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Popular Countries for Medical Tourism

With a high-quality base on, established high standards for professionalism of physicians, high stable funding, including from the state, the leading foreign hospitals are developed in tandem with research institutions. Here:

The best hospitals in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria are highly appreciated in the European countries focusing on the healthcare system.

Why Treatment in Germany?

It is believed that the medical tourism in Germany are the place of resort with issues of diagnostics and treatment of any disease, including arthroplasty, oncology and plastic surgery. Besides, one of the leading cardiac centers in Europe is located in Berlin; the heart transplantation is carried out there successfully. Rehabilitation in Germany represents a separate area which is dealt with by specialized hospitals.

Health system structure

Medicine in Germany, one has to choose among two thousand medical institutions, which are subdivided in to three types by the source of financing and ownership:

The equipment and layout of clinics in Germany is standardized with a guaranteed cleanliness with a few differences in the premise design and conditions of stay. Each institution will offer the high-quality services, but its government hospitals may determines the varying treatment sophistication. Many patients seek care in university clinics which receive patients in particularly serious conditions, and take care of rare and very complicated cases due to the university clinic’s research potential.

Justified Expectations

When contacting the foreign clinics, the international patients primarily count on the treatment effectiveness, lack of complications and minimal risk of force majeure.

There is a desire to get the best of what is available for patients. Therefore, when any European clinic offers innovative methods of treatment with a high guarantee of positive outcome and maintenance of high quality of life during treatment and short recovery periods, the patient with sufficient financial means will prefer treatment abroad.

Allow to get a fast feedback in the form of information about the treatment program, its timing and specific actions.

Transparency of pricing and the lack of double standards is also a reason for choosing treatment abroad. The cost of services will be known to the patient even before s/he leaves the home country. The amount may be adjusted at the time of the patient’s discharge, but each component of the total price will be clear and the need for each procedure will be justified.

Medical Tourism

Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University conducted a market research, the results of which argue that the difference in the cost of similar medical treatment in Germany of patients with public insurance policy and foreign patients is 300%. To reduce this difference significantly, it is better to negotiate with clinics and deal with organizational issues with the help of a medical manager. Be prepared for an advance payment of 100% of the treatment cost with the possibility of slight additional costs, as the final cost is determined at the time of the patient’s discharge.

All German clinics are equipped with the latest equipment and modern instruments, which allow:

The service level in Germany corresponds to the legendary quality.

Feedbacks about Treatment in Germany

The rich experience of German doctors, combined with a stable healthcare financing in Germany has become the basis for reliable and innovative healthcare services in Germany.

Highly qualified professionals, as well as traditional and innovative methods of treatment used in German hospitals; enjoy the credibility of patients worldwide. They come to this country with severe complications and simple diseases, relying on accurate diagnostics and effective therapies. The surgeons in Germany seek to apply the minimal invasive surgery techniques, and perform many endoscopic surgeries with minimal trauma. The cardiac surgery, oncology, orthopedics, joint replacement and other areas are developed very well. Diagnostics and rehabilitation programs also feature high performance.

The residents of other countries, who have the experience of dealing with germane doctors, give positive feedback. The impression depends on the selected conditions, patient's budget, disease complexity and, consequently, success of the outcome.

All patients without exception argue that:

The administrative departments, representing the interests of foreign patients, receive a high grade. The personal manager usually provides full support, including the transfer organization, booking of a hotel room, transportation to clinics and services of a professional interpreter.

As regards disadvantages of treatment in Germany, some patients report slightly overstated rates. Indeed, the difference between the cost of surgery for locals and for foreigners can be significant.

In order not to get disappointed on this issue, it is important to understand the structure of the German health system and using of possibilities inherent. For this purpose, it is better to consult an experienced healthcare manager, who can advise and optimize the cost of its customer legitimately.

If you intend to seek medical care in a German clinic, then you have to take into account the organizational costs associated with the clinic and physician selection, negotiation, documentation, accommodation, transport etc.

Actually the prices for treatment in Germany are established by DRG, which is an annually updated official document developed by the government. This document specifies the basic prices and the list of coefficients to be applied to the base. The cost of treatment and services, medicines, tools, and other related materials is taken into account.

The prices for local residents and foreigners are different; besides higher coefficients, the higher base rate can also be applied.

Prerequisites for Foreigners

International patients in some clinics may be served in accordance with specific requirements. For example, they are offered single wards and translation services, which increase the overall bill considerably. These features must be taken into account when choosing a clinic and asking to provide a non-standard price list of hospitals in Germany. The patients must check the prices for foreigners with a possible breakdown of certain items, which may include the translation of medical documents.

It is important to remember that the clinic provides an invitation for a visa to Germany after 100% advance of the previously calculated cost of treatment in Europe. The program is developed on the basis of information provided by the patient. If something was missing, the program of medical treatment can be adjusted on the spot and the cost of services can be changed.

Factors Affecting the Price

The good Hospitals are specialized in specific areas of medicine can be found in Europe, USA and Asia.

The recognized leaders in terms of quality of healthcare services with high medical standards, common in all medical institutions in the country, are considered to be Austria, Switzerland and Israel. Here one can rely on the use of the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment, innovative solutions and absolute competence of doctors.

With almost equal medical opportunities in these countries, each of them has its own advantages for attracting the patients.


Highly organized standard of living in this small country with a concentration of wealthy residents determines the high quality of medical care, as well as its substantial cost.

Switzerland is characterized by unique comfortable accommodation in hospitals which is part of the treatment program, increasing the patient’s confidence in the recovery and reducing the stress of a hospital stay. Swiss clinics provide a detailed case history, recommendations to the patient and doctors who observe the patient after that at home.


Because of limited awareness, language barrier and ignorance of the legislation of foreign states, patients usually go to intermediaries offering their organizational services. Usually such medical managers are helpful, and even though they take about 30% of the total cost, they allow saving on the optimally chosen clinic, the hotel, cheap translation services and other administrative aspects.

However, there are unscrupulous intermediaries in the market, who can inflate the cost of treatment in the clinic. Another fraud is possible when it comes to prepayment and the bogus companies do not provide the promised services. To avoid these complications, it is important to use proven internet sources or contact the intermediaries on the advice of other patients who have experienced medical treatment in Europe.

Affordable Treatment with was established five years ago. This new portal for ordering medical programs online offers new opportunities to all patients who need treatment abroad. Simplified search engines by diagnosis, medical direction, treatment direction, a clear calculation of the treatment cost and medical services, as well as prices 40-70% below the market have made a recognized market leader. Portal creators have taken into account all the nuances of healthcare systems of the countries presented on the portal and the needs of patients who come for treatment. Using the portal is absolutely free of charge. The patient does not have to book services through the portal. Having the opportunity to go straight to the clinic, compare prices and hospitalization terms, 90% of our customers choose our booking health system. is also popular among the English-speaking medical tourists; they comprise 65% of all patients contacting the foreign clinics.

We do not make distinctions between patients. Everyone is able to book a medical program for oneself and his/her family easily too.

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