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Top 10 Best German Hospitals

24.02.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Hospitals rankings

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Why is treatment in German hospitals so popular among medical tourists? Which hospital is the best? How to choose the right one and how to start treatment in Germany? For our readers, we have prepared a list of the best hospitals in Germany along with recommendations on choosing the hospital that is absolutely right for...

Medical tourism: mainstream surgeries and manipulations

03.02.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Hospitals rankings

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Medical tourism is a sector of an economic activity that is developing rapidly in the recent years. Number of patients who referred to foreign clinics for help is also growing steadily. No wonder, as the medical treatment overseas means reliability, quality and competitive prices, which is not the last thing during the crisis.

Top 10 trendy healthcare services in the world

18.01.2017 | from Booking Heallth GmbH | Hospitals rankings

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Medical tourism is one of the most popular kinds of world tourism. Foreign medicine doesn’t stay in one place; it develops in leaps and bounds. The international market offers a wide range of services: from the simplest therapeutic procedures to the most complex surgeries. An opinion exists that only very wealthy people are able ...

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