Treatment abroad - Advanced medicine and personal patient care

Treatment abroad - Advanced medicine and personal patient care

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Generally people prefer to receive healthcare services at their place of residence due the convenience and low costs. However, many people choose to get treatment abroad. This phenomenon is called medical tourism. Its prevalence in the world is increasing every year. More and more patients are becoming...

Due to the difficulties associated with the organization of treatment in Turkey, Switzerland, South Korea and India, we are not currently processing requests to these regions.

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Generally people prefer to receive healthcare services at their place of residence due the convenience and low costs. However, many people choose to get treatment abroad. This phenomenon is called medical tourism. Its prevalence in the world is increasing every year. More and more patients are becoming interested, for one reason or another, to go get treatment abroad.


  1. Treatment abroad for the patients from the prosperous countries
  2. Treatment abroad for the patients from the developing countries
  3. How to go for treatment abroad?

Treatment abroad for the patients from the prosperous countries


Here are some thought provoking reasons why some people from developing countries temporarily leave their country in order to undergo diagnostics and treatment of various diseases in other countries. Most medical tourists have a high level of income that allows them to easily travel around the world and choose where they would like to be treated.

Key aims why patients leave to get therapy are:

  • Obtaining highly specialized care if this branch of medicine is better developed in a particular country.
  • Obtaining immediate care if the patient has to wait a few months or years to get it at the place of residence.
  • Use of healthcare services banned at home (purchase of organs for transplantation, surrogate motherhood and some other assisted reproductive technologies, sex-change operations, etc).
  • Cost efficiency. US residents most often travel for this purpose, because their healthcare is very expensive. When leaving for treatment to India or Thailand, a patient from America can spend 5-10 times less on treatment.
  • Treatment in other climate conditions for a scenic recovery. This applies primarily to health tourism. The patient is forced to go abroad if he wants to be treated on mountain, sea, balneology, climate and other resorts that are absent in his native country.
  • Combining therapeutic activities and recreation. A person can go on treatment only in order to simultaneously improve his health and have a relaxing retreat in another country.
  • Treatment of rare pathologies. Sometimes a patient has to look for specialized centers dealing with the treatment of certain rare diseases, or to visit a country where this group of pathologies is much more frequent, and therefore their treatment is performed more qualitatively. 


Treatment abroad


Treatment abroad for the patients from the developing countries


Residents of the developing countries with poor healthcare can get treatment abroad,in order to fulfil the above needs of the patient. However, most often they go in search of better medical services.

They cross the border to get:

  • High-quality and accurate diagnostics
  • Highly skilled assistance of experienced doctors
  • Medical procedures, drugs, surgical procedures or other treatments not available at home due to poor development of healthcare
  • Homely comfort and the hospitable attitude of doctors and medical personnel
  • High-quality and well thought-out rehabilitation measures
  • Pain free treatment
  • The opportunity to participate in clinical trials of innovative drugs and therapeutic approaches, if the drugs and procedures currently used do not allow for significant clinical improvement

Patients from developing countries usually receive qualitative treatment in Europe, particularly, in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic. Here they have the opportunity to significantly increase life expectancy, restore or maintain the ability to treat or completely cure an existing disease. The goals of treatment depend on the specific pathology, stage and features of the clinical course of the disease.



How to go for treatment abroad?


A patient who wishes to get treatment abroad faces many challenges. This happens especially when a person doesn’t know the language of the desired state.

Key obstacles that can arise are:

  • Inability to choose a suitable clinic where the patient could receive the best quality treatment
  • Problems with getting a visa, moving  around a foreign country, city, search for a hospital
  • The need to obtain certain documents required by a foreign healthcare centre
  • Poor health, which limits mobility, the possibility of social contact with other people, including hospital employees
  • Inability to contact the hospital management and agree on treatment in the near future, especially if you are told that there are no places
  • Lack of information about the rights the patient has in the country, and how to act in unusual situations
  • A lack of understanding of what services a person should receive in the hospital when he has transferred the payment
  • Difficulties with establishing a daily routine, including in the conditions of a medical institution

A person does not know where to find an interpreter, how to work with medical paperwork, how to navigate around the country. To exclude all these organizational, legal, everyday issues, please contact our company. We will help you to choose a hospital, enrol in a suitable treatment, and obtain a visa. We are going to arrange your arrival, provide you with an interpreter and ensure your transfer to the hospital. We will take care of all your concerns,so that you will be able to concentrate on the treatment, avoiding unnecessary problems and stresses.

We will help you to:

  • Find the most suitable hospital related to your disease and the most suitable treatment
  • Finalise and agree upon all details with the medical centre, where you are to be treated (registration for treatment, payment and accommodation)
  • Solve problems with visa, medical records and other documents
  • Provide transfer to Germany, as well as transfer across the country
  • Provide escort for persons with disabilities (movement, speech disorders etc.)
  • Select an interpreter and ensure high quality translation of medical records

Advantages of using  the services of our company:

  • On our site you can select a hospital specialising in the treatment of a certain disease or a group of diseases on your own or with our assistance
  • Processing of the request for your selected hospital takes less than 24 hours
  • You will receive an insurance amounting up to 200,000 euros. It will cover all possible complications or unforeseen expenses during the treatment
  • All financial transactions are completely transparent: you can find out at any time where, how much and for what medical services your money has been utilised on
  • You can save up to 70% of treatment costs
  • Free doctor’s consultations within 3 months after the completion of the main treatment stage

We will take care of all these concerns so that you can focus on your treatment without any unnecessary problems and stress.


Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!


Authors: Dr. Nadezhda IvanisovaAlexandra Solovey


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