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University Hospital Heidelberg

location_onGermany, Heidelberg
According to the Focus magazine, the University Hospital Heidelberg ranks among the top five hospitals in Germany! The hospital is one of the most advanced and reputable medical institutions not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. There are more than 43 specialized departments and 13 medical institutes, which cover all field

Amount of beds available: 1930
Inpatients yearly: 65000
Outpatients yearly: 1100000

Charite University Hospital Berlin

location_onGermany, Berlin
According to the authoritative Focus magazine, the Charite University Hospital Berlin occupies the first place in the rating of the top German medical facilities! The hospital is one of the largest and leading university medical complexes in Europe. The hospital in Germany provides modern diagnostics and treatment of patients, a

Amount of beds available: 3001
Inpatients yearly: 152693
Outpatients yearly: 692920

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University Hospital Frankfurt am Main

location_onGermany, Frankfurt am Main
According to the reputable Focus magazine, the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main ranks among the top German medical facilities! The hospital was founded in 1914 and today is a well-known German medical facility, which combines rich traditions and scientific innovations. A medical team of more than 6,500 employees cares about

Amount of beds available: 1488
Inpatients yearly: 51112
Outpatients yearly: 447939

University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

location_onGermany, Munich
According to the Focus magazine, the University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is regularly ranked among the best medical institutions in Germany! The hospital is the largest multidisciplinary medical facility, as well as a leading research and training center in Germany and Europe. The hospital is proud of i

Amount of beds available: 2058
Inpatients yearly: 81123
Outpatients yearly: 431302

University Hospital Oldenburg

location_onGermany, Oldenburg
According to the Focus magazine, the University Hospital Oldenburg ranks among the best medical facilities in Germany! The hospital offers a wide range of medical services that meet the highest medical standards. The hospital has 832 beds. The medical facility annually serves 37,000 patients on an inpatient and partially inpatie

Amount of beds available: 832
Inpatients yearly: 37000
Outpatients yearly: 95000

University Hospital Duesseldorf

location_onGermany, Duesseldorf
According to the authoritative Focus magazine, the University Hospital Duesseldorf ranks among the top Germany hospitals! The hospital is an excellent example of a combination of high-quality health care, research and teaching activities. With more than 50,000 inpatients and about 300,000 outpatients every year, the hospital is

Amount of beds available: 1298
Inpatients yearly: 50000
Outpatients yearly: 300000

University Hospital Erlangen

location_onGermany, Erlangen
According to the Focus magazine, the University Hospital Erlangen ranks among the top German medical facilities! The hospital is one of the leading medical facilities in Bavaria and offers the highest level of medical care, which is characterized by the close intertwining of clinical activities with research and training of medi

Amount of beds available: 1394
Inpatients yearly: 65395
Outpatients yearly: 526883

University Hospital Tuebingen

location_onGermany, Tuebingen
According to the prestigious medical publication Focus, the University Hospital Tuebingen ranks among the top five German hospitals! The hospital was founded in 1805, therefore it is proud of its long history, unique experience, and outstanding achievements in the field of medical care, as well as research and teaching activitie

Amount of beds available: 1511
Inpatients yearly: 60320
Outpatients yearly: 327581

University Hospital Würzburg

location_onGermany, Würzburg
According to the Focus magazine in 2019, the University Hospital Würzburg ranks among the top national German hospitals! The hospital is one of the oldest medical facilities in Germany. The centuries-old traditions of first-class treatment are combined with the very latest achievements of modern evidence-based medicine and

Amount of beds available: 1433
Inpatients yearly: 58
Outpatients yearly: 241

University Hospital RWTH Aachen

location_onGermany, Aachen
According to the prestigious Focus magazine, the University Hospital RWTH Aachen ranks among the top German hospitals! As a maximum care university medical facility, the hospital guarantees patients first-class medical services combined with a respectful and human attitude. The hospital integrates all the modern options for the

Amount of beds available: 1282
Inpatients yearly: 45736
Outpatients yearly: 111119

University Hospital Muenster

location_onGermany, Muenster
According to the Focus magazine, the University Hospital Muenster ranks among the top German hospitals! The hospital belongs to the most prestigious medical institutions in Germany. The hospital is distinguished by a high professionalism of its doctors, state-of-the-art technological equipment and the availability of the most ad

Amount of beds available: 1500
Inpatients yearly: 64000
Outpatients yearly: 500000

University Hospital Ulm

location_onGermany, Ulm
The University Hospital Ulm started its activities 35 years ago and during this time it has become one of the most prestigious medical institutions in Europe. The hospital is famous for its numerous discoveries and the world-class achievements in medicine and pharmaceuticals. The medical facility has 29 specialized departments a

Amount of beds available: 1139
Inpatients yearly: 50000
Outpatients yearly: 300000

University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich

location_onGermany, Munich
According to the prestigious FOCUS magazine, the University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich ranks among the Germany's top medical institutions! Founded in 1834, the hospital combines long traditions and the very latest achievements of modern medicine. The medical facility includes 33 specialized departments, 20 interdiscipli

Amount of beds available: 1161
Inpatients yearly: 60000
Outpatients yearly: 250000

Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Godeshöhe Bonn

location_onGermany, Bonn
Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Godeshöhe in Bonn has more than 30 years of experience in the neurological rehabilitation area and it is one of the largest and most competent rehabilitation centers in Germany. The clinic offers a lot of opportunities in the neurological rehabilitation area - inpatient and outpatient, at

University Hospital Mannheim

location_onGermany, Mannheim
According to the reputable Focus magazine, the University Hospital Mannheim ranks among the top medical institutions of Germany, which is an undeniable confirmation of the impeccable medical care and excellent reputation of the hospital! The hospital is a high-tech modern medical institution, which provides accurate diagnosis an

