Ways to slow Parkinson’s disease progression

Ways to slow Parkinson’s disease progression

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Statistic data says about 1 million people suffer from Parkinson’s disease in the USA alone. The number reaches about 10 million around the globe. This neurodegenerative disease affects brain cells that release dopamine which is a neurotransmitter. Cells are destroyed by apoptosis without a chance of recovery.

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Statistic data says about 1 million people suffer from Parkinson’s disease in the USA alone. The number reaches about 10 million around the globe. This neurodegenerative disease affects brain cells that release dopamine which is a neurotransmitter. Cells are destroyed by apoptosis without a chance of recovery. Unfortunately, there is no cure for neurodegenerative processes yet. But modern technology allows, if not to restore the loss of health, but at least slow down the progression of the disease.


  1. Innovations in Parkinson’s disease treatment
  2. Benefits of Parkinson’s disease treatment in Germany
  3. Arranging treatment in Germany


Treatment of Parkinson’s disease in Germany


Innovations in Parkinson’s disease treatment


Scientists from all over the world make an active contribution to the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Constantly there are new developments, carrying out qualitative diagnostics and treatment of this disease.

New MAO-B (Monoamine oxidase B inhibitor) has been invented. Inhibitor is used for the reduction of symptoms. Medication has a more expressed and selective action if compared to the MAO inhibitors of the previous generation. Drug was developed on the basis of the Technion Institute.

InSigntec is a device for the physiotherapeutic treatment of Parkinson. The device influences the affected areas of the brain with the help of focused ultrasonic waves. Clinical research results in Japan, Canada, Switzerland and the US suggest a highly effective treatment method. Now the device is being tested by the FDA.

Brainsway is a device for the physiotherapy of the manifestations of Parkinson's disease. It  uses magnetic stimulation of the brain through the bones of the skull (transcranially). Magnetic therapy can reduce the tremor in patients. The effect occurs right after the first session. Studies conducted on the patients during the 30 days treatment course gave an excellent result.

Non-invasive diagnostics. The development of EIMidA determines the location of neurodegenerative foci, and also maps the active zones of the brain. The procedure is carried out within 15-30 minutes. Scanning information is higher than using standard diagnostic methods.

The image impact. The methodology was presented in 2010. It was found that the use of a controlled image leads to a decrease of tremor until its complete cessation. This experiment has become unprecedented in the treatment of Parkinsonism, since it does not require the use of medicines.

NurOwn. Researchers from the Hadassah Medical Centre, together with doctors from the University of Jerusalem conducted a study using stem cells from the bone marrow of the patients to treat Parkinson's disease. During the experiment, it was found that the use of autologous stem cells can stop the progression of neurodegenerative diseases.

Discovery of a protective protein for the brain. Researchers at the Baylison Hospital discovered a protein that could protect dopamine-producing neurons about a year ago. It was also found that when the protein mutated, the risk of developing neurodegenerative processes increases dramatically. The discovery can serve as the beginning of a new approach to drug therapy of Parkinson, based on the replacement of this compound.

Use of genetic vectors.  DNA molecules containing special genes are introduced into the subthalamic nucleus (brain structure) of the patient. They are responsible for the formation of glutamate decarboxylase. Strengthened production of this enzyme can reduce the activity of the subthalamic nucleus and reduce the symptoms of pathology.

"PD01" vaccine. So far, clinical trials are on their way. The mechanism of action is based on increasing the production of antibodies to α-synuclein. Reducing the formation of this substance helps to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.



Benefits of Parkinson’s disease treatment in Germany


Most patients receive only symptomatic medication therapy that improves the patient’s life quality. But a lasting result can only be achieved with the help of radical or conservative innovative methods of treatment. German doctors have made significant progress in the therapy of Parkinson's disease.

The main advantages of treating the disease in Germany are:

  • Efficiency and safety of the disease surgical treatment. A steady improvement after the thalamotomy procedure in Germany can be achieved in 97% of patients, while the risk of irreversible complications is no more than 10-15%. Hospitals in the developing countries present fewer efficacies and a higher risk of sustained disorders after the surgery.
  • Use of modern surgical procedures.  Neurostimulation of the brain is used in Germany. The patient is implanted electrodes directly into the brain. The stimulant is located under the clavicle. It is important to use quality stimulants and install them in good hospitals to avoid breakage of the device or the displacement of electrodes after surgery.
  • Use of modern non-surgical treatment techniques. If there are new ways of treating any diseases in the world, then it is most likely to be introduced in medically advanced, first world countries. Germany is definitely among them. Here, the latest achievements of world healthcare are used, as well as own research aimed at finding more effective methods of treating Parkinson's disease.

Arranging treatment in Germany


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Authors: Dr. Nadezhda IvanisovaAlexandra Solovey


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