Real costs of treatment abroad

Real costs of treatment abroad

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When necessary medical help cannot be provided in the native country, patients start thinking about coming for treatment to Germany. It can also be possible that performed therapy was useless or even harmful. At the same time, patients’ families are preparing for tangible financial costs in advance. The final invoice for the...

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When necessary medical help cannot be provided in the native country, patients start thinking about coming for treatment to Germany. It can also be possible that performed therapy was useless or even harmful. At the same time, patients’ families are preparing for tangible financial costs in advance. The final invoice for the trip to Germany often becomes a pleasant surprise and the result exceeds all expectations. Some patients prefer to further use medical services of the doctors abroad and from time to time come to them for preventive examinations, so-called check-ups.


  1. How the cost of a medical program is determined
  2. What are the approximate costs
  3. What kinds of additional expenses you should consider
  4. How to receive treatment in Germany without any overpayment

How the cost of a medical program is determined


The costs of medical services will be different even for two patients with the same diagnosis. That is why, you should not entirely rely on the experience of friends who have already visited German clinic. Before hospitalization or beginning of the out-patient examination, the financial department prepares a preliminary calculation with approximate costs of their medical services. In addition to the main diagnosis the following points are also considered in the preliminary invoice:

  • Age: institution for children or for adults
  • Type of providing medical care: surgery, medicamentous treatment or rehabilitation program
  • Level of the medical institution: a multi-disciplinary university hospital or specialized private praxis
  • Doctor’s medical degree: professor, doctor of medicine, resident, etc.
  • General severity of the medical condition: whether a patient needs to be monitored in the intensive care unit
  • Concomitant diseases: whether a patient needs a multi-disciplinary consultation
  • In case of the in-patient program: type of the patient’s room (single or double room) and additional accommodation of an accompanying person
  • Total duration of the stay in the hospital or rehabilitation center

You should keep in mind in what federal land the clinic is located. The local laws affect the pricing in medical sphere, so extra charge of 10% upon the basic rate is allowed in different federal lands.

An official request to the International Office will also affect the total sum in the final invoice. The admission of international patients is rarely covered by a medical insurance and it means that the medical institution will not have to explain the overcharge for medical services to the insurance company.


Real costs of treatment abroad



What are the approximate costs


The basic costs for medical interventions are approved on the state level in Germany. It is determined by the G-DRG tariffs (German Diagnosis Related Groups), German system for calculation of the price for treatment based on the similarity of diagnoses. This system is used for insured German citizens and international patients as well. The information about G-DRG tariffs is open and available for every patient. Below you can find general costs of treatment of the most common diseases.

Neurology and Neurosurgery:

  • Cervical spinal disc herniation treatment — from 8,800 €
  • Lumbar spinal disc herniation treatment — from 7,000 €
  • Surgical removal of the brain tumor — from 13,000 €
  • Removal of the brain tumor using the latest Gamma knife model — from 10,000 €
  • Epilepsy: diagnosis and treatment of complex forms — from 10,000 €

Orthopedics and Joint Replacement​:

  • Hip replacement and rehabilitation — from 16,700 €
  • Hip osteoarthritis treatment — from 12,900 €
  • Total knee replacement and rehabilitation — from 17,000 €


  • Pacemaker implantation — from 9,000 €
  • Stenting of coronary vessels — from 6,500 €
  • Aortocoronary bypass surgery — from 20,500 €
  • Operative closure of the patent foramen ovale defect — from 14,500 €
  • Surgery of complex combined heart defects — from 22,800 €

Oncology and Hematology:

  • PSMA-therapy in the prostate cancer — from 10,000 €
  • Sectoral resection in the breast cancer — from 8,500 €
  • Stomach cancer surgery — from 25,000 €
  • Lung cancer surgery — from 19,000 €
  • Proton therapy in brain cancer — from 54,000 €


  • Transurethral resection of the prostate with a green laser — from 5,900 €
  • Prostatectomy by the da Vinci robot in prostate cancer — from 13,400 €
  • Non-invasive lithotripsy of kidney stones — from 5,700 €
  • Correction of erectile dysfunction — from 2,300 €
  • Varicocele surgery — from 6,000 €


  • Retinal detachment surgery — from 5,750 €
  • Lens replacement in cataract — from 3,700 €
  • Treatment of myopia with LASIK method — from 3,800 €

