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Alternative treatments of oncological diseases in Germany

19.10.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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Cancer treatment usually involves the use of conventional techniques that have proven their effectiveness in the clinical trials. These include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, as well as targeted therapy, immunotherapy and other progressive directions of oncology. Nevertheless, in some cases patients need alternative...

Abdominoplasty in Germany

12.10.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery that pursues an aesthetic purpose. It allows a person to improve the appearance. The surgery restores aesthetic proportions of the abdomen, removes excess skin and subcutane ous fat. When performing this surgery, German surgeons ensure the best possible quality and safety. 

Process of pain syndrome treatment in German hospitals

10.10.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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Pain is the most frequent symptoms in the world observed in thousands of different diseases. Acute pain is unpleasant, and even agonizing. But much more trouble brings chronic pain. Not in all cases it threatens patient’s life, but it always reduces its quality. Chronic pain can have different location and origin. Therefore, it is treated...

Weight loss: slimming in Germany

09.10.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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Excessive weight and obesity worsen the appearance of a person, restricting his/her physical and social activities, and in addition, cause severe illnesses. The increase in body fat is one of the main causes of type 2 diabetes. Excessive weight several times increases the risk of heart diseases, atherosclerosis, cholelithiasis, joint diseases. 

Facelifting (Tuck-up surgery) in Germany

08.10.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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Facelifting is a surgery aimed at smoothing wrinkles and folds in order to improve a person's appearance. It is usually performed at the age of 40-60 years. Surgery brings the best results exactly at this age, allowing effectively hide the signs ageing. If necessary, it is possible to re-perform the surgery after 5-15 years.

Mammology (Breast care) in Germany

05.10.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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Mammology is one of the medicine branches dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of the female mammary glands pathologies. Mammary gland cancer or breast cancer is the most dangerous diagnosis inthis group. Breast cancer is top malignant oncological neoplasm in women in the prosperous countries. 

Treatment of tumors cyber-knife in Germany

04.10.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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Tumors of intracranial location poorly respond to treatment. Classic surgical intervention doesn’t always allow complete removal of the neoplasm. Sometimes, the surgery is associated with the considerable trauma to the brain, which results in the neurological deficiency. Speech, mobility, intelligence suffer along with other...

A new drug for the treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy has been approved in the EU

02.10.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment

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A ground breaking drug with the clinically proven effect has been registered in the European Union. The medicine is free to use to cure any type and stage of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This remedy was developed by the Ionis Pharmaceuticals and has been being used since 2016 in the USA. Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a group...

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