and recommendations following personal experiences at different clinics. 

· Medicine

This aspect covers the various specialists in different departments. The survey also covers aspects like medical qualification and the technical capabilities of the various equipment in the diverse clinics. 

· Care 

The care aspects look at the caregivers, for instance, the nurses and the feedback, reviews from numerous patients from across the globe under the hands of the caregivers. 

· Department Specific

Department specific research narrows the analysis to departmental levels. The research is then tabulated to come up with the various rating of clinics all over Germany. 

Top 10 Hospitals in the World

The ratings from MINQ research institute is what bases their recommendations on best hospital as earlier mentioned.

Here is a list of the top 10 hospitals in the world;

· University Hospital Wurzburg

The best hospital in the world was ranked 8th by the FOCUS in 2016. The clinic boasts of 6,100 employees and the patients visiting the hospitals are an average of 67,000. The hospital has different hospitals and advanced experimental institutes. 

· Helios Klinik fur Herzchirurgie Karlsruhe

The clinics area of specialization is anesthesiology and heart surgery. The hospital has latest models of equipment and advanced medical procedures. 

· StadtischesKlinikumNeupelach

The clinic is on of the highest rated in Europe. It has some of the newest models of facilities in the world. The service in the clinic is top notch.
University Hospital Dusseldorf

The hospital has extensive research facilities that specialise use so as to provide world-class medical care. 

Other top ten hospitals in the world include; The European CyberKnife Centre Munich-Grosshadern, University Hospital Erlangen, University Hospital Tubingen, University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf, University Hospital Heidelberg, and the Gamma Knife Centre Hannover. 

All this hospitals and clinics offer high-quality medical services to patients globally. Therefore, if you or a loved one is looking for world care, refer them to


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Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen Frankfurt am Main

10/10 from 23 Votes

The Academic Hospital Sachsenhausen at the Goethe University Frankfurt was founded in 1985 by the world-famous professor Dr. Carl von Noorden and Dr. Edouard Lampe. At that time it was Germany's first medical institution specializing in the treatment of diabetes.

Amount of beds available: 211
Inpatients yearly: 20000
Outpatients yearly: 30000
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Frankfurt am Main
clinic image

University Hospital Oldenburg

10/10 from 33 Votes

The University Hospital Oldenburg is the Teaching Hospital of the University of Oldenburg. It offers a wide range of medical services that meet the highest medical standards. The hospital has 832 beds.

Amount of beds available: 832
Inpatients yearly: 37000
Outpatients yearly: 95000
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Oldenburg
clinic image

Academic Hospital Asklepios Barmbek Hamburg

10/10 from 23 Votes

As an Academic Hospital of the University of Hamburg, the Asklepios Barmbek Hospital offers a wide range of medical services in the field of conservative and surgical treatment. The hospital was opened in 2005 and today it is one of the best and modern medical centers in Europe.

Amount of beds available: 620
Inpatients yearly: 36000
Outpatients yearly: 74000
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Hamburg
clinic image

University Hospital Cologne

9.8/10 from 82 Votes

The University Hospital Cologne is included in the Focus magazine rating of top German hospitals 2017 and offers patients first-class medical care meeting the latest medical advancements.

Amount of beds available: 1396
Inpatients yearly: 67312
Outpatients yearly: 213586
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Cologne
clinic image

Hannover Medical School

9.7/10 from 43 Votes

The Hannover Medical School (MHH) is one of the most efficient medical universities in Germany, treating more than 63,000 inpatients and 460,000 outpatients annually.

Amount of beds available: 1520
Inpatients yearly: 63000
Outpatients yearly: 46000
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Hannover
clinic image

University Hospital Duesseldorf

9.5/10 from 71 Votes

The University Hospital Dusseldorf  is a maximum-care hospital, and as such, we at Dusseldorf University, or UKD, are a byword for international top-quality service in all areas of medical care.

