Benefits of Orthopedics and Trauma Care in Germany

Benefits of Orthopedics and Trauma Care in Germany

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Despite scientific and technical progress, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and various injuries remain a widespread phenomena. According to the WHO, more than 1.5 million people died from injuries per year since the beginning of 2000, and the percentage of sports injuries is 5%. In this case, only those cases in which...

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Despite scientific and technical progress, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and various injuries remain a widespread phenomena. According to the WHO, more than 1.5 million people died from injuries per year since the beginning of 2000, and the percentage of sports injuries is 5%. In this case, only those cases in which patients received medical care were taken into account. Consequently, the actual prevalence of traumatic injuries is much higher.


  1. Benefits of treatment in Germany
  2. Hospitals to undergo treatment
  3. How to choose the hospital?

Benefits of treatment in Germany


Ongoing medical research is being conducted to improve the treatment of injuries, adding to  to the high level of German healthcare in general.

Here are the main advantages of therapy and course of rehabilitation in this country:

  • Doctors with worldly knowledge of people and medicine. Many practicing traumatologists and orthopedics have a good reputation worldwide. The qualification and experience of medical personnel in Germany is maintained at a high level, as German medical students are required to serve internships in a foreign country, gaining valuable experience of traumas and diseases worldwide. This keeps Germany at top of the list in the field of injuries caused by trauma, as well as other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Gentle methods. Doctors conduct interventions, focusing on preserving as much of the patient's tissues as possible. Since often injuries occur in the upper and lower limbs, such treatment is aimed at avoiding disability of the patient.
  • Low rates of disability. The number of people, who became disabled due to injuries, was reduced by almost 2 times over in the past decade in Germany. This is a direct consequence of the growing quality of medical services and willingness of doctors to do everything that is medically possible to ensure that patients have a good quality of life.
  • Cooperation of doctors with different specializations. Reconstructive surgery on the injury  may require a traumatologist to have a thorough knowledge and neurosurgical skills, especially if it is a spinal cord injury. When competent specialist doctors are consulted to treat the trauma, this significantly increases the patient's chances of restoring the specific functions of the nervous system and retaining the motor skills of the extremities.
  • An integrated approach. Orthopedics and traumatology are inextricably linked. Therefore, both orthopedists and traumatologists are competent both in one and the second field of medicine.
  • Endoscopic operations. Endoscopic and microsurgical interventions are widely used in Germany. They are highly accurate and minimally invasive, and therefore better tolerated by patients. Such operations allow doctors to work on different joint structures, providing a more accurate and effective impact on the source of the pathological process. This significantly shortens the rehabilitation period, because there are no large cuts.
  • Modern methods of anesthesia. Treatment should not only be effective, but ensure that the patient is always comfortable and pain free during and after surgery. The patient’s medical history, length of the operation and trauma is taken into account when administering drugs during anaesthesia in Germany. They are safe for the patient and at the same time are effective enough to reduce or eliminate high-intensity pain .
  • Application of bioinert implants. Artificial joint prosthetics are highly regarded in Germany. Today, special implants or other elements made of materials that do not interact with the tissues of the body are used as implants. Clinics in Germany usually use high-quality implants. They can serve the patient for decades without any replacement required, but this also depends on the nature of each medical case.
  • Modern surgeries. The latest methods of surgical interventions are developed and used in Germany. For example, stem cells are used to repair the cartilage of a damaged joint. This operation may become an alternative to endoprosthetics for some patients.
  • Early rehabilitation exercise. Special exercises that help develop motor skills and facilitate restoration to the injured body parts functions as early as possible. This approach leads to a positive result and shortens the rehabilitation period in general.
  • Reconstructive surgery of congenital joints defects. A number of problems associated with joint damage can be treated with the help of surgical interventions. However, it is not enough to restore the lost functions: the aesthetic of the patient’s appearance is also important. Reconstructive surgery is one of the well-developed branches of healthcare in Germany. Regularly research is conducted to develop modern methods of restoring lost functions and aesthetics.
  • High quality medical services. The most comfortable environment for the patients is a key to patient recovery in Germany, in addition to developing individual treatment regimens. Patients' rooms are comfortable and equipped with everything necessary, medical staff are polite and courteous. It is possible to individually compose a diet taking into account patient’s wishes, staying in the same ward of the accompanying person. Here everything is provided for in accordance with the smallest detail so that the patient can undergo recovery from surgery in a comfortable environment.


Orthopedics and Trauma Care in Germany

Hospitals to undergo treatment


There is a large number of hospitals that offer orthopedic or traumatology services, where you can undergo surgery and postoperative recovery.

These are some of the clinics for you to choose: 

In specialized German healthcare facilities patients undergo the examinations for making an accurate diagnosis, receive conservative and surgical treatment, and also improve the condition of the musculoskeletal system with the help of rehabilitation programs. The cost of medical programs depends on the diagnosis and treatment methods:

  1. Diagnostics and conservative treatment of hip arthrosis – from 3,010 EUR
  2. Bilateral hip replacement – from 24,700 EUR
  3. Diagnostics and conservative treatment of scoliosis – from 1,689 EUR
  4. Arthroscopic treatment of meniscus tear – from 5,012 EUR
  5. Musculoskeletal rehabilitation – from 478 EUR per day



How to choose the hospital?


Choosing a clinic is not an easy task for a patient. Choosing a medical institution, requires consideration of several basic criteria of whether:

  • The clinic has a well-equipped department of orthopedics and trauma care.
  • The main area of ​​ speciality is focused on treating your disease.
  • Cost of treatment should not be excessively high.
  • Availability of places means whether the clinic is ready to accept you in the very near future.

After choosing a clinic, you must file a request for the name of the head physician and wait for him to respond. Then it is necessary to receive an invitation, to issue a visa, to translate all medical documentation into German. Still you need to buy flight tickets, get to Germany, and then travel from the airport to the clinic. You will need an interpreter to communicate with the administration and medical specialists of the medical institution.

Organizing treatment in Germany may bring on more stress than you need. But all these concerns can be taken over by BookingHealth. We will select the appropriate clinic for you and help you save up to 70% of the total costs for diagnosis and treatment. Just leave a request on the web site, and our consultant will contact you in the nearest future.


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Authors: Dr. Nadezhda IvanisovaDr. Farrukh Ahmed


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