Pediatric healthcare in Germany

Pediatric healthcare in Germany

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Most parents find it unacceptable to save money on children and are eager to give them all the best. Therefore, when serious health problems arise, many people do not want to rely on healthcare system of their native country and are looking for high quality medical services abroad. Germany is one of the most popular among...

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Most parents find it unacceptable to save money on children and are eager to give them all the best. Therefore, when serious health problems arise, many people do not want to rely on healthcare system of their native country and are looking for high quality medical services abroad. Germany is one of the most popular among the international patients countries. This is not surprising, as German doctors are famous all over the world and German clinics are equipped with the cutting-edge technologies.

German hospitals provide little patients with comprehensive care and educate their parents for further coping with the disease. United efforts of the medical specialists and caring relatives help to achieve positive results in treatment of the most serious pathologies.


  1. Peculiarities of pediatric healthcare in Germany
  2. Pediatric Diagnostic Hospital M1 Munich
  3. Benefits of diagnostics and treatment in Germany
  4. Arrangement of treatment in Germany

Peculiarities of pediatric healthcare in Germany


In Germany kids are always in the center of attention, no matter if it's just shopping or a visit to the educational institution. Specially equipped playgrounds and well-maintained parks, sports sections, spaces for creativity – all of these allows the child to feel naturally in any setting. Medical institutions do not make any exception.

Pediatric healthcare is a special sphere of medicine that requires specific professional medical training and constant improvement of practical skills. The child's organism is not just a reduced copy of the adult one. Inflammatory, infectious and autoimmune diseases have different course in children. Children recover faster after injuries, but this process requires constant careful monitoring and correction of the slightest violations of the structure or function of damaged organs. A number of diseases, including congenital malformations, manifest exactly in childhood.

Education program for doctors in Germany lasts at least for 11 years, therefore all narrow specialists are competent in the treatment of both adults and children. During the consequent practice the doctor can make a choice and deepen his specialization in any of these areas.

There are separate hospitals and centers that unite specialists in the diagnostics and treatment of children. As medical care in Germany is highly specialized, priority is given to those specialists who have the greatest competence in the treatment of children. For example, when the rescue service receives a call regarding an accident, the operator always specifies if there are any children among the injured – this is necessary for preparing special equipment and planning hospitalization in a narrow-profile hospital.

As a rule, German pediatric hospitals necessarily have doctors of narrow specialties among their employees, because the preference is given to maximum full diagnostics and treatment within one hospital. All medical personnel, including doctors and nurses, is trained by the specialized educators and psychologists. This helps to provide little patients with necessary help with the greatest comfort. Diagnostic examination and treatment are often performed with direct participation of the parents. Thus, kids feel safe and parents thoroughly understand the disease and further treatment specifics.

Pediatric Diagnostic Hospital M1 Munich


Pediatric Diagnostic Hospital M1 located in Munich holds a special place among the pediatric centers and hospitals. Due to the high economic and scientific potential of South Bavaria, the medical sphere and, in particular, the medical care in children are under federal control here. Medical specialists have the opportunity not only to work as practical doctors, but also to participate in clinical trials, subsequently introducing obtained results into practice. In particular, this concerns rare diseases, treatment methods of which have yet to be studied.

M1 Pediatric diagnostic hospital is equipped with all necessary devices for the comprehensive diagnostics of kids and teenagers. This takes into consideration peculiarities of children of different age groups – the size of the blood pressure cuff, the diameter of the endoscope and the dose of radiation during CT / MRI will certainly meet pediatric standards. An indispensable condition for a diagnostic examination is its painlessness. If necessary, even general anesthesia is used, for example, when performing tomography.

The staff of the hospital consists of specialists with many years` experience in the treatment of children and adolescents; most of the employees also have academic degrees. In addition to mandatory psychological training and professional skills, all doctors of the hospital have one common trait – love for children. During a doctor's visit a child can receive a pleasant surprise in the form of a small toy or sweets, talk about his complaints in a playful form or be carried away by a special interior of the clinic and colorful medical clothes of doctors. This allows not only to establish a trusting relationship between the doctor and the patient, but also to conduct the necessary examinations correctly – for example, the stress during blood sampling may distort results of the analysis. In addition to technical equipment, the M1 Pediatric diagnostic hospital has its own allergological laboratory, which allows to diagnose the rarest types of allergic reactions.

Several profile departments operate within the hospital frames:

Priority during the examination and treatment is given to outpatient programs, which do not require hospitalization and permanent stay of the child with parents in the hospital. Nevertheless, if surgical treatment is planned or the severity of the condition of a young patient requires constant medical supervision, the hospital offers comfortable wards for accommodation with the possibility of living together for children and their parents. Of course, all rooms have the necessary furniture and separate bathrooms, which is extremely important for young children. More adult patients will enjoy access to the telephone, TV and the Internet. During their stay in the hospital, patients receive special meals agreed with the attending physician and, if necessary, with a nutritionist.


Pediatric healthcare in Germany


Benefits of diagnostics and treatment in Germany


It is natural, that the majority of patients start diagnostics in their home country. Nonetheless, a need to search for effective or safe treatment methods in countries with higher healthcare potential may occur in the number of occasions.

Modern parents choose diagnostics in Germany due to the following reasons:

  • Going through the examination at a higher level, setting an accurate diagnosis in complex clinical cases
  • The possibility of carrying out complex, high-tech surgeries with a short recovery period
  • Administration of modern treatment regimens, which are both safe for the child and maximum effective
  • Comfortable treatment without pain and trauma with the use of individual safe methods of anesthesia in each clinical situation
  • Specialized care during the stay in the hospital, compulsory rehabilitation after the completion of treatment

German doctors often apply treatment methods that are unavailable or restricted in the majority of other countries. Thanks to the considerable financial potential of the country and thorough division of resources, German healthcare sphere keeps pace with the world standards, going ahead of them in several aspects. Decent technical equipment of the hospitals is combined with the impressive quality of medical education and high qualification of doctors. In addition, Germany accepts specialists from other countries for further practical training and transition to a new level of medical care.



Arrangement of treatment in Germany


Each child deserves qualitative and effective medical help. Germany offers international patients a chance to undergo the diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation in Pediatric Diagnostic Hospital M1 in Munich.

Booking Health will help you to deal with the arrangement issues of the upcoming trip. Booking Health is a certified operator of the medical tourism. The quality of the company's work is confirmed by the international ISO certificate in this field.

We will provide you with comprehensive help and:

  • Receive the permission for the international patient`s medical program (check-up and subsequent treatment) from the administration of the hospital
  • Issue documents for traveling abroad, book flight tickets and a hotel near the hospital
  • Prepare the necessary medical documentation in German and facilitate communication with the personnel of the M1 clinic with the help of your personal medical coordinator-interpreter
  • Prepare the results of examinations and recommendations for further treatment in a convenient for you form
  • Arrange comfortable travel from the airport to the clinic and back to the airport after the successful completion of treatment.

Thanks to Booking Health, you will save up to 40% of the treatment and its organization cost. In addition, you will receive insurance in case of complications during the treatment for up to 200 thousand Euros. Our goal is to help you in preserving your child's health.


Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!


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