TOP 10 Best German Hospitals

TOP 10 Best German Hospitals

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Why is treatment in German hospitals so popular among medical tourists? Which hospital is the best? How to choose the right one and how to start treatment in Germany? For our readers, we have prepared a list of the best hospitals in Germany along with recommendations on choosing the hospital that is absolutely right for...

Why is treatment in German hospitals so popular among medical tourists? Which hospital is the best? How to choose the right one and how to start treatment in Germany? For our readers, we have prepared a list of the best hospitals in Germany along with recommendations on choosing the hospital that is absolutely right for your medical needs.

The main criteria for ranking are statistics of the hospital`s curability of diseases, patients` reviews, ratings of doctors according to authoritative publications and scientific engagement of the clinic.


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  2. What hospitals are there in Germany?
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  4. Cost of treatment at hospitals of Germany
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TOP-10 Best Hospitals in Germany

Directions of treatment in German hospitals


Oncological hospitals in Germany are leading among European medical centers based on the 5-year survival of cancer patients. That is why the treatment of cancer in Germany is  in such demand. Oncology departments offer their patients a number of modern techniques, including minimally invasive and organ-preserving remedies. This approach is particularly relevant in the treatment of breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer. In addition, oncological departments of German clinics have rehabilitation centers where the patient can undergo  a recovery course after therapy.

The best oncological hospitals in Germany are:

Cardiological and cardiosurgical hospitals in Germany use such techniques as coronary bypass, heart valve surgery, surgical treatment of heart tumors and heart transplantation.

The best cardiological hospitals are:

Neurological departments in German hospitals offer innovative treatment methods. They include multiple sclerosis therapy with modern drugs based on monoclonal antibodies; implantation of stimulants for the treatment of epilepsy and Parkinson's disease.

The departments of neurology also have rehabilitation centers for neurological diseases: stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and craniocerebral trauma.

The best neurological hospitals are:


TOP-10 Best Hospitals in Germany
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The Centers of Orthopedics and Traumatology in Germany treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system: joints, spine and muscles. Hospitals in Germany are one of the best in the world in high-quality replacement of joints. Here, technologies enable the endoprosthesis to last for at least 20 years. All interventions cause low trauma and enable the patient to quickly return to a normal life. The departments include centers of orthopedic rehabilitation where the patient restores joint functions after its replacement.

The best german hospitals in the field of orthopedics are:

Neurosurgical hospitals in Germany are equipped with special systems that help surgeons navigate in the area  that they are operating with the help of a micro camera that transmits the image to the monitor in real time. Robotic technologies enable neurosurgeons to minimize risk by avoiding inaccurate movements during surgeries.

The best hospitals in the field of neurosurgery are:

The best ophthalmology department in Germany is located at the University Hospital Bonn. The Department of Ophthalmology of the Clinic is the center for the training of ophthalmologists in Germany. The department is headed by Professor Frank G. Holtz.

What hospitals are there in Germany?


Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Bonn, Aachen, Frankfurt and Cologne are included in the ranking of the cities with the highest standard of living, therefore, when choosing a hospital in one of these hospitals, you will receive not only qualified medical care, but also excellent ecological and social environment.

Before choosing a clinic where you will be diagnosed, treated or rehabilitated, it is important to know that German hospitals are divided into: university, private and municipal. The choice of a particular hospital is individual and depends on your diagnosis and type of treatment.

University hospitals

University clinics in Germany have medical departments, where professors constantly conduct scientific research and develop the latest methods of treatment of various diseases. One of the best European hospitals is the Charite University Hospital Berlin at Humboldt University.

Treatment in the University hospital is more expensive than at an ordinary one. However, for many patients, the advantage is the fact that the focus of the scientific interest of one of the departments is often the treatment of a particular disease.

Private hospitals

Private hospitals are the most common form of medical institutions for the treatment in Germany. As a rule, they are created by doctors of various specializations from university clinics. The cost of treatment in private hospital is strictly regulated by the state and, as a rule, is lower than in the university hospital. Very often private hospitals are leading clinics in their field, such as the network of orthopedic clinics Schön Klinik.

The advantage of undergoing treatment in a private clinic is that patients feel more comfortable here - provided by the environment and servicing of such institutions. For example, the Bavarian clinic Klinikum Alpenpark and the Munich clinic "Arabella" offer the setting of an old mansion, with a park and a view of the mountains and the lake. Such conditions contribute not only to physical, but also psychological recovery of patients. Reviews of private German clinics indicate that patients feel comfortable under the care of staff.

Treatment in private clinics is more expensive than in public ones. However, you can save considerably - if your diagnosis does not involve hospitalization, you can choose outpatient treatment at a private clinic.

Municipal hospital

As a rule, these are hospitals of one city, united in a network. The level of services in such health facilities is not inferior to university hospitals in Germany. Among municipal hospitals there is a separate category - clinics of religious communities. Such medical institutions are created out of altruistic motives. As a rule, these clinics are highly specialized and financed better than others.

Organizing trip to Germany for treatment


How to start treatment in Germany?

Treatment in the best clinics of Germany can be arranged independently, however this process will take more than one month and can create difficulties. If you want quick and proper organization of your trip, the best solution is to contact the medical tourism service.

Booking Health is the only medical tourism operator in the world with an international quality management certificate ISO 9001: 2015.

How to get a visa for a trip to Germany?

