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Terms of Service

Last updated: Januery 15, 2024


General Terms and Conditions


We kindly ask that you read the following General Terms and Conditions carefully. Our General Terms and Conditions supplement the contractual and legal regulations and regulate the legal relationships between the Customer and Booking Health GmbH.

1. Conclusion of the Contract

a) All offers by Booking Health GmbH shall be non-binding. Contracts are concluded between the customer and the Booking Health GmbH or a certified cooperation partner such as the Medexpert Consulting GmbH. A contract shall only be binding when the contract form has been signed or the medical care program price invoiced to the Customer has been paid. Binding agreements on deadlines for the start of treatment shall only be made after the Contract has been concluded between Booking Health GmbH and the Hospital.

b) The contract-related communication shall usually be by email in unencrypted form, and the Customer hereby agrees. The Customer shall inform Booking Health GmbH immediately of any changes to the email address and shall be responsible for regularly monitoring their email inbox.

c) The Treatment Contract shall only be concluded directly between the Customer and the Hospital.

2. Prices 

Unless otherwise agreed, the prices specified by Booking Health GmbH for medical care programs shall be package prices. The package prices offered include all services listed in the respective offer, including all consulting and related service costs of Booking Health GmbH. Booking Health GmbH does not receive any extra payments or fees from the hospitals listed on All prices indicated on shall be non-binding.

3. Hospital Selection 

The most suitable hospital for the treatment of the Customer shall be selected independently of the existing cooperation agreements between Booking Health GmbH and hospitals. The hospital shall be selected exclusively on the basis of medical and quality criteria. The hospitals presented on shall not necessarily be in a contractual cooperation relationship with Booking Health GmbH.

4. Unused Services

If the Customer does not use particular duly offered services for their own reasons, they shall not receive a prorated refund of the package price.

5. Termination or Withdrawal

a) The Customer has the right to terminate the contract concluded with Booking Health GmbH if Booking Health GmbH culpably fails to fulfill contractual services. Before issuing a notice of termination, Booking Health GmbH shall be given a reasonable period of time to fulfill its contractual obligations. In the event of termination for a good cause, the amount of money already paid shall be refunded.

b) The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract with Booking Health GmbH before the start of the medical care program for a good cause. A good cause shall be, for example, a significant deterioration in the state of health or the rejection of a visa application through no fault of your own. The declaration of withdrawal shall be made in text form. At the request of Booking Health GmbH, proof of the existence of an important reason for contract withdrawal shall be submitted. In the event of visa refusal, a remonstration process shall be initiated. A visa refusal shall be considered the Customer's fault if the authorities express their justified suspicion that the Customer is not willing to return to their native country after the completion of treatment.

c) If the Customer effectively withdraws from the contract before the start of the medical care program, Booking Health GmbH loses the right to receive its contractually agreed remuneration. Instead, insofar as Booking Health GmbH is not responsible for the contract withdrawal or in the event of unavoidable, extraordinary circumstances, Booking GmbH may claim to receive an appropriate compensation for the services and expenses incurred up until the withdrawal, depending on the respective medical care program price. Booking Health GmbH has staggered this claim for compensation over time, i.e., based on the proximity of the time of contract withdrawal to the contractually agreed start of the medical care program as a percentage rate of the program price. After receipt of the declaration of withdrawal, the compensation will be calculated as follows:

  • up to 30 days before the start of the medical care program        20%  
  • from the 29th to the 15th day                                                            30%
  • from the 14th to the 7th day                                                              40%
  • from the 6th to the 3rd day                                                                50% 
  • from the 2nd to the day of the start of the medical care program  60%

Booking Health GmbH reserves the right to claim to receive a bigger specific compensation instead of the above flat rates, provided it can prove that higher expenses than the applicable flat rate have been incurred. In this case, Booking Health GmbH shall specifically calculate and substantiate the requested compensation, taking into account the expenses saved and any other use of the travel services.

6. Insurance against Follow-up Costs and Complications

In the event of concluding a contract with Booking Health GmbH, the Customer shall be insured against fatal complications that may occur as part of the booked medical care program (cases where liability and reimbursement shall be on Booking Health GmbH). Booking Health GmbH liability shall arise if, following a booked treatment, complications arise due to the treatment that make further medical care necessary. In this regard, a complication shall be available if there are objectively identifiable, unexpected, and fateful consequences of the booked treatment that necessitate medical treatment that goes beyond the Treatment Contract. Costs that arise as part of a standard follow-up treatment provided by the contract shall not be reimbursed. The consequences of a medical error shall not be considered a complication.

The prerequisite for reimbursement related to a complication shall be that the complication occurs within a period of 3 months after the completion of the booked treatment. Another requirement is that the complication shall be proven by a medical certificate. The reimbursement shall include the necessary treatment for the clinically indicated elimination of the fatal complication that has occurred. The amount of reimbursement shall be limited to a maximum of 200,000 EUR.