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7 reasons to trust to the rating of clinics on the Booking Health portal

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Booking Health is the world's only specialized, TÜV-certified medical tourism company with ISO 9001: 2015 certification. Our goal is to make your treatment abroad easy and affordable. The official website of the company was created for this purpose. Our website contains objective and structured information about all the world's leading clinics. We support the patient in choosing the most appropriate medical institution, where he can receive necessary help. The best reward for Booking Health is grateful reviews from people, who have already restored their health and returned to normal life due to a competent choice of the hospital and treatment program.



1. Strict selection criteria. It is not easy to become a part of our website

Every day representatives of clinics contact us in order to put information about their healthcare institutions on our portal. This is quite natural, as the Booking Health website is the largest portal daily visited by thousands of international patients. Foreigners contact mainly those hospitals, whose detailed profiles can be found here.

Our work starts with studying the official documents. As a rule, our experts take into consideration the following aspects: local and international certificates, awards, percentage of successful interventions, doctors' qualifications, etc. If the institution's level fully meets our quality criteria, we proceed to the next stage – personal verification of the information.

In case the results of the inspection reveal insufficient quality of work and service, we give advice on improving the situation. Healthy competition forces clinics to work better. After the elimination of all shortcomings administration of the clinic has the right to submit an application with the updated information again.

2. Check and re-check: we confirm the veracity of data personally

The advertising booklets are the most accessible source of information for patients. Medical institutions produce paper brochures in different languages and distribute them on the Internet in electronic form. Of course, the most attractive facts and advantages are listed in these booklets. Deficits and possible risks remain behind the scenes.

When we add a new clinic on the website, we use objective facts, but not commercials. On the other hand, such commercials are also useful, for example, for preliminary acquaintance with doctors and the atmosphere in the medical institution. Our employees personally visit outpatient and inpatient facilities, and get acquainted with personnel, laboratory and surgical rooms equipment, patient rooms, etc.

We also control prices for treatment of international patients – the tariffs should be the same, as for citizens of the country. If the hospital works with international insurance companies, we specify insurance policy working conditions and the list of allowed procedures.

3. We don’t have any "favorites": only clinics with the best results occupy first places.

The Booking Health website allows the patient to select hospitals by such important criteria as specialization, level of prices, the city, etc. It is important that the most appropriate institutions are on the top lines of search results. Advertising is not used on the portal of Booking Health, the quality of medical care is our main priority.

We constantly add new information about medical staff, upgrading equipment, or opening new departments. International ratings are compiled annually, and we carefully monitor the changes. The hospital, which leads in neurosurgery this year, may switch to the top-list of specialized oncological institutions next year.

If we understand that the quality of medical services has decreased, the clinic’s profile on the Booking Health portal is blocked. We also remove from the website medical institutions, which provide us with incorrect data. We communicate with our patients constantly. They tell us about the treatment process in detail and give feedback based on personal experience.

4. All information on the website is checked or even written by doctors

Hospital websites are mostly designed by advertising department employees because it is useful for marketing reasons. Hundreds of bright pages on the Internet promise profitable conditions and incredible results. The portal Booking Health provides more professional and concise information. We don’t have any advertising, because our task is to provide objective data for you and not to persuade you of choosing a particular clinic.

Information for the Booking Health website is collected and processed by a competent team with medical education. The articles about the hospital’s specialization, treatment methods, and equipment are compulsorily checked by the doctors of certain medical specialties. It is highly unlikely that the urologist is as aware of the specifics of brain surgery as the neurosurgeon is.

When our specialists describe the innovative techniques and professors' personal developments, they preliminary explore the details in personal correspondence or during hospital visit. You see only the final result of long and meticulous work on our website.

7 reasons why you should rely on the descriptions of clinics on the Booking Health website


5. We show the whole picture: from the geographic position to the surgical equipment

Besides choosing a clinic, the company Booking Health provides comprehensive organization of the trip and treatment abroad. That is why, we take into account all the factors, even non-medical ones. Often it allows you to save money and make trips more comfortable.

For example, we certainly mention the city, where the medical institution is located. If there is an airport nearby, it will facilitate the transportation of seriously ill patients and will help you to save money on transfer from the airport to the hospital. If patients have relatives or close friends in the country, they will try to choose the nearest hospital.

The information about sights and interesting events will be useful for patients, who are planning a trip for the preventive examination or simple conservative therapy. Some patients intentionally choose another hospital every time, because they want to get acquainted with another city or country.

6. Simplicity of information: you just need to study and make a decision

It is difficult for people without medical education to understand the methodology of examination or treatment. Especially when we are talking about the state-of-art technologies, which are not available in all countries of the world. Most international patients are looking for exactly such options abroad because the native country’s medicine can’t offer any other possibility.

On the website of the company Booking Health medical peculiarities are explained in simple words. We don’t miss any complex details but make them understandable for you. There is a description of the main therapeutic techniques in each program. If you want to study any issue in greater detail, please, visit our blog. There are regularly published thematic articles about the latest pharmaceutical developments, new surgical techniques, and perspective results of clinical trials there.

7. Systematization of the information: comparison is a part of the choice

During the last 10 years, medical tourism has become a widespread phenomenon in countries with a developed healthcare system. Thousands of clinics invite international patients for treatment, offering them assistance in getting visas and the most comfortable conditions. Now the main difficulty consists not in the trip abroad itself but in the correct choice of the medical institution.

Descriptions of hospitals on the Booking Health portal are made logically; they can be easily compared. For example, you can select all hospitals that offer therapy for a particular disease. After that, you can choose a convenient country and city and start comparing prices. It is also worth assessing the doctors' qualifications, which are described in detail in the "Resume" section.

Otherwise, you can start searching for a particular technique. For example, you may select the institutions, where both Gamma Knife and Cyberknife are available. After that, you may just compare the convenience of geographic location, levels of medical institutions, and prices. You decide what is more important for you and make your own choice.

What should I do if I have additional questions?

The international portal Booking Health is a space for comfortable exploring of clinic descriptions and treatment methods. If you feel confident, you can choose the medical program by yourself. If the situation is not typical and requires an individual approach, you should better contact the company's specialists for more detailed consultation.

You can send the request just right here, on the official portal of Booking Health. If you attach to it the results of already conducted examinations, our doctor will select a more specialized clinic for you. Naturally, some medical institutions are more competent in medicamentous therapy, other clinics perform brilliant surgical operations, and the third ones are considered to be postoperative rehabilitation professionals. Our doctors give you recommendations according to official data and personal practical experience.

In addition to choosing the clinic, the specialists of Booking Health will help you with the following aspects:

  • Booking an appointment on the desirable date, including urgent admission
  • Receiving an invitation for treatment to quickly get a medical visa
  • Receiving a preliminary plan of examination or therapy from the clinic
  • Assistance with the organization of flights, transfer from the airport, accommodation, etc.

Furthermore, we also take care about:

  • Services of the interpreter or a personal coordinator
  • Health insurance against complications covering up to 200,000 euros
  • Translation of medical reports and recommendations
  • Control of the financial aspects
  • Your subsequent communication with the treating physician, including remote consultations with the help of a unique medical document management system E-doc


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Authors: Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova, Dr. Sergey Pashchenko


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