Lung cancer treatment in Germany. Innovative methods of therapy

Lung cancer treatment in Germany. Innovative methods of therapy

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Lung cancer is a severe disease with an unfavourable prognosis. If the disease is detected during the first stage, the five-year survival of patients in developed countries reaches 70%. But the problem is that patients with lung cancer are usually diagnosed during the advanced stages. Therefore, the average five-year survival...

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Lung cancer is a severe disease with an unfavourable prognosis. If the disease is detected during the first stage, the five-year survival of patients in developed countries reaches 70%.

But the problem is that patients with lung cancer are usually diagnosed during the advanced stages. Therefore, the average five-year survival rate of patients is only 10%. At the same time, 80% of patients die within a year after diagnosis.

As can be seen from these statistics, treatment of lung cancer causes serious difficulties. But it has to be noted that this data were collected several years ago. Other methods of the disease treatment have appeared since, so the statistics would certainly have been improved.

Today, patients can receive innovative treatment for lung cancer, which can increase life expectancy in Germany.


  1. Innovative treatment techniques
  2. Surgical treatment
  3. Radiation therapy
  4. Other treatment techniques
  5. Benefits of lung cancer treatment in Germany
  6. What hospitals do they treat lung cancer in?
  7. How to do go for treatment to Germany?

Innovative treatment techniques


Standard treatment for lung cancer includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Unfortunately, most cases of the disease involves unresectable tumours.Therefore, doctors can operate only 20% of patients. The other part of patients has the neoplasm of a large size, there are distant metastases, or there are somatic diseases, which are contraindications for surgical intervention.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are normally auxiliary methods. They are used together with surgical treatment or without surgery, in order to increase the life expectancy of a patient with unresectable cancer.


Lung cancer treatment in Germany

Surgical treatment


The latest surgical methods of treatment are applied in Germany to fight lung cancer. This helps achieve better treatment results and greatly impacts on the life expectancy. 

  • Robot-assisted surgeries are also used in Germany. It is highly accurate when removing the affected tissues. This increases not only the risk of complications but helps to make patient’s post-operative rehabilitation faster. 
  • Bronchoscopy and thoracoscopic operations removes the tumour without thoracotomy (open operative access to the thorax). Microsurgical instruments are inserted through the bronchi or through small incisions, which are usually done in the intercostal spaces. These are the most sparing operations. They are the safest and least traumatic for the patient.
  • Bronchoscopic electrocoagulation. A coagulant is inserted into the tumour through the bronchi. There is a local heating of the tumour to high temperatures, as a result of which its death and decrease in volume occurs. The method is used for palliative treatment.



Radiation therapy


Both conventional distant radiation therapy and innovative techniques are applied in Germany. 

  • Stereotactic radiosurgery is the technique when a cyber knife is used as a main surgical instrument. This is a radio surgical device that allows you to remove the tumour in the deep tissues. Tumour receives a high dose of radiation and is destroyed. Precise stereotactic guidance allows you to remove the tumour even in those parts of the body that move together with the patient's breathing.
  • Endoluminal brachytherapy is used as a palliative method of lung cancer treatment. It improves the patient's life quality, as it reduces the size of the tumour. Brachytherapy involves contact irradiation by the introduction of radioactive granules into the body. The term “endoluminal” means that manipulation is performed in the lumen of the organ. Endoluminal brachytherapy allows the radiation to target the tumour locally, minimally affecting surrounding tissues.
  • The system of respiratory adaptive gating allows you to accurately target the tumour tissue during the irradiation of the patient. The RGB system makes X-rays and fixes the movement of the tumour during breathing. Then there is synchronisation of the radiation flux and the location of the tumour at this moment. A beam of gamma rays is aimed at the tumour only when it is in the zone of its impact. In this way, it is possible to avoid unnecessary exposure to healthy tissues.

Other treatment techniques


New methods of lung cancer treatment always arise,except for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy making it all more effective. 

  • Dendrite cells immune therapy. Dendrite cells are obtained from the patient’s blood or his bone marrow. They are being further cultivated and then injected into the patient’s body subcutaneously. This way, dendrite cells fight the tumour. The research shows that this treatment technique is more beneficial than chemo and radiation therapy. Meanwhile, it is better tolerated and is available for the outpatient treatment. 
  • Endoscopic photodynamic therapy. A dye (photosensitizer) is introduced into the patient's body and it selectively accumulates in the tissues of the tumour. Then a light source of a certain spectrum is introduced into the bronchi. Painted cancer cells are more susceptible to it. Under the influence of light radiation inside the tumour cells, a large number of free radicals appear which leads to their necrosis. The advantage of this method is low systemic toxicity and the possibility of local exposure to tumour sites available for illumination.
  • Proton therapy is a costly and a high-tech method of treatment, which is applied only in certain centres of Germany. It is used as an alternative to radiation therapy. But it differs from it by sparing exposure to the surrounding healthy tissues.

Benefits of lung cancer treatment in Germany


The treatment of lung cancer in Germany is more effective than passing the course of therapy in clinics of the still developing countries. There are several reasons for this as:

  • Availability of innovative methods of treatment
  • Years of established treatment of lung cancer, enables optimal results
  • Availability of the latest drugs for chemotherapy and targeted therapy
  • Presence of highly qualified doctors among the hospital staff who have vast experience in the treatment of lung cancer

The healthcare system in Germany is ahead of its times. Therefore, there is a better survival statistics for patients with any form of cancer, including lung cancer.

What hospitals do they treat lung cancer in?


There are a lot of hospitals where they treat lung cancer in Germany. These are some of them:

  • The Augustinerin Academic Hospital is located in Cologne. One of the main activities of the medical institution is pulmonology (lung diseases). Highly qualified and motivated surgeons work here, who perform qualitative operations for oncopathologies treatment.
  • Goethe University Hospital has a branch of radiation therapy and oncology. Their doctors offer a full range of the most modern methods of treating lung cancer. Oncology is one of the priority activities of the clinic. Oncologists with a world-wide reputation work here. 
  • Advanced biological medicine hospital treats oncologic pathologies with the use of alternative and biological therapies. At the same time, the internal reserves of the body are maximally used, and one of the main principles of treatment is its safety for the patient.



How to do go for treatment to Germany?


Before you start planning the trip, you need to first determine the hospital. We will help you to find a medical facility where you will receive qualitative treatment at a reasonable price.

The service of Booking Health booking medical services abroad will help you to find out the real cost of therapeutic programs, the list of diagnostic and treatment procedures included.

When organizing treatment in Germany through BookingHealth you will also receive:

  • Assistance in the arranging of examination and treatment in the hospital.
  • Reduced waiting time. Lung cancer treatment should be started as early as possible in order to increase the chances of a favorable outcome.
  • A package of services (booking flights, hotels, transfer to the hospital).
  • Interpretation services, as well as translation of medical records.
  • Insurance covering unforeseen medical expenses, which will last 48 months (4 years) during and after treatment at the German hospital.
  • Free consultation of a doctor within 3 months after discharge from the hospital. 
  • A chance to save up to 70% of the general treatment costs. 

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Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!


Authors: Dr. Vadim ZhiliukDr. Sergey Pashchenko


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