Diagnostics and treatment of allergy in the best German hospitals

Diagnostics and treatment of allergy in the best German hospitals

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Are you tired of waking up with itchy eyes and a runny nose during Spring? Human beings are surrounded by countless foreign substances. Some of the most common substances, like dust or pollen, cause a hypersensitive reaction when the immune’s system fights these seemingly harmless substances. Histamine is actively released...

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Are you tired of waking up with itchy eyes and a runny nose during Spring? Human beings are surrounded by countless foreign substances. Some of the most common substances, like dust or pollen, cause a hypersensitive reaction when the immune’s system fights these seemingly harmless substances.  Histamine is actively released from the mast cells, which makes the vessels permeable, and the liquid from the blood escapes into the tissues. Histamine provokes such symptoms as runny nose, swelling of the face and neck, shortness of breath, itching, abdominal or chest pain, rash on the skin, and a drop in blood pressure.


  1. Diagnostics of allergy in Germany
  2. Allergy treatment in Germany
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  4. Arrangement of treatment in Germany

Diagnostics of allergy in Germany


German doctors apply the latest methods of allergy treatment in their clinics. They also follow sharply documented algorithm of actions and structured standard protocols for the treatment of allergies.

The following ways are used to identify the allergen:

  • SPT (Skin Prick Test) relates to a definition of allergens that have a hypersensitivity reaction of anaphylactic (immediate) type. Small scratches are made on the skin of the patient by a special instrument to the sub epidermal layer simultaneously with the administered allergen. Evaluation of the reaction is carried out half an hour later. A positive reaction can be manifested as a slight redness, and a rash.
  • Determination of IgE and specific IgE total level - the presence of antibodies to the list of substances that provoked the reaction is determined after carrying out the prick-test. Thereafter, antibodies of a particular allergen from each group are detected, and also their concentration (titer)is determined to establish the exact cause of hypersensitivity.
  • Multilevel provocations tests not only identify the presence or absence of a reaction to the allergen, but also establish the severity of the allergic reaction. This test is carried out in a hospital environment, as the patient is in contact with sufficiently large doses of allergens.

Conducting provocation tests is done with great care and accuracy in Germany. A variety of tests is possible such as:

  • Rhinomanometry - assessment of nasal passages patency and nasal breathing. This is indicated for allergic rhinitis.
  • Inhalation provocative test - introduction of an allergen into the body with the help of inhalations. It is an indication for bronchial asthma or allergic reactions with the component of bronchial obstruction.
  • DBPCFC-test helps in the detection of food allergens.


Allergy treatment in Germany

Allergy treatment in Germany


Modern techniques and schemes for allergy treatment are used in Germany. Therapy can be comprehensive and combine a couple of key areas of treatment as:

  • Lifestyle modification assumes the termination of interaction with the allergen. Such tactics are effective for treating allergies of all types, except anaphylactic reactions, and is suitable for allergies to wool, substance or food. The patient excludes contact with substances, animal hair, or does not use products that cause a reaction.
  • Specific immune therapy is one of the modern and mostcomprehensive methods of dealing with immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions. Thus the patient's body is regularly "strengthened" - whereby the allergen is injected, gradually increasing the dosage. The essence of the method is to strengthen the immune’s response. The body is "trained" to live in close contact with the allergen. All treatment schemes of this type are conducted under the careful supervision of a physician. In Germany, modern protocols are used for this purpose with clear instructions for recommended doses of allergens.
  • Comprehensive drug therapy. Allergy is treated with the relevant medications. German doctors use the latest generation’s agents for this. Doctors strictly follow the doses recommended in the standard treatment protocols. This significantly reduces the risk of side effects or complications in case of hormonal therapy. Patients get a sparing maintenance dose of drugs after the onset of remission. The prescription of medications is possible in various forms, which is convenient for patients: it is possible to use the drug locally in the form of a spray, ointment, nasal drops, tablets and injections.

The main benefits of allergy treatment in Germany are:

  • High-precision diagnostics aimed at establishing all major allergens
  • Standardized treatment regimens according to protocols for the provision of healthcare to patients with allergic diseases
  • Highly qualified and sympathetic doctors
  • Availability of the most advanced drugs
  • Stable improvement of the patient's condition due to quality maintenance therapy



German hospitals that offer a course of allergy treatment


Diagnostic and a course of treatment to allergic diseases can be undergone in different German hospitals. These are some them:

Arrangement of treatment in Germany


Any patient can take advantage of healthcare services in Germany. The hospitals and staff are ready to treat foreign patients with allergic reactions. To choose a medical institution and arrange a trip to Germany, we recommend using the services of Booking Health company. 

We will help you to:

  • Choose a hospital where you will receive the most qualitative diagnostics and therapy
  • Save up to 70% of the total cost of medical services
  • To issue a visa, book a hotel and flight tickets, finalise all organizational issues with the administration of the clinic

If necessary, we will provide the following services: translation of documents, interpretation, and transfer of the patient from the airport to the clinic, and after the completion of the therapy course - to the airport from the clinic. To use the services of Booking Health employees, send us an application on the web site. Our service manager will contact you within 24 hours to coordinate all the details of the trip to Germany relating to the treatment of allergic diseases.


Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!


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