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University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

According to the reputable Focus magazine, the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main ranks among the top German medical facilities! 

The hospital was founded in 1914 and today is a well-known German medical facility, which combines rich traditions and scientific innovations. A medical team of more than 6,500 employees cares about the health of patients around the clock, ensuring them with the highest standards of medical care and best possible safety.

The hospital has 32 specialized departments and more than 20 research institutes, which have all the necessary resources for the provision of the most effective care for any patient. The hospital has 1,488 beds for inpatient medical care. The medical facility diagnoses and treats more than 51,000 inpatients and about 44,800 outpatients every year. Due to the demonstration of outstanding treatment results, the number of patients seeking medical care here increases significantly annually.

The hospital presents all areas of modern medicine, whereas its special competence lies in neuroscience, oncology, cardiovascular medicine, cardiac surgery and other fields. Many treatment methods available here are unique not only in Europe, but also internationally.

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Department of Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology

Thomas Kohnen Prof. Dr. med.

Department of General and Abdominal Surgery

Wolf Bechstein Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Thomas Schmitz-Rixen Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Thomas Walther Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Urology

Felix Kyoung-Hwan Chun Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology

Roland Kaufmann Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Adult and Pediatric Otolaryngology

Timo Stöver Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgery

Volker Seifert Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Neurology

Helmuth Steinmetz Prof. Dr. med.

Cancer Center

Chris­ti­an Brandts Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Cardiology and Angiology

Andreas Zeiher Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Frank Grünwald Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Radiation Therapy

Claus Rödel Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Thomas Klingebiel Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Nephrology

Helmut Geiger Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Human Genetics

Rainer Koenig Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Adult and Pediatric Neuroradiology

Elke Hattingen Prof. Dr. med.


Patients rooms

The patients of the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main live in comfortable rooms made in modern design and meeting the highest standards of European medicine. Each room is equipped with an ensuite bathroom with a toilet and a shower. The standard room includes a comfortable, automatically adjustable bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe, a table and chairs for receiving visitors and a TV. If desired, patients can use Wi-Fi. The patients can also stay in the enhanced-comfort rooms.

Meals and Menus

The patient and his accompanying person have a daily choice of three menus. If for any reason you do not eat all the food, you will be offered an individual menu. Please inform the medical staff about your dietary preferences prior to the treatment.

Further details

Standard rooms include:



Religious services are available upon request.

Accompanying person

During the inpatient program, an accompanying person may stay with you in a patient room or in a hotel of your choice.


During the outpatient program, you may stay in a hotel of your choice. Managers will help you choose the most suitable options.


Frankfurt am Main is the fifth largest city in Germany, as well as one of the richest cities in the country. It is located on the Main River, which gives it a special grandeur and atmosphere. Frankfurt is a city of contrasts. The modern skyscrapers and spiers of medieval cathedrals look very harmoniously here. 

Frankfurt retains the reputation of the financial center of the country for many centuries. It houses the main offices of the world's largest banks, stock exchanges and investment companies. The European Central Bank, which determines monetary policy in the Eurozone countries, operates in the city. Also, the city is the largest transport, scientific and cultural center of Germany. It has several of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country, such as Goethe University, the School of Finance & Management, the University of Applied Sciences and others. The city also offers a huge number of museums, galleries and theaters.

Frankfurt is famous not only for its numerous financial companies and amazing skyscrapers, but also for its sights, most of which have been preserved since the Middle Ages. One of the most remarkable buildings in the city is the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which is currently the center of the German foreign exchange market. The Imperial Cathedral Kaiserdom is of great importance for history and culture not only of Frankfurt, but also of the whole of Germany. It used to be a place for the coronation of emperors and kings of Germany. The monument remained virtually untouched during World War II. Currently, the cathedral houses the famous Maria-Schlaf-Altar, which was created in the XV century. The 80-meter tower, which was built at the end of the 15th century is also impressive. The gothic chapel adjacent to the cathedral houses a museum, which features unique exhibits showing the rich history of the cathedral.

Frankfurt am Main is famous for its interesting museums. One of the most significant collections of the world-famous sculptures is in the Liebieghaus Museum. The works of art of ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, as well as cultural and life objects of the European Renaissance are collected here. A brilliant monument of architecture of the XIX century is the Old Opera House. As of today, the exterior and hall of the building dating back to 1880 are perfectly preserved. The Frankfurt Zoo belongs to the most impressive natural attractions of the city. On the vast territory of this zoo one can see more than 5,000 animals.

In addition, Frankfurt attracts tourists from all over the world for its numerous and impressive fairs and festivals. For example, these are Museum Embankment Festival, Ceramics Festival, Festival of Skyscrapers , Forest Days, the Music Festival and numerous fairs and exhibitions (automotive industry, music, book exhibitions, etc.).