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Patients from 75 countries have chosen Booking Health™

Booking Health™ is the largest and the most transparent medical travel service in the world. Over 250 hospitals in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, India, Costa Rica, Turkey, Thailand, Poland, Hungary, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Japan are presented on our website. Before becoming the part of website, each hospital is thoroughly checked for the number of successful and safe operations, level of technical equipment, comfort of stay, and other indicators.

Over 700,000 medical programs are available on the website. These are programs of basic and full preventive examination (check-up), individual diagnostics in difficult clinical cases, outpatient and inpatient treatment, rehabilitation, and SPA resort.

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for patients from all countries to choose online a hospital which offers the best for them medical program, check the cost of this program and order it at the best price. To make the most advantageous decision, a patient and his relatives can study detailed information about the hospitals’ certificates, achievements of the physician, treatment methods and costs for services.

When choosing between several leading medical institutions, a patient can seek for the professional advice of our doctors. Thanks to the help of Booking Health™ medical specialists, more than 73,000 patients have already received the necessary treatment, including the innovative techniques which are not available in their native country.

We take care about the comfort and confidence of our clients. After choosing the medical program, we help a patient and his accompanying person to receive a visa. Also we assist in the translation of medical documents, flight and accommodation booking, interpreting services, control of the medical services costs and domestic issues. Our patients have insurance against complications during a treatment in the amount of 200,000 €.

If the patient cannot travel to another country for treatment due to the severity of the condition or for other reasons, Booking Health™ arranges a telemedicine consultation with the necessary healthcare professional. Thus, the patient can receive a conservative treatment regimen or recommendations for preparing for surgery without leaving his native country. By sending medical records and images through the E-doc electronic document management system, foreign doctors can study the results of preliminary examinations and make individual recommendations.

In addition to helping patients, Booking Health™ pays attention to the development of the global medical sphere and improving the quality of medical services worldwide. The company has founded the MHS Academy which is a training and certification organization that encourages hospitals to implement and maintain global standards for the safety and effectiveness of treatment. Experts from the MHS Academy evaluate the current resources of medical institutions and develop individual strategies for improving their work.

Our mission is to ensure price transparency and quality into the medical tourism market, and to provide patients from any country with the opportunity to receive the necessary treatment abroad with maximum comfort.

  • 2021
    Implementation of telemedicine into the clinical practice
  • 2020
    Creation of the MHS Academy, the training and certification organization that encourages clinics to implement and maintain recognized universally international standards of hygiene and quality
  • 2019
    Development of franchise networks, creation of agencies at clinics
  • 2018
    Establishment of the first regional agencies based on franchise contracts
  • 2017
    The number of patients who successfully received medical care abroad with the assistance of Booking Health reaches 100,000
  • 2016
    More than 250 hospitals in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, India, Costa Rica, Turkey, Thailand, Poland, Hungary, Israel, OAE, South Korea, Japan; including 700,000 medical treatment options; 53,000 patients received assistance using Booking Health's services.
  • 2015
    We signed direct contracts with the first 100 hospitals in Europe.
  • 2014
    Booking Health GmbH is a registered company.
  • 2013
    The world's first insurance for medical tourism was registered.
  • 2012
    Medical professionals and medical volunteers have joined this project.
  • 2011
    The idea behind Booking Health™ was conceptualized.

Why patients choose Booking Health™?

query_builder Prompt Service Delivery

Booking Health GmbH check_circle

Within 30 seconds you can search an appropriate medical care program and select your choice of clinic. You will find a full description of all medical care programs, along with duration of stay in the clinic and total cost involved.

Healthcare agents remove_circle_outline

Generally agents require anywhere from 24 hours and up to 7 days for feedback to clients due to a complex and slow medical tourism organizational system. These agents do not have direct contracts with clinics and have to wait for the processing of their request in the order of arrival.