Amount of beds available: 1352
Inpatients yearly: 76000
Outpatients yearly: 210000

University Hospital Saarland Homburg

location_onGermany, Homburg
The University Hospital Saarland is the largest hospital in the city of Homburg and the most important medical facility in the region. The hospital, which currently has 30 specialized departments and 20 institutes, was founded in 1947 and operates on the basis of the Saarland University. The hospital plays a leading role in medi

Amount of beds available: 1297
Inpatients yearly: 50000
Outpatients yearly: 200000

Hundreds of thousands of foreign patients are examined and treated in Germany annually. People from all over the world come here in search of better medical care compared with the one, which doctors in their home country can offer them. Biggest hospitals in Germany are ready to admit any person who is able to pay for their services. The costs of treatment in Germany are higher than in most other countries, but health is much more important than money, so the relatively high costs of treatment do not become an obstacle for foreign tourists.

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

The German healthcare system ranks among the best in the world. It is one of the five countries in the world, which carry out the greatest number of clinical trials. Both state university and local German hospitals in Germany receive generous funding from the government. The investments in medical care in this country exceed 11% of GDP. The German government spends more than 300 billion euros for health care annually.

Therefore, health care has outstanding results. The foreign patients receive high quality medical care here. The high treatment effectiveness in German hospitals is confirmed even by the fact that this country ranks first in Europe in terms of human life expectancy.

The medical treatment in Germany has the following advantages:

  • Highly qualified doctors.
  • Standardized approaches for the provision of medical care.
  • Excellent equipment in most German hospitals.
  • High diagnostic accuracy.
  • The availability of modern treatment methods, which are limited in other countries.
  • Continuous development and implementation of innovations, which allow to achieve significant treatment success in even the most serious diseases.
  • High-quality postoperative care and rehabilitation.
  • Comfortable living conditions for patients.
  • Well-performed anesthesia and symptomatic treatment.

German doctors strive to provide the best possible benefits for the patient's health using minimally traumatic techniques. Therefore, any hospital always gives preference to organ-sparing operations. Most surgical interventions are performed using laparoscopic, endoscopic, thoracoscopic access in order to reduce operational risks, alleviate patient's condition after surgery and facilitate the recovery.

When undergoing treatment in Germany, medical tourists can rely on the use of modern medical procedures and drugs. Optionally, one can take part in clinical trials, which are constantly carried out at the university medical centers. This makes it possible to use the very latest achievements of German medicine.

The main fields of medical treatment in Germany

Of course, foreign patients do not undergo medical treatment in German hospitals in the case of acute respiratory infections or hypertension. First of all, people with serious diseases and people who cannot rely on sufficiently high-quality medical care in their home country turn to German medical centers. Also, medical tourists come to German hospitals for better diagnostics.

The following popular medical fields are in demand among foreign patients:

  • Joint replacement surgery.
  • Cancer treatment.
  • Surgery for urological diseases: urinary tract anomalies, prostate adenoma.
  • Neurosurgical operations.
  • Spinal surgery.
  • Neurological diseases.
  • Heart surgery (coronary artery disease, heart defects, arrhythmias).

Thus, when diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, especially if high-tech equipment and the best doctors in the world are required for well-performed medical care, most patients want to undergo treatment in German hospitals.

The medical tourists often come for preventive examination. The local clinics offer check-up programs for the assessment of various organs and systems. The modern diagnostic techniques can detect diseases at the initial stages. If they are detected, you can immediately undergo treatment in Germany.

Which hospitals can offer treatment in Germany?

The selection of the hospital depends on your problem. Different hospitals specialize in the treatment of different groups of diseases. It is also necessary to take into account the conditions of stay during the treatment abroad, the location of the hospital. An important factor for many people is the cost of treatment.

The Booking Health company can help you to choose the best medical clinic according to your disease or symptoms. It can be a highly specialized medical facility or a general hospital. Here are some examples from the full list of hospitals in Germany:

Charite University Hospital Berlin is one of the largest medical facilities in Europe. All medical fields are well developed here. The structure includes more than a hundred clinics, which are combined in 17 centers. More than 1 million patients are treated here annually. Many foreign citizens are among them. According to the Focus magazine, it is the best German diagnostic center, as well as the therapeutic one.

University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich regularly ranks among the TOP German hospitals. It is the largest Research Center. The medical facility has 29 departments and 11 institutes, as well as a large number of sections. 1,700 doctors and 3,200 nurses work here for the benefit of patients.

University Hospital Frankfurt am Main has been a leader in German medicine for over 100 years. It is a huge hospital, the total area of which exceeds the area of the historical center of the city where it is located. Neurosurgery, oncology, cardiology and cardiac surgery are best developed here.

How to get medical treatment in Germany?

If you appreciate German medicine, you can use the services of doctors in this country. The Booking Health company will organize your treatment in German hospitals. We offer the following benefits:

  • Selection of the best hospital for medical treatment abroad based on your case.
  • Establishment of communication directly with your attending physician.
  • Preparation of the diagnostic and treatment program.
  • Monitoring of the program.
  • Control of the cost of treatment and return of unspent funds upon the treatment program completion.
  • Assistance in buying and forwarding of medicines.
  • Communication with the hospital after treatment program completion.
  • Organization of additional medical procedures, if necessary.

What is the cost of medical treatment in Germany? It depends on the particular medical program. Anyway, the cost of treatment is reduced due to the absence of coefficients for foreign patients (saving up to 50%).

Does medical insurance cover treatment abroad? If you are a client of international insurance company, sometimes it is possible. Be sure to tell your medical advisor about the insurance type in order to clarify all the details in advance.

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