Process of pain syndrome treatment in German hospitals

Process of pain syndrome treatment in German hospitals

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Pain is the most frequent symptoms in the world observed in thousands of different diseases. Acute pain is unpleasant, and even agonizing. But much more trouble brings chronic pain. Not in all cases it threatens patient’s life, but it always reduces its quality. Chronic pain can have different location and origin. Therefore, it is treated...

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Pain is the most frequent symptoms in the world observed in thousands of different diseases. Acute pain is unpleasant, and even agonizing. But much more trouble brings chronic pain. Not in all cases it threatens patient’s life, but it always reduces its quality.


  1. Principles of pain treatment
  2. What ways of pain treatment are used in Germany?
  3. Etiotropic and pathogenetic pain therapy in Germany
  4. Conservative methods of pain syndrome treatment in Germany
  5. Surgical methods of treatment
  6. Benefits of pain treatment in Germany
  7. Arrangement of pain syndrome treatment in Germany

Principles of pain treatment


Chronic pain can have different location and origin. Therefore, it is treated differently. Most often, permanent pain occurs in such areas of the body:

  • Spine (pain in the back, waist, neck)
  • Head (migraine, tension headache)
  • Pelvis, perineum, scrotum (often seen in men with prostatitis)
  • Joints, most often large - knee, hip
  • Bones (with osteoporosis or after injuries)

The pain of almost any localization is caused by neuralgia. It occurs when the peripheral nerves are clamped (for example, facial nerve) or after an infection (for example, postherpetic intercostal neuralgia). One of the varieties of such pain is causalgia. This is a burning pain caused by partial damage to the peripheral sensory nerve.

Most often diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, as well as malignant neoplasms of different localization lead to constant pain. Oncopathology is accompanied by a strong pain syndrome. In the last stages of cancer, anesthesia is often the only treatment that is used.


Process of pain syndrome treatment in German hospitals

What ways of pain treatment are used in Germany?


The principle of "medicine without pain" is professed in Germany. It applies not only in carrying out medical procedures, but also using anesthesia as one of the main goals of the therapy.

The patient's survival rate is placed first in all German hospitals. But the quality of patient’s life after the treatment is of no small importance. German medicine, as one of the most developed in the world, pays special attention to the patient's ability to live a full life without experiencing pain every minute of his existence.

The main areas of fight against the pain syndrome:

  • Elimination of the source of pain - treatment of a disease that causes pain
  • Pain relief for a certain time - from several hours to several months
  • Elimination of pain syndrome by surgical methods

Etiotropic and pathogenetic pain therapy in Germany


Etiotropic and pathogenetic therapy is aimed at eliminating the main cause of pain syndrome. It provides for radical treatment of the underlying disease. After that, the pain syndrome either goes away completely, or its intensity decreases significantly. The fight against pain syndrome in this way requires careful diagnosis to identify its cause.

For example:

  • The cause of neuralgia of the facial nerve may be located in the brain vascular malformation. It presses on the nerve and causes pain syndrome. In this case, surgical or radiosurgical removal of malformation will lead to the disappearance of pain.
  • The cause of back pain may be a herniated intervertebral disc. In this case, the endoscopic nucleotomy performed or another operation can eliminate it permanently.
  • Pain syndrome in arthrosis is caused by dystrophy of the cartilaginous tissue. In this case, surgery for endoprosthetics or matrix-induced chondrogenesis will help to get rid of the source of pain.

Elimination of the cause of pain syndrome is the most preferred method of treatment. But not always it is possible. Sometimes doctors cannot find the cause of the pain. And if it is known, it cannot always be eliminated. In this case, conservative and surgical techniques are used to relieve pain.

Conservative methods of pain syndrome treatment in Germany


If pain syndrome has chronic character you’ll have to fight it constantly. Such conservative methods are used for it in Germany:

Drugs intake. Usually, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, which person takes constantly. Depending on the cause and location of the pain, other medications are also used that help to alleviate the condition of the patient.

For example:

  • With migraine, beta-blockers and serotonin receptor agonists are used
  • With joint pain – chondroprotectors are applied
  • With inflammatory pain (rheumatic and autoimmune diseases), glucocorticoids are used

Methods of physiotherapy like massage, acupuncture, hardware physiotherapy - all these techniques allow you to reduce or eliminate pain for a while.

Epidural injectior plexuses and nerves. These are medical manipulations aimed at stopping the passage of impulses along the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system. To do this, drugs are introduced that block the conductivity of nerve fibers for a long time (from several weeks to several months).

Types of blockade are:

  • Intra-articular
  • Selective radicular
  • Blockages of plexuses (for example, abdominal plexus)
  • Sympathetic blockades

Different types of pain require a different approach to treatment.

Surgical methods of treatment


Surgical ways of pain syndrome treatment are applied in Germany which are not aimed at the elimination of the whole disease, but at the elimination of the one certain symptom which is pain.

Such surgeries are used:

  • Radiofrequency denervation. The essence of the method consists in damage to the peripheral nerves, which carry pain signals to the brain through sensitive nerve fibers. As a result, the region treated in this way completely loses its sensitivity.
  • Morphine pumps are often used for the treatment of pain in cancer patients, with the syndrome of the operated spine, osteoporosis, arthritic pain, peripheral neuropathies and other pathologies. The pump is implanted into the human body in a surgical way. She feeds the morphine intrathecally (into the cerebrospinal fluid) at a certain dosage. Some models of pumps allow a person to regulate the supply of analgesics, based on the severity of the pain syndrome. Filling the pump is done every 2-6 months at a doctor's office.
  • Spinal electrostimulation. Electrodes are inserted into the spinal cord. The segment for their implementation is determined based on the localization of the pain syndrome. Initially, trial stimulation is performed. If successful, the electrodes are left in the spinal cord, and the stimulation becomes permanent. It allows you to get rid of the pain, because the spinal cord stops receiving signals about pain within one segment. The patient has the ability to turn the device on, off, and adjust the amperage.



Benefits of pain treatment in Germany


Not only German citizens are treated here, but also a large number of foreign patients. They come to German hospitals to get the highest level of medical services.

Treatment of chronic pain in Germany has several advantages:

  • Diagnostic capabilities. Thanks to high-precision diagnostic tests with high probability, German doctors will be able to establish the source of pain. In this case, treatment of the underlying disease will lead to the complete elimination of the pain syndrome.
  • Modern methods of surgical treatment of pain. The latest operations are available in Germany. They are conducted by highly qualified specialists, who have great authority in the world, using high-quality medical equipment.
  • Security. Safe methods of treating pain syndrome are used in Germany, which have a minimal risk of complications or side effects. The patient is constantly monitored by the doctors, and, if necessary, provided with medical care.

Arrangement of pain syndrome treatment in Germany


If you want to get rid of chronic pain syndrome, you can come to Germany to receive surgical or conservative treatment. You are welcome to use the online-platform Booking Health to choose diagnostic and treatment program.

You can also refer to our services for the organization of treatment abroad. This gives you a number of advantages as:

  • Ability to focus on treatment - we take care of all organizational issues (document preparation, oral and written translations, transfer of the patient from the airport to the hospital, etc.)
  • Saving on medical services - up to 70%
  • Insurance, which will cover all unforeseen medical expenses
  • Consultation with the attending physician within 3 months after completion of the treatment program

In Germany, you have a real opportunity to get rid of chronic pain syndrome. Leave an application on the site, so that we can find the right clinic for you.


Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!


Authors: Dr. Nadezhda IvanisovaAlexandra Solovey


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