German Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine Presents New Ways of Cancer Treatment

German Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine Presents New Ways of Cancer Treatment

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Cancer is one of the most frequent causes of human death along with cardiovascular pathologies. A complete cure or effective treatment has not yet been developed. Moreover, traditional therapy may not bring result at the advanced staged, so patients simply receive symptomatic treatment. The German Clinic of Advanced Biological...

Cancer is one of the most frequent causes of human death along with cardiovascular pathologies. A complete cure or effective treatment has not yet been developed. Moreover, traditional therapy may not bring result at the advanced staged, so patients simply receive symptomatic treatment. 

The German Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine in Frankfurt-am-Mein (Germany) focuses on the comprehensive (integrated) treatment for cancer sufferers. Such an approach is based on a combination of the traditional therapy techniques with alternative medicine. The use of modern innovations and discoveries are also encouraged here as well. 

Biological Medicine Features

The main task set by the German Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine is the treatment of the patient, not his illness. Dr. Gerhard Siebenhuner who is a Doctor of Medical Sciences, heads all the efforts aimed at finding and eliminating the true cause of the disease.

The body's own ability for self-healing, as well as natural remedies, are widely used in biological medicine. Doctors conduct a holistic analysis of the patient's lifestyle: assessing his psychological state, investigate organic causes that could lead to the disease.

Doctors select the most sparing treatment regimens and try to minimize the side effects of medications. Patients receive sessions of psycho-hygiene, which encourages them to have the right attitude needed to fight the disease.


German Clinic presents advanced Cancer Treatment
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Alternative Ways of Cancer Treatment 

The Alternative Medicine Department in the clinic in Frankfurt am Main presupposes comprehensive treatment when alternative therapies complement and improve standard methods of fighting cancer. First of all, the immunity is  activated and improves the compensatory mechanisms of the body. Another important aspect is the reduction of the drugs’ toxic effects used in conventional cancer treatment regimens.

Doctors aim to improve the quality of a patient’s life by reducing the side effects of chemotherapy drugs, and to strengthen the immune system to improve his/her condition, and ideally - to restore it completely. The goal of alternative cancer therapy is to achieve persistent remission of the disease.

Treatment in the clinic in Frankfurt am Main combines general medicince, alternative and biological therapy. The choice of a specific method is determined by the individual characteristics of each patient.

The main elements of treatment include:

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is applied together with the conventional chemotherapy. Insulin increasesthe effectiveness of cytostatics, so with its introduction, it is possible to significantly reduce the dose of chemotherapy drugs, thereby reducing the side effects of treatment.

Photodynamic Laser Therapy (PLT) is one of the latest developments in the treatment of malignant tumors which are hard to locate. First, doctors inject special photo sensitizers into the body. They are accumulated in the tumor cells. Then the body is exposed to certain light waves, which activate the introduced substance and destroy cancer cells.

The essence of galvanization is a constant influence of a weak current which changes atypical cells, without touching the healthy tissues.Thisselective impact is becausethe resistance to current is much higher in healthy tissues. 

Biological (individual) cancer therapy is a method of treatment based on the individual’s scheme of cancer treatment with minimal side effects. A patient requires a study of tumor sensitivity to various types of chemotherapy drugs  in order to exclude the known ineffective drugs within the frame of therapy program.

Infusion therapy is appliedas an auxiliary treatment using the introduction of an intravenous drip:

  • Artesunate. This is a substance from leaves of sage flowers, which was initially used to treat Malaria. However it has since also been found to also reduce the size of tumors, according to research conduced by Heidelberg University.
  • Vitamin B17, or amygdalin is a natural substance that combines the properties of a cytostatic and an analgesic.
  • Chlorine E6 is a substance extracted from Chlorella Ellipsoidea Algae. It is used as a photosensitizer in the framework of photodynamic therapy of malignant tumors.
  • Curcumin. In India, where turmeric is often eaten due to its natural antibacterial properties.  The incidence of lung, prostate and colon cancer is 10 times lower than in western countries.
  • Sodium dichloroacetate causes a programmed death of cancer cells.
  • Dimethyl sulfoxide clears cells of toxins, stimulates immunity, positively affects mitochondria of cells.
  • Hypericin is a photosensitizer obtained from St. John's Wort.
  • Vitamin C. The patient passes a test for the concentration of G6PDH enzyme. If it is high, high doses of vitamin C help to destroy cancer cells.
  • GcMAF. A patient is introduced macrophage activation factors, which help to recognise and destroy cancer cells.

Local hyperthermia. Hyperthermia significantly increases the patient's chances of curing cancer in combination with classical methods of cancer therapy. Cancer cells are more sensitive to heat than healthy cells, so overheating leads to their destruction. In addition, the site subjected to artificial heating, will have better blood supply, enriching the tumor tissue with a large number of chemotherapy drugs.

Hyperthermia is combined with radiation and chemotherapy. In this type of treatment, chemotherapy drugs have a damaging effect on the genetic apparatus of atypical tumor cells, and heat (up to 400 degrees) disables enzymes that can restore the structure of cancer cells genome. The clinic in Frankfurt am Main conducts sessions of general and local hyperthermia.

Arrangement of treatment in Germany

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Author: Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova



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