Treatment of joint diseases in Germany - effective techniques

Treatment of joint diseases in Germany - effective techniques

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Joint illnesses are considered to be among the most widespread in the world. 10-15% of the working class suffers from this illnesses all over the world. The frequency of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system increases with a person’s age. Approximately 30% of people are diagnosed with some kind of joint disease after...

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Joint illnesses are considered to be among the most widespread in the world. 10-15% of the working class suffers from this illnesses all over the world. The frequency of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system increases with a person’s age.

Approximately 30% of people are diagnosed with some kind of joint disease after the age of 50. Not all of them have difficult course, but often the presence of a stable pain and a dysfunction of the affected joint requires medical attention.


  1. Goals of joint diseases treatment
  2. Conservative treatment of the joint diseases
  3. Surgical treatment of joints diseases
  4. Treatment of joints diseases in Germany
  5. Arrangement of joints diseases treatment in Germany

Goals of joint diseases treatment


In most cases, joint diseases do not pose a threat to life and do not affect its duration. However, they are extremely unpleasant for the patient, because they are accompanied by pain, functional disorders and impaired ability to work.

Both conservative and surgical techniques are used to treat joint diseases. The goals of conservative therapy are usually as follows:

  • Reduction of inflammatory and pain
  • Relief of joint disease exacerbation
  • Slowing the progression of the pathological process
  • Restoration of joints mobility
  • Maintaining a person's working capacity

Surgical methods of treatment are prescribed at low efficacy of conservative therapy. They are used to remove intra-articular structures, to restore the deficit of the joint surface, and in the most neglected cases, the joint is replaced by an endoprosthesis.

Conservative treatment of the joint diseases


There is a large number of joint diseases, and all of them are treated differently. However, there are some general principles of therapy, characteristic for the majority of pathologies.

To reduce inflammation, pain and improve the quality of patient’s life, the following are used:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (to relieve pain)
  • Chondroprotectors (slow down degenerative processes in the joints)
  • Glucocorticoid hormones (indicated for an expressed inflammatory process)
  • Intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid (reduces pain, allows to delay the need for endoprosthetics)
  • Physiotherapeutic measures (for normalisation of intra-articular structures trophy)
  • Therapeutic exercise (to strengthen the muscles and unload the patient's joint)

Conservative treatment of joints diseases is a complex, multi-staged process that should be controlled by a rheumatologist. Before the therapy will be prescribed, diagnosis is necessary to establish the main cause of joint pathology, since different illnesses require the use of different drugs.


Treatment of joint diseases in Germany

Surgical treatment of joints diseases


When the possibilities of conservative therapy are exhausted, surgical treatment of joint diseases is used. Endoprosthetics remains the gold standard here. This is a surgery, when patient’s own “worn out” joint is replaced with an artificial prosthesis.

Arthroscopy is good in some situations. This is a method of treatment, when access is gained through the small incisions. The doctor inserts a thin tube with a camera and lighting. After examining the joint "from the inside", miniature surgical instruments are inserted into it and necessary manipulations are carried out. Sometimes removing cartilaginous or bony outgrowths inside the joint allows you to eliminate pain for a long time.

Recently, innovative methods of articular cartilage restoration have been increasingly applied. They not only postpone the need for endoprosthetics, but sometimes completely eliminating the need for an artificial joint.

Here are some types of interventions that are actively used in the hospitals of the developed countries:

  • Mosaicplasty  is a procedure when cartilage from the human body is taken and then insert it inside the damaged joint (the main weak point of the surgery is - the lack of plastic material).
  • Cartilage Allotransplantation is an operation when donor cartilage is used to restore the patient’s joint surface.
  • Autologous matrix-induced Chondrogenesis is a process when punctures are made in the bone, which are closed by a collagen membrane. Mesenchymal stem cells from the bone marrow, which differentiate from chondrocytes (cartilaginous cells) gradually, come out through the formed defects in the joint.
  • Implantation of autologous chondrocytes - a small fragment of cartilage is obtained from a patient, then the cartilage cells are cultivated with a multiple increase in their amount. They are injected into the diseased joint and fixed with a collagen membrane.
  • Implantation of matrix-induced autological chondrocytes is one of the latest methods of restoring the joint surface. The cartilage is taken from the body and then being cultivated. Then the cells are fixed on a biodegradable 3D matrix, the shape of which repeats the shape of the cartilage defect. Arthroscopic surgery for implantation of the matrix is ​​performed afterwards. It gradually resolves, and the chondrocytes remain, closing the defect. This method ensures remission of the disease for a period of 5 to 10 years. Six months after the operation, a person is able to run and ride a bicycle, and after 12 months contact sports are allowed.

Treatment of joints diseases in Germany


Innovative healthcare conservative and surgical directions used, makes it possible to live a normal life of quality for most patients as well as restoring their work capacity. You can receive proper medical help for any musculoskeletal system pathologies in German hospitals.

These are several healthcare facilities which deal with joints diseases diagnostics and treatment:  



Arrangement of joints diseases treatment in Germany


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