Treatment of Gynecological Diseases in Germany

Treatment of Gynecological Diseases in Germany

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To be treatedat a German hospital for any gynecological treatment, you can be sure of receiving a high standard of comfort and care.  Assistance to both  local and foreign patients are provided for here. The early detection of life endangering diseases is carried out with the help of high-precision diagnostic methods.

To be treatedat a German hospital for any gynecological treatment, you can be sure of receiving a high standard of comfort and care.  Assistance to both  local and foreign patients are provided for here. The early detection of life endangering diseases is carried out with the help of high-precision diagnostic methods. Such areas as gynecological oncology, endocrinology, and reproductive medicine are constantly improving.

Benefits of treatment in Germany 

German doctors generally treat gynecological diseases more successfully than in developing countries. These are the basic advantages of female pathologies treatment in Germany:

  • Use of safe and high-precision diagnostic methods. Modern high-resolution devices are used to diagnose various pathologies. Ionizing radiation’s (if it’s possible) dose is minimal, which is achieved by minimizing the time of exposure to radiation on the patient's body. The latest generation equipment reconstructs and visualises, using computer programs in 3D mode. This allows doctors to get an accurate idea of ​​the location, the size of the pathological focus, and its topography.
  • Course on minimally invasive methods. If it is necessary to perform surgical intervention, gynecologists in Germany try to perform such operations with minimal injuries. Endoscopic equipment is used for that, which significantly shortens the rehabilitation period, reduces postoperative pain, and ensures the absence of extensive scars after the operation. Recovery of such operations is much faster. Endoscopic interventions require only a few punctures to introduce surgical manipulators and an endoscope - a tube with optical lenses and a camera through which the physician receives an image of the operating field and controls the course of the operation.
  • Modern methods of premature baby care. A large number of women prefer to give birth in Germany. Here, even babies that may not have survived in other countries’ hospital care are successfully nursed here. The record belongs to the Bavarian Prenatal Centre on the grounds of the University Clinic. Difficult delivery of a preterm baby girl with a weight of 380 grams occurred here. The doctors were able to nurse and care for development of the baby. The child conformed to the norms of the age development, both intellectually and physically later on.
  • Treatment of the reproductive system oncological diseases. German doctors use the latest methods and medical knowledge to treat oncology. The latest generation drugs are used as chemotherapeutic agents, which have better tolerability and efficacy. Innovative operations and methods of radiotherapy are applied, which encourage and challenge German doctors to achieve a very high survival rate among patients.
  • Quality reproductive medicine. Patients with infertility have many options to conceive a baby, using the services of German reproductive scientists. In vitro fertilization is a offers a successful rate of pregnancy in 38% of women in most countries. However, in Germany this figure exceeds 60% after the first attempt. Chances of pregnancy are very high given that there may be several attempts to conceive.


Treatment of Gynecological Diseases in Germany
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German hospitals with Great Gynecological Services

Germany has many competent hospitals in the field of gynaecology with very well-equipped gynaecological and obstetrical departments. Here are some of them:

How to choose a hospital?

Your choice of hospital depends on the reason of your reference to the doctor. Oncogynecologic diseases are successfully treated in some healthcare institutions, others specialize in childbirth and nursing preterm babies, while others have succeeded in reproductive medicine. When choosing, you should also consider the cost of treatment, living conditions, the geographical location of the medical facility and other factors that are important to you personally.

You can choose a hospital using the online Booking Health service. We are directly contracted with more than 250 of the best medical institutions in Europe. Therefore, you can see the actual cost of therapeutic and diagnostic programs. If you need help choosing a clinic and organizing treatment abroad, you can always contact the specialists at BookingHealth.

Using our services gives you a number of advantages such as:

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  • Full package of services (translation of documents, assistance in obtaining a visa, transfer from the airport).
  • The health insurance covering all unforeseen medical expenses so the cost of treatment is guaranteed to not increase.
  • Doctor’s consultations within 3 months after the treatment without additional payment.

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