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New effective treatments for stage IV cancer (oncology)

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According to official statistics of the WHO in 2020, oncological pathology became the cause of every 6th death worldwide. It encourages the international medical community to develop new cancer treatment methods and increase the effectiveness of the existing ones. In particular, it is important for patients with advanced stages...

SVF and PRP therapy – the latest method of treating joint diseases

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Despite current advances in joint replacement and availability of reliable prostheses, orthopedic specialists always give preference to sparing a patient’s own joint. Thus, restoration of the joint structures becomes the highest-priority task. Clinical trials have demonstrated efficacy of cellular therapies, i.e. stem cell therapy, in this area. 

Alternative treatments of oncological diseases in Germany

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Cancer treatment usually involves the use of conventional techniques that have proven their effectiveness in the clinical trials. These include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, as well as targeted therapy, immunotherapy and other progressive directions of oncology. Nevertheless, in some cases patients need alternative...

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