Mitral Valve Insufficiency (prolapse) — Annuloplasty With Carillon Mitral Contour System: treatment in the Best Hospitals of Germany

University Hospital RWTH Aachen

location_onGermany, Aachen

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

According to the Focus magazine, the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery ranks among the top medical facilities in the field of its ​​specialization! The department offers all options of modern surgery for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and thoracic organs. The department widely uses modern minimally invasive techniques, which are considered the gold standard of surgery. Since its founding in 1976, the department has performed more than 40,000 open heart interventions. The department's surgeons also have vast experience in the field of implantation of the artificial heart and mechanical heart support systems. All operations are carried out in strict accordance with the protocols of professional societies.

University Hospital Halle (Saale)

location_onGermany, Halle

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery covers the entire range of top-class medical services in this field. Special attention is paid to minimally invasive operations, which, along with the optimal functional result, ensure minimal traumatization, fast recovery and the absence of a cosmetic defect. The optimal type of therapy is selected in collaboration with the specialists from all the necessary related disciplines and adapts to the specific clinical indications of the patient.

Hospital Kassel

location_onGermany, Kassel

Department of Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery offers the full range of open and minimally invasive heart and coronary artery surgical procedures. The department mostly performs coronary artery bypass grafting, heart valve repair and replacement, surgery to correct congenital heart defects in adults, interventions to implant left and right ventricular assist devices in the case of advanced types of heart failure, as well as combined interventions. In addition, the department successfully performs extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, which involves the use of an artificial heart and lung to temporarily maintain the patient's life and the functioning of his body when a person's own heart and/or lungs cannot function normally due to the pathological changes. The procedure is performed in both adults and children from 1 year old with severe respiratory failure. Both state-of-the-art medical equipment and long experience of the department's cardiac surgeons enable them to perform most heart operations using minimally invasive techniques, without a thoracotomy and a heart-lung machine. Such an approach guarantees the patient a minimum risk of complications during or after surgery, reduced hospitalization period and speedy recovery after surgery. The treatment success rates demonstrated by the department are registered by the Federal Office of Quality Assurance (BQS). With a low mortality rate and postoperative complications, the medical facility ranks third among Heart Surgery Clinics in Germany.

German Heart Center Munich

location_onGermany, Munich

Department of Cardiac Surgery

The Department of Cardiac Surgery offers the full range of surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The department is recognized as the leading medical facility specializing in the treatment of acquired heart diseases. The department's surgeons perform about 2,600 cardiac surgeries annually. All the operations are carried out in modern operating rooms, equipped with the advanced equipment and high-precision monitoring systems. Sparing minimally invasive techniques are widely used in clinical practice. Also, some operations are performed without the use of a heart-lung machine.

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