Hospital directly remove_circle_outline

May require anywhere between 2 - 8 weeks, while waiting for the response due to not having priority privileges. Many clinics do not offer any medical care program without a consultation.

euro_symbol Cost of treatment

Booking Health GmbH check_circle

When concluding an agreement with medical institutions, we agree on the optimal prices for medical programs for Booking Health.

Healthcare agents remove_circle_outline

Insufficient transparency - this may lead to a significant price increase. Agents may take advantage of the difficult situation that the patients are in, and increase the final price on medical care programs.

Hospital directly remove_circle_outline

Foreign patients do not have insurance, so many hospitals include an extra charge for risk in the cost (an average of 25-75%).

security Set program cost

Booking Health GmbH check_circle

In case of severe complications, all additional costs will be covered by medical insurance.

Healthcare agents remove_circle_outline

In 80% of cases prices on medical care programs increase during the treatment. Final treatment cost can increase several times than originally planned.

Hospital directly remove_circle_outline

In case of complications or unforeseen situations, the money will be charged additionally on top of the original basic price. If there is not enough funds, then the patient is liable for additional expenses.

assignment Transparent pricing

Booking Health GmbH check_circle

It is easy to know what you are paying for. All medical care programs on the Booking Health website are described in detail. Patients receive a detailed description of medical services provided by the hospital as well as relevant services from Booking Health.

Healthcare agents remove_circle_outline

Often patients are not provided with a detailed list of planned diagnostic and therapeutic procedures within their medical care program - only a generalized list. This makes things difficult for tracking prices of separate procedures.

Hospital directly remove_circle_outline

Many hospitals do not provide patients with a list of planned diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, but only the final amount that the patient has to pay. It is not possible to track prices of separate procedures.

mood Insurance in case of possible complications

Booking Health GmbH check_circle

All medical tours from Booking Health are insured by a well-trusted German insurance company. International patients booking medical tours through the Booking Health website do not have to pay additional insurance costs, which comprise up to 50% of the program price.

Healthcare agents remove_circle_outline

No insurance. No money return due to unspent cash after the completion of medical care program.

Hospital directly remove_circle_outline

No insurance available. Patients end up having to pay around 55% above the initial treatment quote. If a refund is given after the medical program is completion, it can take from 6 to 9 months to actually receive it.

Your advantages when you choose Booking Health

watch_later Prompt arrangement of hospital appointment in the event of an emergency. (appointments with leading medical professionals anywhere in the world, possibly made within 24 hours)
euro_symbol The customers of Booking Health™ can undergo treatment abroad in many clinics at a lower price.
verified_user Fixed final price (no additional cost will be added in case of complications)

Do you still have questions? Please contact us!

We will assist you in selecting the best medical treatment to suit your needs.
Medical Service Booking Health ™ will choose the appropriate clinic and a specialist according to your medical condition.

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Bad Hönningen, Germany
Send us your request regarding your selection of medical programs.

Treatment in the world’s best clinics

Due to the active development of medical tourism, up to 10 million patients annually are treated abroad. When choosing a treatment, patients are increasingly focusing not on the methods available in their country, but on achieving the best result. At the same time, new questions arise, including the choice of a clinic among medical institutions all over the world, the possibility of a quick arrival for treatment abroad, the cost of therapy and subsequent rehabilitation, organization of a trip to another country.

Thousands of people have successfully resolved these issues with maximum comfort and benefit for themselves with the help of a certified medical tourism operator, Booking Health. Booking Health assists people regardless of their country of residence. People from the CIS, European and Arab countries, the United States use our services.

Booking Health provides information, the choice is yours

The task of Booking Health is to provide the patient with the best option for treating his particular disease. Our doctors keep abreast of modern clinical research, monitor the trials of innovative medicines and the introduction of high-tech methods of medical treatment.

Thanks to Booking Health, patients of all countries have access to neurosurgical operations using the Visualase system, PSMA-Actinium therapy for prostate cancer, operations for restoring the length of the lower limbs using the Fitbone nail and much more. On the official website of Booking Health, you can find the detailed information about leading clinics, doctors and methods of treatment.