To apply for a medical visa to Germany (Schengen visa category C) you need to prepare a list of documents, among which includes a receipt that indicates payment of treatment. The visa is issued on average in about 2 weeks. If you have an urgent case, the clearance will be processed according to the accelerated program - within 3 days. For serious patients, a visa can be issued at the airport in Germany.

Do I need an interpreter in German clinics?

Yes, if you or your accompanying person do not speak German at the level of understanding medical terminology. We provide our clients with an interpreter.

How to get to the hospital from the airport?

We will meet you at the airport and transfer you from the airport to the clinic. A personal medical coordinator will meet you who and be in contact with you at any time of the day.

Where do the patient and the accompanying person live at the time of treatment in Germany?

Patients whose diagnosis requires hospitalization are located in the ward of the hospital. With outpatient care, you can live near the clinic. Our managers will help you find and book a hotel or apartment for you and / or the person accompanying you.

Cost of treatment at hospitals of Germany


Treatment in Germany is more expensive than in Russia and other post-Soviet countries, but it is much lower than in the US or Switzerland. Prices in German hospitals  are justified by the quality of equipment in hospitals, the level of qualification of doctors and nurses. The cost of treatment is regulated at the legislative level.

How is the cost formed and what does it depend on?

The cost of treatment in Germany can vary significantly depending on the chosen medical institution. The final cost is also affected by the diagnosis of the patient, the presence of complications, concomitant diseases and general physical condition. The qualification of the doctor who performs the treatment also plays a role in the cost formation.

Costs for examination in various German hospitals:

Charite University Berlin

from 5 800 EUR

Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch

from 4 500 EUR

University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

from 4 900 EUR

University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

from 4 700 EUR

University Hospital Duesseldorf

from 4 800 EUR


So, the consultation with a professor at a University hospital can cost twice as much as consulting a highly specialized doctor in a specialized medical center.

Can the price of treatment change?

The price for treatment in German clinics is calculated in advance. However, there are cases when in the process of the examination there is a need for additional procedures or there are complications during treatment.

Booking Health provides patients with medical travel insurance, which covers additional costs in the event of medical complications.

Advantages of treatment in Germany


High-quality service, the latest methods of treatment, modern technology, first-class doctors, luxurious health resorts, picturesque nature - these  are the main advantages that make Germany the country to go for treatment.

Climate and geographical location

Germany has a mild climate, acceptable for most medical tourists - there are no extremities,  no heat or sub-zero temperatures here. The territorial location of the country is convenient to reach for most people in Europe and the countries of the former CIS.

Quality of diagnosis and treatment

Germany is one of the leading countries in providing high-quality medicine. Medicine is one of the priority branches of the German economy. Thanks to fundamental medical research and scientific discoveries, as well as significant financing of the healthcare system, Germany is a recognized recreational center.

About 250,000 patients from all over the world undergo treatment in Germany each year. The accuracy of diagnosis in German clinics exceeds 99.8%. Also, a comprehensive diagnosis in a German clinic can be done in 3 days.

Technical equipment of German hospitals

Medical equipment at German hospitals are being updated every year or two because of the  rapid pace of the modernization of medical equipment.

This country has the best devices for instrumental diagnosis, it also has robotic systems for performing complex surgeries and rehabilitation fitness equipment:

  • High-precision MRI devices of the latest model with a power of 3 Tesla
  • Round-the-clock monitoring system of the patient's condition
  • Robot-surgeon Da Vinci for performing operations of high accuracy
  • Robot ROSA for minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures on the brain
  • System of neuronavigation for endoscopic interventions
  • Auxiliary equipment for patients in serious condition (devices for life support, air conditioning system with filters for absolute sterility of wards, beds with a lifting mechanism, etc.)
  • Rehabilitation exoskeletons, which enable walking for people even in a wheelchair (the exoskeleton works thanks to the nervous impulses of the person that the costume transforms into movements)
  • Gadgets for the restoration of intellectual abilities of neurological patients
  • Robotic simulators for the restoration of motor functions

List of the best doctors in Germany

  • The best German oncologists: Prof. Peter Brossart, Prof. Ulrich Kailholz, Prof. Peter Hershbach
  • The best German neurosurgeons: Prof. Peter Vaikozy, Prof. Martin Scholz, Prof. Walter Stummer
  • The best German cardiologists and cardiosurgeons: Prof. Karl-Ludwig Laugwitz, Prof. Thorsten Wahlers, Prof. Uwe Mehlhorn, Prof. Stefan Baldus, Prof. Bernd-Dieter of Gosk.
  • The best German neurologists: Prof. Helmut Steinmetz, Prof. Thomas Gasser, Prof. Marianna Dieterich, Prof. Peter Berlit


German hospitals perform all procedures in one place – patients do not have to spend much time searching for the right room. There can be long queues requesting the skills of German specialists, but the schedule of procedures is created in advance, so there is no need to wait in the queue. Treatment in Germany is always conducted according to the patients' individual plan. Foreign patients are accompanied by an interpreter and personal coordinator.

Booking Health Service


Booking Health takes care of all organizational issues:

  • We select the right medical program for you
  • Analyze and translate your medical history
  • Book treatment at the best German clinic
  • Book flight tickets and  a hotel room for you
  • Provide you with a personal coordinator and an interpreter
  • If necessary, we organize additional consultations and procedures for you
  • Control the accuracy of the treatment`s cost
  • Insure your medical tour


Use this rating to choose the best treatment place, and you will enjoy your speedy recover in the comforts and care of an ultramodern German clinic!


Author: Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova



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