Hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey

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With age hair becomes thin and sparse in almost all people. Two-thirds of men already notice changes in their hair before they reach 35 years, and by the age of 50, 85% of them already have bald spots which are quite visible. But today, this problem is solvable in just one day. Hair transplantation will help you with this problem. 

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With age hair becomes thin and sparse in almost all people. Two-thirds of men already notice changes in their hair before they reach 35 years, and by the age of 50, 85% of them already have bald spots which are quite visible. But today, this problem is solvable in just one day. Hair transplantation will help you with this problem. The procedure is performed in many clinics in Turkey.


  1. How is the hair transplantation carried out?
  2. Benefits of hair transplantation with the help of robotic system
  3. After the procedure
  4. Why clinics in Turkey are worth choosing?
  5. How can I undergo treatment in Skin Health Turkey clinic?

How is the hair transplantation carried out?


There are several methods of hair transplantation. Nowadays, there are two main techniques, such as: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and transplantation with the usage of the ARTAS robotic system. These methods are equal in their principle.

The FUE proceeds in 2 stages. The first one is extraction of donor grafts. The second one is their implantation into the scalp. A graft is a group of hair follicles; each of them may have from 1 to 4 hair bulbs. Most grafts in the human scalp consist of two follicles. Quantity of such grafts exceeds 50%. Grafts with 1 or 3 follicles are less common. Four hair follicles are observed in no more than 3-4% of cases. The grafts that contain more than 4 hair bulbs are very rare.

Grafts are extracted from the occipital region. During the procedure a doctor looks, whether it will lead to the significant hair thinning. If the number of follicles is not enough, they can be also taken from the chest and chin.

The patient is shaved with a hair clipper. The scalp is anesthetized with an analgesic. Therefore, the procedure is painless. The grafts are extracted evenly, one by one, from different areas.

Then the second stage follows. The graft implantation is carried out in the scalp regions where the hair is thinned or missing. The tool called the Implanter Pen is used for this purpose. It places grafts at the required depth, and at the certain angle. Quality and size of the donor grafts are different. Therefore, the implanters of different sizes are used during one procedure, their number may be about 30.

The doctor injects thin grafts with a single follicle on the hairline. Next come two-, three-, and four-hair grafts. They provide necessary hair thickness. The FUE method allows to implant 60 grafts or 100-150 hairs per 1 square centimeter of the scalp. Therefore, the hair thickness after the procedure can be the same as before the baldness.

Hair transplantation takes plenty of time, and this is the only disadvantage of this procedure. The doctor will need from 6 to 12 hours to ensure the necessary hair thickness. About 4000 grafts are usually transplanted. In most cases, transplantation is performed during one day. But if the procedure requires more than 8 hours, it may take 2 days.

Benefits of hair transplantation with the help of robotic system


Usage of the ARTAS robotic system makes the procedure more expensive. But at the same time it has several advantages compared with the FUE Implanter Pen. They are as follows:

  • During the extraction, the yield of viable hair reaches 92% whereas, by means of a manual technique, the number of damaged follicles can reach 20%.
  • High accuracy during the hair extraction. The neighboring follicles are not damaged.
  • Duration of the procedure is shorter by one-third or even twice.
  • The number of taken follicles is calculated by the computer.
  • The human factor is excluded; therefore, there is no risk of medical error.

Usage of the ARTAS robotic system is also a guarantee that the donor area will not be too thinned out and will not have bald spots.

After the procedure


A person can go home immediately after the procedure. Neither a hospitalization nor a long-term observation in the hospital is required. The scalp will need to be washed with the special remedies, which the patient receives from his doctor.

The healing of punctures in the scalp takes 4-5 days. After 2 weeks they will become completely invisible.

After the transplantation, not more than 2-3% of hair falls out. The rest of the hair is growing. The patient's hair gets a final look in a few months after the procedure. In the future, the transplanted hair is preserved life-long.



Why clinics in Turkey are worth choosing?


The advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey are:

  • Great experience. More than 100.000 hair transplant procedures are performed annually in this country.
  • Modern methods allow the doctor to transplant hair with a 100% guarantee of success, without pain and scars.
  • Affordable prices. The costs are 2-3 times lower than in the developed countries of Europe or Asia.
  • All inclusive. Most programs include full-board accommodation, the costs of drugs, examinations, interpreting services, etc. (there are no additional costs).
  • Robots help people. ARTAS robotic systems are available in the clinics of Turkey. This allows the doctors to transplant hair more accurately and faster.

According to the annual specialized qualification profile, the best results in the field of hair transplantation are demonstrated by Skin Health Turkey clinic located in Istanbul. The Department of Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation has been helping international patients to change appearance according to their desires for more than 5 years. Head physician of the department, Dr. Öykü Maraşoğlu Çelen, constantly implements innovations in the field of aesthetic medicine into clinical practice.

After the treatment in Skin Health Turkey clinic, the survival rate of transplanted grafts reaches 97-98%. Even in the late postoperative period after the procedure, the hair does not thin. Graft survival is increased even more with the help of PRP-therapy. PRP-therapy implies using platelet-rich plasma. It improves microcirculation of the blood in the scalp and provides intensive nourishment for new hair.

Doctors of the Department of Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation have individual approach to each case and use exactly the technique that will ensure desired result. FUT, FUE and the robotic system ARTAS are available here, so the choice of doctors is not limited by presence of special equipment.

How can I undergo treatment in Skin Health Turkey clinic?


Skin Health Turkey Clinic accepts for treatment both Turkish citizens and international patients. Patients from other countries can apply for medical care via the official partner of the clinic – certified medical tourism operator Booking Health.

Booking Health specialists will help you organize a trip to Turkey for hair transplantation. Work of Booking Health includes the following:

  • Establishing communication directly with your doctor
  • Preparing medical program in advance, without repeating previous examinations (first consultations with the attending physician are distant)
  • Providing favorable costs, without overpricing and additional coefficients for foreign patients (saving up to 50%)
  • Booking the appointment on the necessary date
  • Monitoring medical program at all stages
  • Help in buying and forwarding of medicines
  • Communication with the clinic after treatment completion
  • Control of invoices and return of unspent funds
  • Organization of additional examinations
  • Offering service of the highest level: booking hotels and plane tickets, transfer organization

To receive treatment in the clinic Skin Health Turkey, you should leave the request on the official website of Booking Health. Our specialists will contact you within 24 hours, give you detailed advice and help to organize your trip.


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The Booking Health portal presents 18 Turkish clinic where you can receive alopecia treatment with the help of hair follicle transplantation by the ARTAS robotic system.

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