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Online German Clinic – Treatment by the Best Doctors Without Going Abroad

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Currently, it is recommended to limit visits to clinics on planned medical issues (for example, chronic diseases, aesthetic problems, preparation for surgical interventions). That is why, Booking Health offers patients the opportunity to receive treatment recommendations from the best European specialists, without leaving your home.

Differential diagnosis and treatment of skin lipomatosis

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Skin lipomatosis is the local overgrowth of adipose tissue. Typical lipoma is a benign painless lump that is "hiding" under the skin during the palpation. In most cases the pathology is connected with no more than the esthetic discomfort, especially being located in the face and neck region. Nevertheless, in some patients lipomas can...

Phimosis: does it always require treatment?

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Phimosis is impossibility of retracting the foreskin from around the glans penis. This is a normal physiological condition in young boys as it protects penis and the external urethral opening from trauma and infections. As a rule, physiological phimosis goes away on its own during the first few years of a boy's life. In other cases conventional...

Treatment of optic atrophy with stem cells in Germany

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Visual information undergoes complex processing before becoming a clear picture. The optic nerve is largely responsible for this process. Unfortunately, it can atrophy due to the various pathological processes. Currently, medicine does not have treatment methods, which can completely cure degenerative diseases of the optic nerve.

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