One day diagnostics in Germany

One day diagnostics in Germany

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Many dangerous diseases do not cause any symptoms at the initial stages. But they can be revealed, if you undergo preventive examinations timely. German clinics perform general diagnostic programs (check-ups) during 1 day. You can also use the opportunity and check your health. The company Booking Health will organize...

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Many dangerous diseases do not cause any symptoms at the initial stages. But they can be revealed, if you undergo preventive examinations timely. German clinics perform general diagnostic programs (check-ups) during 1 day. You can also use the opportunity and check your health. The company Booking Health will organize a trip for preventive examination for you.


  1. Who needs such diagnostics?
  2. What is included in the examination program?
  3. What should you do after the examination?
  4. Why Germany?
  5. Hospitals and costs of medical services

Who needs such diagnostics?


One day diagnostics in Germany is required in the following situations:

You have discovered the suspicious symptoms. For example, you have started to experience headaches very often, your legs swell or you feel pain in your stomach after meals. There are many mild symptoms, such as fatigue or «bags» under the eyes. If you tell about such complaints to the doctor, he will only shrug in confusion. It happens because in the countries with poor medicine, doctors begin to provide a treatment only for those people who are almost dying. But in Germany you can go through a check-up and find out, if you need to worry about your health.

Your lifestyle is not really healthy. Perhaps, you have a job where you are physically or emotionally overstrained. Maybe you smoke, drink alcohol, don’t have enough time for sleeping, and often suffer from stress. Perhaps, you have gained weight and have sedentary lifestyle. All these conditions increase the risk of many diseases. You need regular examinations in order to detect a pathology timely.

You have a genetic burden. Does your grandmother have diabetes? Does your father suffer from the ischemic heart disease? If your relatives have numerous disorders, your health is probably not great either, because the tendency for pathological processes is genetically inherited. You should not be waiting for the disease onset. It is better to be examined in advance in order to detect the initial pathological changes timely and take preventive measures.

You just take care about your health. Beyond all doubt, you want to stay healthy till the old age, be active socially and professionally, and have a clear mind. You can achieve this result, only if you have check-ups and, if necessary, receive a treatment. It is much easier to treat any disease at the initial stages, while there are no serious irreversible changes in the organs.


One day diagnostics in Germany


What is included in the examination program?


It is possible to carry out a general or special (cardiological, gastroenterological, gynecological, etc.) diagnostics in Germany. If a person does not have any complaints or chronic diseases, general diagnostics will be enough. It takes minimum of time. Thanks to the perfect organization and work of the German clinics, a full check-up takes only 1 day. It includes laboratory and instrumental examinations:

  • Blood analysis: complete blood count and the biochemical one, coagulogram
  • Determination of the hormones blood level for detection of widespread endocrine diseases
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs and abdominal cavity
  • Chest X-ray
  • Dopplerography of vessels
  • ECG at rest and during exercise

Check-up plan may also include other diagnostic tests. Programs of diverse clinics are slightly different.


What should you do after the examination?


After the diagnostics you will get a consultation of the doctor and discuss all the questions. Generally speaking, two options are possible:

  1. Pathological processes are not detected. In this case, you will receive preventive recommendations from a specialist and go home. It is advisable to repeat the examination in 1-2 years.
  2. Deviations in analyzes are revealed. In this case, the doctor may recommend you an additional examination to establish the diagnosis. You can do it in Germany as well as in your native country. You will receive all the recommendations in a written form. If your trip for diagnostics is organized by Booking Health, we will translate the documents into English or any other language.



Why Germany?


It is possible to go through a preventive examination virtually in any country of the world. But diagnostic in Germany is more preferable for a number of reasons. The main advantages of the check-up in this country are:

Higher level of diagnostics. Technical level of German clinics is impressive. The high-quality reagents and consumables are used in German laboratories. Functional diagnostic rooms are equipped with the state-of-art diagnostic devices. They reveal even the slightest health deviations. Thus, it becomes possible to detect diseases at an early stage; in this case it is much easier to provide a treatment.

The availability of new check-up methods. If necessary, you can get the advanced diagnostics in German clinics, where the latest techniques are available. These techniques are not even known in most clinics of the countries with poor medical potential.

Comfort of the patient. All diagnostic tests are performed in Germany without pain, with maximal comfort. The check-up takes only 1 day, while in many clinics of your native country performing the same diagnostic procedures would take much longer. Work of medical institutions is well organized here. In addition, the high level of household comfort is maintained.

Hospitals and costs of medical services


The diagnostic program can be carried out in large multidisciplinary hospitals or specialized medical centers. Among the leading hospitals that offer diagnostic programs to patients from all over the world are the following ones:

  1. PAN Clinic Cologne
  2. Catholic Clinic Koblenz-Montabaur
  3. Academic Hospital Brothers of Mercy Munich
  4. Beta Klinik Bonn
  5. University Hospital Tuebingen

The cost of a diagnostic program depends on its specialization, the required medical procedures and the level of the hospital. The estimated costs of examinations are as follows:

If during the examination doctors reveal a disease, treatment begins after the diagnostic program.


The check-up in Germany will be reliable, accurate, safe, fast, and comfortable. If you want to visit this country for the diagnostics, it is better to use the help of Booking Health. We will organize a trip for you, negotiate with the clinic, pick you up from the airport and bring you to the medical institution, provide you with an interpreter, and other necessary services.


Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!

Authors: Dr. Vadim ZhiliukDr. Sergey Pashchenko


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