General surgery:

  • Varicose veins treatment with laser therapy — from 5,500 €
  • Surgical removal of kidney stones in the case of hydronephrosis — from 7,300 €
  • Endoscopic inguinal hernia surgery — from 4,300 €

Gynecology and Obstetrics:

  • Natural childbirth — from 3,700 €
  • Childbirth with caesarean section — from 6,000 €
  • Diagnosis of infertility causes — from 2,300 €
  • Artificial insemination — from 6,600 €
  • Uterine fibroids (myoma uteri) surgery — from 7,000 €

Preventive check-up:

  • Basic check-up — from 2,600 €
  • Gynecological check-up — from 1,500 €
  • Orthopedic check-up — from 1,300 €
  • Ophthalmic check-up — from 1,500 €
  • Complex examination of the whole body — from 10,000 €

Rehabilitation (recovery after the main course of treatment):

  • Cardiac rehabilitation — from 520 € per day
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation — from 430 € per day
  • Neurorehabilitation after a stroke or injury — from 700 € per day

The fact that German clinics require prepayment is very unusual for our understanding. Before admission to the clinic or the beginning of the out-patient examination the necessary amount of money has to be fully transferred on the account of the medical institution. Usually initial fees are rather high, but if there is any unclaimed sum of money, it will be refunded after receiving the final invoice. In case of serious diseases, for example, oncology, the deposit increases.

If you want to know the price of a medical program in a particular case, you need to contact the financial department for receiving a preliminary invoice. Obviously, it is better to do it with the help of a competent representative in Germany and not via the International Office.


The company Booking Health is a such representative. We are the only medical tourism operator who has the international quality control certificate ISO 9001:2015. The specialists of the company will fully organize the process of treatment, represent the patient's interests during the treatment and control the invoices from the clinic, in order to avoid unreasonable overprice. The individual preliminary price of the program will be also determined under the control of the company's financial department.

What kinds of additional expenses you should consider


It is not always possible to compare the expenses for medical services in Germany and in your home country, because such surgeries and medicines are simply not available in home country. Nevertheless, it is worth to remember about the additional non-medical aspects of the treatment organization in German clinic.

The main non-medical costs are:

  • Passport and visa arrangements
  • Traveling or air flight
  • Transfer from the airport to the clinic or to the hotel
  • Accommodation and meals during the outpatient program or accommodation and meals of an accompanying person outside the clinic
  • In case of an out-patient treatment — daily fare for the trip to the doctor and back to the hotel
  • The translation of medical reports and the results of preliminary check-ups into German
  • Interpreter services for communication with medical staff
  • Purchasing of the recommended by the doctor medicines
  • Personal expenses

The costs by every aforementioned point depend on your preferences. For example, your flight tickets can be business, economy or first class. Interpreters are also rewarded differently; sometimes the quality of work depends on their salary. You can live in a hotel or in a budget apartment not far from the clinic.

The company Booking Health offers special prices for flight tickets, selects the best option for accommodation and provides patients with professional medical translators. A personal coordinator will always help you with transportation, purchasing of medicines or personal matters. We will also send a medical invitation, which will help you to get visa as quickly as possible.

How to receive treatment in Germany without any overpayment


The main method to use German clinic’s services at an affordable price is to apply there in the same way as German citizens do, that is with the help of the company Booking Health. Our company guides the patient from the stage of choosing the physician till receiving the reports from the hospital.

The company Booking Health takes care of the patient's financial interests and makes treatment abroad real for everyone.

  • Our financial specialists control the preliminary and final invoice. Unclaimed sum of money will be refunded on your bank account
  • We ensure that clinics will not increase the fixed price of services for international patients
  • We control the process of examination and treatment, that is why there will be no unnecessary expensive procedures
  • We select specialized institutions for each case, that is why the treatment will be effective and will pass with minimal risk of complications
  • Even in complex cases there will be no additional costs, we provide insurance against complications with coverage of 200,000 euros


With the help of the company Booking Health treatment in Germany will be comfortable, it will bring the desired result and will be inexpensive. To contact us you can leave a request on the official web-site of our company.


Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!

Authors: Dr. Vadim ZhiliukDr. Nadezhda Ivanisova


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