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University Hospital for Neurosurgery Salzburg

University Hospital for Neurosurgery Salzburg

location_onAustria, Salzburg
University Clinic of Neurology specializes in the surgical treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, its blood supply, and nerve sheaths, as well as in preoperative and postoperative care for patients. Tumor formation of the brain and spinal cord, vascular diseases of the central nervo

Amount of beds available: 1158
Inpatients yearly: 90600
Outpatients yearly: 340000
Leech Clinic Graz

Leech Clinic Graz

location_onAustria, Graz
Leech Clinic is a surgical clinic and a member of SANLAS Holding GmbH. “We are the Good Mood Clinic” is the slogan of the clinic, so our patients get specialist care and treatment all the way from a to Z in a friendly atmosphere.

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OptimaMed Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Kitsee

OptimaMed Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Kitsee

location_onAustria, Kitsee
The OptimaMed Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Kitsee is a highly-specialized medical facility, which provides patients with neurological disorders with top-class medical services in accordance with the highest standards of modern rehabilitation medicine. The clinic is part of the prestigious Austrian OptimaMed Rehabilitation

Amount of beds available: 100