Features and Benefits of Spinal Treatment in Germany

Features and Benefits of Spinal Treatment in Germany

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Vertebrology is a very complex  but distinct branch of medicine. It connects orthopedics and neurosurgery, as the spinal cord is located inside the vertebrate spinal bones. Pathologies of the spine are difficult to treat. Both conservative and surgical methods of treatment require a great deal of experience by a qualified...

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Vertebrology is a very complex  but distinct branch of medicine. It connects orthopedics and neurosurgery, as the spinal cord is located inside the vertebrate spinal bones. Pathologies of the spine are difficult to treat. Both conservative and surgical methods of treatment require a great deal of experience by a qualified doctor, clear, cautious schemes and the right kind of medical equipment.

German hospitals generally have all that is necessary for the treatment of spinal diseases.

Features of Spinal Treatment in Germany

Spinal diseases do not usually pose a threat to the life of the patient in most cases, but significantly reduce one’s quality of life. It is also accompanied by constant pain.

Some pathologies lead to deformation of the spine or damage spinal nerves, which causes sensory and motor disorders.

The main pathologies of the spine are:

To determine the optimal therapeutic tactics for spinal diseases, all the relevant factors are taken into account in Germany: the age of the patient, the symptoms of the disease, the experience with previous treatment.

After careful diagnosis, the best methods of treatment are chosen.

These may include:

  • Conservative methods (physical training, drugs, and medical procedures)
  • Surgical methods (removal of hernias, surgeries for scoliosis, resection of tumors)
  • Anaesthetic treatment (elimination of chronic pain by methods of neurostimulator or epidural catheter implantation)

When choosing a method of treatment, preference will be given to non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures that have the best tolerability and safety.


Features and Benefits of Spinal Treatment
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Benefits of spinal treatment in Germany

Thousands of patients from all over the world come to Germany every year to undergo treatment for their spinal diseases. People visit the country as they are offered healthcare services of the highest quality.

Key advantages of spine treatment in Germany are:

  • Qualitative diagnostics. Thanks to modern visualizing techniques a doctor is able to assess the spine structure. This is necessary not only to establish the diagnosis, but also to evaluate the peculiarities of the spine structure. Accurate visualizing with the help of modern devices as CT, MRI and others makes it possible to perform a surgery as safe as possible keeping the spinal cord and spinal nerves tissues healthy. 
  • The latest types of surgery. Surgery in Germany uses modern types of interventions. Therefore, better results are achieved here in the treatment of scoliosis, spinal hernias, spinal cord tumors and other diseases. All operations are performed as sparingly as possible to avoid neurologic deficiency in the patient after treatment.
  • Effective anaesthesia. Some operations on the spine can be very painful, because the fibres of the sensitive nerves come out of the spinal cord. In Germany qualitative anaesthesia is used, which makes it possible to significantly improve the tolerability of methods for treating spine pathologies, including surgical methods.
  • Methods of radiosurgery. Methods of stereotaxic procedures are used for treating spinal cord tumors as a cyber-knife and proton therapy. These methods of treatment are not used in all countries. In addition, German hospitals are equipped with the latest devices at their disposal for conducting radiosurgical operations. The tutor is removed painlessly from the patient, with an accuracy of tenths of a millimeter. Therefore, healthy tissues of the spinal cord and spine are not damaged.
  • High-quality rehabilitation. After surgical, radiosurgical or conservative treatment, the patient is rehabilitated. This helps a person to fully or partially restore work capacity and lost functions. The volume and duration of rehabilitation measures depend on the characteristics of the disease and the methods of treatment used.

What hospitals is it possible to have treatment?

Almost all large healthcare centers in Germany have departments where they deal with spinal pathologies treatment. There are also problem-oriented healthcare institutions.

Here are a list of several highly recommended hospitals worth paying attention to:

Arrangement of treatment in Germany

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Author: Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova



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