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Best Medical Care: Top 10 Hospitals in India

19.11.2018 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Hospitals rankings

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India takes the second place on the list of countries with the largest population. Therefore providing high-quality medical care becomes a demanding task under these circumstances. That is why the medical sector in this country is constantly being developed, improved and updated. More and more hospitals successfully...

Visualase™ system: neurosurgery that saves every priceless piece of the brain

05.11.2018 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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High-tech Visualase™ system makes complex neurosurgical procedures much more comfortable for patients. Once a doctor recommends that you undergo brain surgery, you should definitely check to see if this technique is suitable to your medical case.

Hyperthermia – effective cancer treatment method in Germany

30.10.2018 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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Germany is one of the most successful countries in the field of cancer treatment. German clinics offer the latest methods of fighting malignant neoplasms that are not available in hospitals of other countries yet. One of the actively developing methods is called hyperthermia. High temperatures influence cancer cells during the treatment.

Famous German quality or why treatment in Germany is so effective

16.10.2018 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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The expression “German quality” is known worldwide as an indicator of high standards. Everything in this country is done in the best possible way. It's not just about cars or household appliances. People with the most complex diseases, namely, cardiological, oncological, neurological, and other ones are successfully treated here.

Medical tourism in Germany: how to go for treatment?

04.10.2018 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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Annually 250.000 foreign patients receive treatment in Germany. We will tell you why people choose German clinics, and how to go for treatment if you have made such a decision. Why is it Germany? Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism. After Switzerland, this country ranks the second place in the...

How to make right decision when choosing the clinic and specialist

21.09.2018 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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People come to the idea of treatment abroad in different ways. Someone purposefully searches for methods of treatment which are not available in his native country. Someone is disappointed in the medical system and wants to receive better care abroad. Someone struggles with the consequences of treatment performed by the...

Rehabilitation after stroke

11.09.2018 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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Many functions of the central nervous system are affected after a stroke. Sometimes a person can’t move, speak, write, understand oral speech, etc. Different patients have different disorders, depending on the part of the brain involved into the pathological process. It is very important to start the rehabilitation as soon as... 

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