Treatment of Keratoconus in Germany

Treatment of Keratoconus in Germany

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Keratoconus (keratikonus, KC) – is a degenerative disease of non-inflammatory origin. The cornea of ​​the eye becomes thinner and takes the form of a cone. There is no reliable information about the reasons for these changes, but during the research it was found that the activity of enzymes that destroy collagen fibers-proteases...

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Keratoconus (keratikonus, KC) – is a degenerative disease of non-inflammatory origin. The cornea of ​​the eye becomes thinner and takes the form of a cone. There is no reliable information about the reasons for these changes, but during the research it was found that the activity of enzymes that destroy collagen fibers-proteases in the tissues of the eye is increased in people suffering from this pathology. Some researchers believe that the cause of destructive corneal changes lies in the low activity of aldehyde dehydrogenase, because of which chemically active free radicals accumulate in the tissues.


  1. Diagnostics of Keratoconus in Germany
  2. Treatment of Keratoconus in Germany
  3. Benefits of German ophthalmology
  4. Leading clinics and treatment costs
  5. Arranging Keratoconus treatment in Germany

Diagnostics of Keratoconus in Germany


The establishment of diagnosis determines the success of treatment, so doctors in Germany always treat it scrupulously. Each patient undergoes a number of diagnostic procedures, which are carried out using the latest generation apparatus.

The following techniques are used for the diagnostics:

  • Standard vision test
  • Ophthalmoscopy
  • Refractometry
  • Optical specific tomography
  • Computerized keratometry

A qualitative keratoconus diagnostic system is used in Germany, which obtains a topography of the cornea. The disease is successfully diagnosed during the early stage here. It is possible to identify the posterior keratoconus as well.


Treatment of Keratoconus in Germany


Treatment of Keratoconus in Germany


The choice of treatment techniques is made based on the pathology stage, patient’s body, individual features, the presence of indications and contra-indications. If vision corrective surgery is contra-indicated, then the necessary supportive conservative therapy is applied.

The therapy influences the pathogenesic disease foci. 

  • Conservative treatment presupposes stabilizing metabolism processes in the cornea layers, improving its blood supply and nutrition of its tissues to stop atrophy. Vitamins, tissue therapy, physiotherapeutic procedures are conducted as part of the supportive treatment.Special semi-rigid lenses are selected for the patient to have better vision capacity. The lenses give the cornea the desired shape. The choice of lenses is based on the consideration given to the individual features of the cornea structure. The initial stage of the disease is the indication for such therapy.
  • Cross-linking of collagen corneal rings with riboflavin is a modern method of correcting the cornea shape, which is carried out with the help of a special UV laser – Seiler’s lamp. Before laser exposure, the patient is instilled with riboflavin (vitamin B2) into the eye, and then the ophthalmologist performs a laser correction. The purpose of the procedure is to uniformly strengthen and increase the corneal natural structures (rings of collagen fibers) by creating additional chemical bonds under the action of laser radiation. Initial stage of the disease, when degenerative changes are not too pronounced is an indication for the cross-linking.
  • Implantation of corneal rings is carried out in case it is impossible to strengthen the corneal rings, so they are replaced with new ones. This is an innovative method for the treatment of keratoconus, when the ophthalmologist makes the insertion of collagen intrastromal rings into the cornea. Dense rings of collagen change its curvature as a result, stabilizing the vision. Implantation of corneal rings is indicated at the initial stage and average severity of the disease, and in some cases it can be effective even with severe keratoconus.
  • Transplantation of corneal rings is aradical surgery for corneal transplantation, which is performed only at the latter stage of keratoconus. Transplantation of the cornea is indicated in cases where the thinning of the cornea is too strong and not subject to other methods of correction. Such an operation is performed under general anesthesia.
  • LASIK. In some cases, the examination reveals that the cornea has a significant thickness. In such cases, the patient can perform a laser correction of its shape using one of the techniques, for example, using the LASIK patch laser surgery. However, laser correction is prescribed only in the case when the cornea has a greater thickness and density. Otherwise, the operation can contribute to the progression of the disease.

Benefits of German ophthalmology


The benefits of treating Keratoconus in Germany are:

  • The therapy is conducted with the use of the most effective and safest techniques
  • Innovative technologies are applied here helping to perform treatment even during the latter stages of the disease
  • Thorough and highly-accurate diagnostics and an individual approach to each patient is guaranteed
  • Modern, safe and sparing surgeries and medicines are used for the therapy
  • Comfortable conditions for inpatient stay

Qualified and skilled doctors perform treatment in Germany. Specialists have a good reputation not only in their home country but all over the world as well. Many patients who have lost their vision acuity are able to enjoy all nature’s colors again thanks to the great job of German doctors. 


Leading clinics and treatment costs


Due to the high qualifications of doctors, as well as the availability of innovative methods of conservative and surgical treatment, such clinics are leading in the treatment of keratoconus:

The cost of keratoconus treatment depends on the preliminary examination and the type of therapy. Estimated prices for examination and surgical treatment are presented below:

Arranging Keratoconus treatment in Germany


Use the free online platform Booking Health to choose a hospital offering services for the treatment of keratoconus. You can enter your diagnosis in the search field and choose a treatment method and a hospital.

You can use the services of Booking Health to arrange a treatment course in Germany. We will help you:

  • To choose the best ophthalmological hospital, where treatment will be the most qualitative and safe
  • To save up to 70% on medical services of German doctors
  • To solve all organizational issues (translating documentation, issuing a visa, airfare, transfer from airport to the hospital and back)
  • To arrange your accommodation in high comfort wards, urgent treatment in Germany, the presence of an accompanying person, etc

You will receive insurance against unplanned medical expenses that will cover the treatment of any complications within 48 months. After taking a course of therapy or performing an operation, you can consult your doctor for 3 months without additional payment.


Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!


Authors: Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova, Dr. Sergey Pashchenko


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