Certainly, when choosing a suitable medical program, its cost is important. On the Booking Health portal, you can easily find the prices for treatment abroad in different countries or in several clinics within the same country. You can make a comparison and choose the appropriate option.

We also take into account the geographical location and convenience of transfer to the clinic, while certain diseases require special conditions for patient travel / flight and accommodation.

If your case is non-standard, or you just want to check once again the correctness of your choice and consult with professionals, then you can fill out the form on the website and send us a request. Our specialists will examine your medical documents in detail and contact you for consultation.

Are there actually all clinics of the world presented on the Booking Health portal?

No, it is not that. This is not surprising, because Booking Health is the largest resource in the field of medical care, which thousands of international patients use every day to solve their health problems. Foreigners prefer to go to those hospitals, whose profiles are exposed on the site, because it is simple and effective.

We welcome the desire of hospitals to cooperate with us. This gives us the opportunity to use the full range of modern techniques and help more people. However, only those medical institutions that meet a number of stringent quality requirements are placed on our portal.

When we receive a request, we start by examining the official documents and the annual qualification reports of the clinic. We are interested in:

  1. Percentage of successful operations (other interventions, correctly diagnosed cases). This is one of the main indicators of work, which guarantees the patient the desired result of his trip for diagnostics or treatment.
  2. Number of operations (other interventions, examinations) performed. The activity of the medical institution reflects the practical experience of doctors and their level of qualification. Hospitals with extensive clinical practice, as a rule, have greater experience in managing patients with extraordinary and rare cases.
  3. No complications, safety. Favorable postoperative course and no side effects of drug therapy is the key to rapid recovery. This increases the effectiveness of treatment and reduces the risk of relapse.
  4. Research activities and implementation of new technologies. Our clinics use only updated treatment protocols. Participation of the medical institution in clinical trials is an additional advantage. In this case, patients can be treated with the help of medicines or methods that are under development.
  5. Level of equipment. The portal presents those hospitals that offer patients high-tech medical services in the area of their specialization. For example, if a surgery department is not fitted with equipment for endoscopic interventions, then such a clinic is unlikely to get to our portal.
  6. Absence of nosocomial infections. This indicator is partly related to the absence of treatment complications and reflects the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy regimens. We pay special attention to this point when evaluating interventional departments (neurosurgery, operative cardiology, interventional radiology, etc.).
  7. Comfort for visitors. We pay close attention to the convenience of staying in the outpatient clinic or the hospital and evaluate the need for presence of an accompanying person during medical travel.

If upon verification the medical institution does not meet our requirements, then we suggest what exactly should be improved. This encourages clinics to improve and increases the overall level of medical care. Once the performance indicators have improved, the administration of the hospital can contact us again.

Booking Health negotiates with the clinic instead of you

After the final selection of the clinic, you collect the documents and send a request for treatment there. The standard procedure for a foreign patient is a request to the administration department sent by mail or in electronic form. Dozens of requests are received here daily, including also those from patients who plan to just be acquainted with the conditions, but do not come for treatment.

In any case, the administrative staff carefully examines the medical records. Depending on the diagnosis and special characteristics of the patient’s condition, the clinic may send an invitation to treatment or refuse it. Waiting for a response is therefore delayed for a long time, up to six months. The cost of treatment is also announced including a 20% surcharge for foreign citizens, so for some patients it may be unacceptable.

With Booking Health, obtaining confirmation from the clinic is In most cases easier and faster. You do not need to send requests to various medical institutions and expect their proposals for months to make finally sure that it is too expensive. We negotiate in advance and approve all prices with the financial departments of clinics. Full information is publicly available on our portal. All you need is to simply choose the appropriate option and send us necessary medical records.

Booking Health will ensure a quick visit for treatment

Obtaining an invitation from the clinic is a guarantee that doctors are ready to admit you for treatment. After confirmation from your side, your data is placed on a waiting list. The waiting list is a queue of patients who claim to receive a similar medical service. When referring to a specialist of a narrow profile (for example, a renowned neurosurgeon or oncologist) or when registering for a high-tech treatment (like proton therapy, Gamma Knife treatment or Visualase), the waiting time can be as long as 5-6 months.

