Alternative treatments of oncological diseases in Germany

Alternative treatments of oncological diseases in Germany

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Cancer treatment usually involves the use of conventional techniques that have proven their effectiveness in the clinical trials. These include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, as well as targeted therapy, immunotherapy and other progressive directions of oncology. Nevertheless, in some cases patients need alternative...

Cancer treatment usually involves the use of conventional techniques that have proven their effectivenessin the clinical trials. These include surgerychemotherapy, radiation therapy, as well as targeted therapy, immunotherapy and other progressive directions of oncology. Nevertheless, in some cases patients need alternative cancer treatments.

In which cases is it necessary to use alternative cancer treatments?

Patient will need alternative cancer treatments, if:

  • The treatment with conventional methods fails to deliver the expected result.
  • Conventional treatment does more harm than good.
  • Patient has contraindications to surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
  • Doctor gives a bad prognosis on thetreatment with conventional methods.
  • Patient refuses surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
  • Patient cannot tolerate conventional treatment.

In this case only the methods of alternative medicine can help. They improve the patient's quality of life and can have a positive impact on its duration.


Alternative treatments of oncological diseases in Germany
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Principles of alternative medicine

Alternative medicine for cancert treatement applies principles differ from conventional therapeutic approaches. Here are some of the distinctive features it offers:

  • All procedures are safe. Treatment procedures should not pose any risk to the patient’s health. The methods of alternative medicine can never deteriorate patient's health status and cause the development of side effects. Patients tolerate the treatment well.
  • Treatment influences the body, but not the disease.The doctors who adhere to the principles of alternative medicine treat not cancer, but a person. The treatment aims to heal the body rather than suppress the symptoms of the pathological process.
  • Use of the forces of nature. The treatment aims to maximally involve own resources of the body. The doctors activate its capabilities and protect the body against adverse effects. An active interaction between the doctor and the patient can result in self-healing. 

What alternative methods are applied for cancer treatment in Germany?

Germany uses a huge number of alternative cancer treatments. Based on the stage, location, condition and age of the patient, as well as results of both laboratory and instrumental examinations,  doctor determines the volume of necessary manipulations individually for each patient.

Alternative cancer treatments:

  • Insulin-enhanced therapy combined with convetional chemotherapy. A lower frequency of side effects and a higher efficiency of cytotoxic drugs distinguish this treatment from the conventional chemotherapy.
  • Photodynamic laser therapy. It is one of the most advanced and promising treatment methods.The therapy involves injection of photosensitizers, which accumulate in cancer cells. Then the body is exposed to light and the cells get destroyed.
  • Galvanotherapy. It is also known as transcutaneous electrochemical cancer therapy. The body is exposed to a weak electric current. Since cancer cells have a higher conductivity than healthy ones, former die. 
  • Biological therapy. The therapy involves the use of the very latest biological drugs, many of which are developed in Germany. These drugs are unique because of their natural origin.
  • Treatment of cancer with hyperthermia. When the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the enzymes that restore cancer cells after chemotherapy and radiation therapy become blocked. Hyperthermia can be both general and local.
  • The most advanced blood purification techniques. German clinics use apheresis, which filters the blood serum and takes toxic compounds out of it. This technique is more progressive than dialysis and the patient can tolerate it better.
  • Regenerative therapy. It aims to activate own resources of the body for them to fight against cancer or any other diseases.

Germany offers all above-mentioned methods and many others cancer treatment. Foreign patients can benefit from all advantages of alternative medicine offered in Germany.

Trip arrangement to Germany for treatment

Germany has several good clinics where doctors are involved in alternative cancer treatments. You can seek medical help in one of them. To be able to fully focus on your treatment and to protect yourself from other worries, we recommend you to use Booking Health services.

We will help you to:

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  • Get to the clinic from the airport
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Thanks to the Booking Health insurance, you can be sure that the initial cost of treatment will not be changed. Should any complications or a necessity for additional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures arise, the insurance will cover all unexpected expenses. Once your treatment is completed, within the next three months you can receive free consultations of your attending physician without any extra fees.


Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!


Author: Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova



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