Uterine fibroids (myoma uteri)

Patients from all over the world are spending hours on the Internet looking for the information on uterine fibroids. Here you can find not only information of this disease, but also book private consultation and find best clinics foryour case. You will also find answers to questions about the cost of treatment and its prognosis. You can reach Booking Health both by phone and email. The prognosis for fibroids on uterus is optimistical. Out of 1000 benign fibroids only 1 can become malignant and bring real harm. It`s almost impossible that benign fibroma can transform into sarcoma.Uterus fibroid can also becalled uterine myoma.In general, uterine myomas grow very slowly and only in 25% require some kind of treatment procedure.Uterine myoma is usually cured very quickly. Myoma may be treated in a short period of time, in most cases without surgical intervention.

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Hysteroscopic myomectomy
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Vaginal or laparoscopic hysterectomy
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Uterine artery embolization
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General therapeutic rehabilitation
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Best hospitals for Uterine fibroids (myoma uteri) treatment

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Academic Hospital zum Heiligen Geist

Academic Hospital zum Heiligen Geist is a modern health care facility with standard services located in the center of the city and an academic teaching hospital at the Goethe University Hospital. The hospital offers a wide range of services in five specialized departments and the Institute of Radiology.

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University Hospital Cologne

The University Hospital Cologne is included in the Focus magazine rating of top German hospitals 2017 and offers patients first-class medical care meeting the latest medical advancements.

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About the disease

Uterus fibroids is a benign tumor that is not malignant. It is situated in female uterus and it is represented in the form of a smooth muscle. Uterus fibroid can also be called uterine fibroid. For some women uterine fibroids symptoms can go by unnoticed. other women exprience such uterine fibroids symptoms as painful periods with big amount of blood, pain in the lower back and occasional pain during intercourse. When a woman can`t get pregnant, it can also symptom of this disease, as fibroid does not allow a woman to conceive a baby. Some symptoms of uterine fibroids involve the dysfunction of female hormones and frequent urination, although there can be other causes for that. Other symptoms include pain in the pelvic and some gain in weight. Signs of uterine fibroids can appear after the female experienced the miscarriage. Fibroids in uterus can appear only during productive period, so after the menopause a woman will never have this disease.

Fibroids in uterus is a very widespread disease among women. In fact, about 75-85% of women have fibroids in uterus before they turn 55. Fibroids on uterus are big in their size growths, that can be situated on the female`s uterus. In most cases it is unclear what causes uterine fibroids, because uterine fibroid tumors can happen towoman, leading a perfectly healty lifestyle. In that case the reason for what causes uterine fibroids may be a genetic predisposition. In that case a woman can live without any symptoms of fibroids in her uterus.Other reason for what causes uterine fibroids is in most cases obesity. If that`s the cause a woman can feel pain in her pelvis and also problems urinating. Among other uterine fibroids causes can be a pregnancy, because during this time female experiences rapid growth of hormones in her body.


  • Pain in the uterus
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Changed color of the urine
  • Pain during bowel movememens
  • Pain during sexual intercourse


Diagnosis of uterine myoma is usually performed with common palpation of female uterus. Sometimes, the gynecologist can use ultrasound to define the size of uterine myoma. Sonography is also a popular method of diagnosis. If the uterine myoma is diagnosed after the menopause, it may certainly be a sarcome, as uterine myoma can happen only during reproductive years. If uterine myoma is too big, the doctor can use MRI is a diagnosis method.

Sometimes fibroids can result in various further diseases, such as anemia and the defficiency of iron. In this case the patient is prescribed with medicine that can improve immune system of the female and reduce the defficiency of iron. Healthy lifestyle is also a privilege for women who try to fight anemia.


  • Medication can have alleviating effects on menstrual period. In fact, pain during period is the most well-known uterine fibroid symptom. In that case, a woman should take pain killers and also medicine that reduces the amount and the intensity of blood. Such type of medicine can also help women stand the cramps.
  • Uterine artery embolization is not very effective, it also has long-term effect. It stops the clots of blood and thus cures uterine fibroid. The recovery after this kind of treatment can take 3-5 days.
  • Hysterescopic myomectomy is a treatment procedure, that involves the whole removal of fibroids on uterus. This is a mild case of uterine fibroid surgery, as after myomectome women can have give birth and this type of procedure does not require the surgery on the ovaries.
  • Ablation as a treatment of fibroids can be used only if the fibroids are small and not progressed.
  • Hysterectomy is a surgery that is designed specifically for fibroids. During hysterectomy the doctor removes all the uterus of the female. This surgical procedure is very widespread among gynecologists. Annualy, over 1 000 000 are performed in the world. The biggest side effect for hysterectome is that the woman will not be able to get pregnant in future. Now that the medicine found other way to cure uterus fibroid, this kind of treatment is not performed very often. In fact, it was substitued by myomectomyduring recent years.


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