Benefits and Features of Germany Health care in the World Arena

Benefits and Features of Germany Health care in the World Arena

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Medicine is developing at a rapid pace throughout the world. Many incurable illnesses are now cured. New treatment techniques are implemented to help ...

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Medicine is developing at a rapid pace throughout the world. Many incurable illnesses are now cured. New treatment techniques are implemented to help to identify pathological processes at the initial stage. Patients lives can be prolonged thanks to newly elaborated therapeutic approaches. However, level of healthcare differs from place to place. Care standards are the most advanced in the countries with the high economic growth and considerable financial investments into the healthcare system. Over there, a person will have greater chance of successful treatment. Those are the countries where the majority of people haveadequate financial resourcesto get treatment.


  1. Healthcare in Germany
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Healthcare in Germany


Medicine in Germany is very well-developed. It has two sources of funding: state and insurance companies. Every year, Germany spends more than 300 billion Euros on its healthcare system.

According to the WHO statement, each country should spend 7% of their GDP on medicine. Many countries spend only 2-5% of GDP on healthcare. Germany has this index much higher from what WHO has recommended and stands at about 11% of the country's GDP.

Medicine is on the rise in this country and this attracts patients from all over the world. Basic directions of medical travel are:

All the rest of the branches are also at a high level. Here, one can receive quality treatment that will not be available in most other countries.


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Benefits and Features of Germany Health care

Benefits of Treatment in Germany


A person seeking medical help can get some medical attention at the place of their residency. But he or she might also travel to Germany to get treatment which requires significant financial expenses. However, most people realize that health is above wealth.

Here are the main advantages of treatment in Germany:

1. Precise diagnostics.

Majority of hospitals in Germany are equipped with the latest technology. They are not going to do an X-ray using a device that is 40 years old. A kidney stone or oncological process at its beginning stage won’t be missed because the ultrasonic device is obsolete and doesn’t recognize formations less than 0, 5 cm in size.

Advanced research techniques are available in Germany. All the diagnostic procedures are performed using expert class devices and it gives a chance to:

  • Increase the diagnostics precision
  • Identify many illnesses at the beginning stages
  • Reduce the radiation dose while performing radiological procedures
  • Decrease the risk of complications while doing invasive diagnostic procedures

2. High efficiency of the treatment.

Doctors in Germany work according to brand-new standards of care. They apply modern medications, treatments, and surgeries. Besides, only high-grade therapeutic equipment is used which can be afforded only in the hospitals of economically prosperous countries.

Those who receive care in Germany have more chances to get better. If the illness is incurable, a competently selected therapy scheme will allow compensating the pathology, turning it into the remission stage, and lengthening the patient's life for as long as possible. Meanwhile, German specialists try not only to prolong patient’s lives but also to improve their quality.

3. Availability of new therapeutic techniques.

New therapeutic techniques appear in the developed countries before they will be seen by the rest of the world. Germany, as one of the advanced countries in the perspective of healthcare development, gives its citizens and visiting patients a chance to use the latest achievements in medical science.

More and more effective ways of treatment of multiple diseases appear every year. All of them are available in Germany almost immediately, right after they have proven their efficiency in the clinical trials. At the same time, the same techniques appear in the developing countries only years after they have been invented.

4. Pain-free therapy.

Doctors in some of the still developing countries keep on “cutting to the quick”. They are mainly representatives of the old school – doctors with 25-30 years of practice. In Germany, as well as in many other prosperous countries, doctors follow the “pain-free therapy” principle. That’s why, while performing diagnostic and treatment manipulations in German hospitals,  patients feel minimum pain.

They also implement advanced anesthesia techniques. Preference is always given to the low invasive operations which are carried out with minimal traumato human body tissues.  During the postoperative period patients receive adequate doses of painkillers.

5. Best specialists in the medical field.

The German education system is perfectly formed. Unlike many other countries there are no students of medical schools who will find a job without attending classes and then bribing instructors for the final exams. Competition in German medical schools is very high. Therefore, only truly motivated people with high intellectual abilities enter the school.

Financial well-being of the country and doctors' high salaries attract the best worldwide professionals to come to  Germany. They go there to lead their practice and do scientific research. Thus, Germany has the best medical employees which is another reason for the great popularity of this medical tourism direction.

6. Doctors’ responsibility for the results of the treatment.

Patients’ quality treatment is a goal of any German doctor. Each hospital has a statistics where a number of indicators are included such as therapy effectiveness, patient’s mortality and morbidity rates etc. They try to minimize all the negative statistics as they give a bad reputation to the medical facility.

A doctor may get a lawsuit for any mistake in his practice. He would,at best,lose a large amount of money, if found guilty. At worst, he might lose his medical license allowing to practice.

Personal responsibility and necessity of maintaining good statistics in the hospital make the doctors choose only the most effective and most safe treatment methods. A German specialist is motivated by his patient achieving best possible results from the received treatment.

7. High standard of comfort.

In Germany a patient feels like at home. High comfort standards, plenty of attention, and friendly attitude of the personnel – any person can get all these while getting treatment in the country.

All treatment and diagnostic procedures are performed by appointment which excludes waiting in the lines. German doctors do everything possible to make treatment course not only effective but also as comfortable as they can.

Because of the above mentioned benefits, tens of thousands of medical tourists from around the world visit hospitals in Germany annually. They have much better results of treatment than they could get at the place of their residency. You can find a list of highly qualified German hospitals on the Booking Health website.


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The article was edited by medical experts, board certified doctors Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova and Dr. Farrukh Ahmed. For the treatment of the conditions referred to in the article, you must consult a doctor; the information in the article is not intended for self-medication!



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