Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine Frankfurt am Main


Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine Frankfurt am Main

The Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine in Frankfurt am Main specializes in comprehensive integrative medicine and offers unique therapeutic capabilities, which are available when undergoing treatment in Germany. The Clinic of Advanced Medicine has been combining methods of conventional medicine with effective alternative biological treatments of additional medicine and naturopathy for already 35 years. The latest technology combined with scientifically proven concepts of complementary medicine offer new promising approaches to treatment.  

Alternative and biological treatments for cancer and chronic diseases make up basic focuses of the Complementary Medicine Center in Frankfurt am Main. 

The Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine in Frankfurt am Main aims to boost the immune system, to maintain and improve the quality of life in case of disease, minimize side effects of toxic treatment, to increase chances for recovery as well as to increase life span through the use of effective methods available for treatment in Germany.


The 7 pillars of the Advanced Medicine

Comprehensive medicine incorporates well-tried and time-proven methods. It detects weak points of the organism. This holistic approach is of paramount importance. Moreover, comprehensive medicine combines the traditions of both alternative and conventional medicine. This practice includes seven basic principles of healing, which are based on monitoring and analysis of the patient’s organism and his disease and it also incorporates the most advanced scientific methods.

The most important thing: No harm!

The diseases can be a useful process for the organism. Traditional treatments can cure, but quite often they can also have an opposite effect, for example, suppress the symptoms without eliminating the hidden causes. The physician’s desire is to avoid harmful effects on the organism by means of the advanced treatments.

Find a real cause

Disease does not develop without a cause. The main causes shall be found and eliminated for the patient to recover completely. Symptoms are self-expression of the organism and draw attention to the problem but quite often they are not the actual cause of the disease. The causes can be of various nature. The doctor considers main causes in all fields and at all levels. He develops a strategy to address the cause of the disease instead of treating only its symptoms.

The aim is not to treat, but to cure

Health and disease are various organism conditions, which are in a complex dependence from many factors. The doctor of comprehensive medicine takes into account all aspects and treats the patient comprehensively. Harmonious interaction of all physical, psychical, emotional and mental aspects is important for a successful recovery.

Doctor will point out the right way

Cooperation between the patient and doctor has a high curing value. The doctor tells the patient how to make the way to the recovery through the use of comprehensive medicine and his assistance.


Prevention is the best protection for Your health. The ultimate goal of any medical care is prevention of diseases. Furthermore, the doctor of comprehensive medicine considers all peculiarities and habits of the patient’s life. He makes up vulnerability by analysis and assessment of risk factors caused by specific life circumstances of the patient. He points out the right and healthy way of life for the patient. Health preservation is better and safer than to fighting against diseases.

Use the healing power of nature

The organism has a health self-maintaining ability, its preserving and even recovery. Nature treats with its own vitality. The objective of the doctor is to support this process and to eliminate potential barriers preventing self-regeneration. Certainly, there are exceptions, when the doctor has to adhere to conventional medicine, for example, if some surgery is needed, if there are some bacterial infections etc.

Activate self-healing

The doctor recommends the patient to take responsibility for his health. He supports him, motivates and stimulates to his own healing. The healing process includes manifestation of symptoms, which can serve as body force expression leading to self-healing. The additional treatment methods applied in the Clinic of Advanced Biological Medicine in Frankfurt am Main support self-recovery and thus form a synergy.



You may stay at the hotel during the outpatient program. Our employees will support you for selecting the best option.

About the city

Frankfurt am Main is the fifth largest city of Germany. Since the beginning of the Middle Ages Frankfurt am Main has ranked among the largest urban centers of Germany. Today it is an important international financial center as well as a center of industry, exhibitions and services. Frankfurt am Main has been the owner of the title “City of Europe” since 1998 for its role in the European integration. 

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