In addition, non-residents and domestic residents are placed on the same waiting list.

With Booking Health, you will be tested or receive the necessary treatment promptly. In case of emergency (for example, treatment of cancer, neurosurgical interventions, operations on the heart and vessels), hospitalization is possible within a few days.

Booking Health cares about your financial interests

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of medical tourism, Booking Health makes medical treatment in the leading clinics of the world affordable. The most innovative technique will be useless if its cost is beyond the reach of patients. Therefore, we take into account the peculiarities of price formation for medical services in different countries of the world and conclude direct contracts with clinics.

Booking Health patients enjoy the following benefits:

  1. No coefficient of additional cost nor extra charges for non-resident patients. The price of medical services is the same as for a local resident. At the same time, savings of up to 50% of the cost of the medical program.
  2. Special prices and discounts. Booking Health is committed to providing its patients with the most favorable treatment conditions. In many cases, we manage to negotiate with clinics and doctors about fixed prices for certain procedures, which leads to a significant reduction in cost. The list of such diagnostic and therapeutic procedures is constantly expanding. You can obtain detailed information from our medical advisor when planning a trip.
  3. Possible complications of treatment are covered by insurance. We recommend only those clinics whose medical statistics show a minimal risk of complications. Nonetheless, insurance guarantees no increase in the cost of the medical program when performing the necessary additional procedures.

In addition, the cost of treatment abroad varies considerably from country to country. For example, when comparing the Indian and Israeli hospitals, undoubtedly, India is ahead. Booking Health specialists will help you choose a treatment with the best ratio of quality/cost.

Booking Health means active collaboration with many the world's top clinics.

Booking Health cooperates with the world's leading clinics, which bring together highly qualified specialists and possess a strong scientific potential. Young doctors are trained here, experienced doctors come here to upgrade their professional skills. TOP clinics are medical institutions where patients with the most complex and rare pathologic conditions seek medical assistance.

Examples of such clinics include:

  • Charité University Hospital, Berlin, Germany. For a number of years, the prestigious magazine Focus ranks Charité first in the ranking of German clinics.
  • University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany, operates under the motto "Healing Through Science." Here, in particular, methods for radiotherapy of malignant tumors have been developed, which are now used throughout the world.
  • University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Munich, Germany, is best known for its excellent technical equipment, successes in endoprosthetics and treatment of rare neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Apollo Clinic, New Delhi, India, is a leader in the field of organ transplantation. Apollo successfully passed the accreditation of such international and national organizations as NABH, NABL and JCI.
  • Medicana International Hospital, Turkey, is a group of medical institutions which offer any kind of specialized medical care – from bone marrow transplantation and cyber knife, to IVF and FUT and FUE hair transplantation.
  • Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel, has been operating since 1938 and employs more than 4,000 staff members. Here, a comprehensive approach to providing medical services is a priority.

Start preparing for treatment in the world’s best clinics now

In order to discuss your situation in detail with Booking Health specialists and start preparing for the trip, you can leave a request on the company’s official website. Our medical consultant will contact you within 24 hours.

Booking Health specialists will help you in such important points:

  • Choosing the right clinic based on an annual qualification profile
  • Direct communication with your doctor
  • Preliminary preparation of the treatment program without repeating previous examinations.
  • Ensuring a favorable cost of clinic services, without extra charges and coefficients for foreign non-resident patients (saving up to 50%)
  • Booking an appointment for the desired date
  • Medical program control at all stages
  • Assistance in acquisition and shipment of medicines
  • Communication with the clinic after completion of treatment
  • Account control and return of unspent funds
  • Organization of additional examinations
  • Top-class service during medical travel: hotel accommodation, flight tickets, transfer

We are constantly in touch with you and rejoice in your success on the road to recovery. After returning home, you can always share your experience with other patients through the official portal Booking Health.

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