TOP 5 Orthopedic Hospitals in Germany

TOP 5 Orthopedic Hospitals in Germany

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Musculoskeletal system diseased are often characterized by a severe clinical course and can cause disability. Sometimes surgical treatment is the only way to solve the problem. Many patients prefer to be operated under the German healthcare system, due to the cautious precautionary measures applied generally among German... 

1. University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden

2. Charite University Hospital Berlin

3. Heidelberg University Hospital

4. University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich

5. Orthopedic Center Munich East Munich


Musculoskeletal system diseases are often characterized by a severe clinical course and can cause disability. Sometimes surgical treatment is the only way to solve the problem. Many patients prefer to be operated under the German healthcare system, due to the cautious precautionary measures applied generally among German based orthopedic surgeons when conducting surgery on the joints, bones and spine. The country has numerous good medical institutions where internationally recognized doctors perform effective surgeries to treat diseases relating to the musculoskeletal system. Here are some of the TOP 10 orthopedic hospitals in Germany according to FOCUS magazine and best orthopedic doctors in Germany. 

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden

Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden is considered the high care orthopedic clinic in Germany and covers all fields of modern medicine, including orthopedics and trauma surgery, which is one of the focuses of the medical center. The hospital offers a wide range of medical specialties. Here patients can receive both excellent quality treatment that meet international standards. 

The Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden ranks among the country’s top departments of 2017. It specializes in joint arthroplasty. Most often this surgery is required for patients with knee or hip arthrosis. The department is considered to be the Trauma Center of interregional importance and the maximum care Endoprosthetics Center. It has the best knee replacement surgeons in Germany.

Charite University Hospital Berlin

Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery

It is one of the most reputable medical institutions in Germany. All branches of medicine, including orthopedics, are well developed here. The Charite University Hospital performs a variety of clinical studies. In the treatment of patients the hospital uses its own developments. It is staffed by the best specialists. The hospital proudly boasts over 50% of all German Nobel Prize winners in medicine and physiology. 

The Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery at the Charite University Hospital specializes in the corresponding surgical procedures. The center comprises of three departments: Orthopedics, Trauma Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery. Here one can undergo joint replacement surgery, surgical treatment of diseases of the spine and pelvis, and abnormal bone fractures. The department offers well-developed neuro-orthopedic surgery for both adults and children. 

Heidelberg University Hospital

Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery

Heidelberg University Hospital is considered to be one of the oldest in Germany. Over centuries of its functioning, the hospital has not lost its status and authority. The medical center includes 44 specialized clinics and departments. It follows the motto “Healing through science” and that is the best reflection of the work ethics and atmosphere at the University Hospital.

The Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery comprises of two sections, whereas one of them deals with the treatment of patients with polytrauma.  Its proclaims a close interdisciplinary cooperation.  The second section specializes in orthopedics and paraplegiology (treatment of paralyses). The department performs joint replacement surgery, hand surgery, as well as provides treatment of cerebral palsy and oncological diseases. Particular attention is also paid to sports medicine. 

University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich

Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich closely cooperates with its research institutes, therefore doctors can introduce new treatment methods as they are discovered. It has gained great authority over the years. Every year more than 300,000 patients receive here treatment by the best orthopedic surgeons in Germany. The medical institution includes 33 specialized departments and clinics covering all medical focuses. 

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Orthopedics, Sports Medicine specializes in the treatment of patients suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The service spectrum ranges from surgical interventions up to rehabilitation. The specialists of the department perform joint replacement surgeries. The doctors perform surgeries to treat bone and soft tissue cancers, spinal cord injuries. The department also includes the Section of Pediatric Orthopedics specializing in the treatment of congenital and acquired diseases of the musculoskeletal system in children. 

Orthopedic Center Munich East

Department of Orthopedics and Pediatric Orthopedics

Orthopedic Center Munich East is located in Munich and is among the leading medical institutions specializing in orthopedics in Germany. It annually performs about 1,500 surgical procedures for the treatment of diseases of the joints, spine and pelvic bones. The doctors of the medical center specialize in minimally invasive surgery with the use of arthroscopy. There are also microsurgical interventions performed on the spine. 

The hospital consists of two departments: 

The Orthopedic Center offers a variety of diagnostic capabilities. It uses the most advanced X-ray diagnostic methods, MRI, ultrasound, 4D technologies applied for spinal imaging. 

Arrangement of Treatment of Orthopedic diseases in Germany 

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