Amount of beds available: 1298
Inpatients yearly: 47150
Outpatients yearly: 192876
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Duesseldorf
clinic image

University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

9.5/10 from 97 Votes

The University Hospital Frankfurt is part of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. The hospital was founded in 1914 and today it is a famous German medical institution with rich traditions. The hospital treats about 49,000 inpatients and 220,000 outpatients every year.

Amount of beds available: 1287
Inpatients yearly: 47408
Outpatients yearly: 174972
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Frankfurt am Main
clinic image

University Hospital Erlangen

9.2/10 from 51 Votes

University Hospital Erlangen is one of the leading university hospitals in Bavaria and offers advanced medicine, characterized by a tight integration of patient care with university research and teaching. It pursues a very innovative concept.

Amount of beds available: 1368
Inpatients yearly: 63000
Outpatients yearly: 475000
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Erlangen
clinic image

University Hospital Tuebingen

9.2/10 from 55 Votes

The University Hospital Tubingen - abbreviation UHT - is a modern center of high-quality university medicine, research and teaching. As a clinic of maximum care, UHT is also known far beyond the region. For the city and the district of Tubingen the University Hospital Tubingen functions as a district hospital.

Amount of beds available: 1511
Inpatients yearly: 60320
Outpatients yearly: 327581
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Tuebingen
clinic image

University Hospital Würzburg

9.2/10 from 38 Votes

The University Hospital Würzburg has been an institution of public law since 2006. It supports the Faculty of Medicine in its research and teaching. As the center of maximum medical care, the University Hospital provides its services to the region with 1,5 million people.

Amount of beds available: 1433
Inpatients yearly: 58
Outpatients yearly: 241
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Würzburg
clinic image

University Hospital RWTH Aachen

8.9/10 from 41 Votes

With its 34 clinics, 25 institutes and five multidisciplinary units covers the University Hospital Aachen not only the entire spectrum of medicine, but also it offers a patient- oriented medical care and nursing, medical education and research of international level.

Amount of beds available: 1282
Inpatients yearly: 45736
Outpatients yearly: 111119
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Aachen
clinic image

University Hospital Muenster

8.8/10 from 78 Votes

The University Hospital Muenster is one of the most respected multi-field medical centers in Germany. It consists of more than 30 departments and numerous research institutes and centers. Every year over 58,000 inpatients are treated here and nearly 475,000 patients receive medical care on the outpatient basis.

Amount of beds available: 1287
Inpatients yearly: 47323
Outpatients yearly: 240060
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Muenster
clinic image

University Hospital Ulm

8.7/10 from 83 Votes

Ulm University Clinic is one of five university clinics in Baden-Württemberg and a clinic with the highest level of services in Germany, which offers the university medicine of the highest level to the population of Ostwürttemberg, Donau/Iller and  Bodensee-Oberschwaben.

Amount of beds available: 1139
Inpatients yearly: 43404
Outpatients yearly: 267680
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Ulm
clinic image

University Hospital Rechts der Isar of the Munich Technical University

8.3/10 from 70 Votes

The Rechts der Isar Hospital is the University Hospital of the Technical University of Munich. There is intensive cooperation between the research facilities of the TU and the hospital in numbers of areas.

Amount of beds available: 1091
Inpatients yearly: 54678
Outpatients yearly: 246772
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Munich
clinic image

Academic Hospital Augustinerinnen Cologne

10/10 from 23 Votes

The Academic Hospital Augustinerinnen in Cologne is a hospital of standard medical care with 318 beds. As an academic teaching hospital of the University of Cologne, the Hospital is actively engaged in research and training. The Hospital annually treats 12,730 inpatients and 16,452 outpatients.

Amount of beds available: 318
Inpatients yearly: 12730
Outpatients yearly: 16452
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Cologne
clinic image

Rehabilitation Clinic Benedictus Krankenhaus Feldafing

10/10 from 23 Votes

Rehabilitation clinic Benedictus Krankenhaus Feldafing is a renowned center for further treatment and rehabilitation in the field of orthopedics and neurology.

Amount of beds available: 119
location_onCountry: Germany
location_searchingCity: Feldafing

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