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The cost of treatment in Germany

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The last update on the medical services cost: April 2024.

It is no surprise that more and more people are going to Germany for treatment. This country invests immense funds in the development of medicine. Germany ranks third in the world among the countries with the highest life expectancy and this is a direct merit of the country’s healthcare system.


  1. Check up
  2. Oncology and Hematology
  3. Orthopedics
  4. Ophthalmology
  5. Cardiac Surgery
  6. General surgery
  7. Neurology and neurosurgery
  8. Gynecology and obstetrics
  9. Urology
  10. Otolaryngology
  11. Rehabilitation
  12. Why is it beneficial to undergo treatment in Germany?
  13. Here are some of the hospitals where you can undergo treatment


The cost of medical treatment in Germany depends on many factors. These include: 

  • Your diagnosis;
  • List of necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures;
  • Duration of the hospital stay;
  • Presence of some concomitant pathology, which also requires treatment;
  • Status of the attending physician;
  • Number of medical professionals involved in the therapeutic or diagnostic process;
  • The comfort level of the patient room;
  • Accompanying the person and the need for his/her accommodation in the patient room.

The list below shows an estimated cost of treatment for different diseases. It is preliminary. To find out the exact price for each procedure or for the treatment of a specific disease, please send us the request for treatment.

Check prices

Check-up, average prices


Oncology and Hematology, average prices


Check prices

Orthopedics, average prices


Ophthalmology, average prices


Cardiac Surgery, average prices


Check prices

General surgery, average prices


Neurology and neurosurgery, average prices


Gynecology and obstetrics, average prices


Check prices

Urology, average prices


Otolaryngology, average prices


Rehabilitation, average prices


Check prices

Why is it beneficial to undergo treatment in Germany?


In general, treatment in Germany is more expensive than in most developing countries.This is not surprising, because with better medical services always comes a higher price to pay.

However, the price difference is not as large as some patients think and this is why:

  • The price of a single diagnostic or treatment procedure in Germany is higher than in most developing countries. However, the cost of medical treatment in Germany cannot be much higher or even lower, because German doctors strictly comply with the protocols. They do not prescribe unnecessary tests, drugs, or medical manipulations.
  • Different hospitals in poorly developed healthcare systems usually offer completely different prices. In Germany, pricing in medicine is regulated by government agencies, namely the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Medical Association. In this country, you do not need to overpay only for great reputability or good geographical location of the medical center.
  • Some countries set one treatment price for their patients, but for medical tourists, the cost is escalated. It is not customary for Germany to increase treatment costs for foreign citizens. The country regulates all prices at the legislative level. They are the same for both local and foreign patients.
  • When you undergo treatment in your country, you can do so at a low treatment price. However, eventually, you will have more and more expenses. In Germany, everything is different. The initial price seems to be high, but it does not increase anymore. Moreover, you pay for the treatment with a margin of about 20% and this money will be refunded to you upon therapy completion. If you use the services of the Booking Health company, you will also have insurance against all unforeseen medical expenses with a total cost of up to 200,000 €.

Thus, the total cost of treatment in Germany is not much higher than the cost of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures in developing countries. However, the quality of treatment is very different.

Here are some of the hospitals where you can undergo treatment 


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