Facelifting (Tuck-up surgery) in Germany

Facelifting (Tuck-up surgery) in Germany

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Facelifting is a surgery aimed at smoothing wrinkles and folds in order to improve a person's appearance. It is usually performed at the age of 40-60 years. Surgery brings the best results exactly at this age, allowing effectively hide the signs ageing. If necessary, it is possible to re-perform the surgery after 5-15 years.

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Facelifting is a surgery aimed at smoothing wrinkles and folds in order to improve a person's appearance. It is usually performed at the age of 40-60 years. Surgery brings the best results exactly at this age, allowing effectively hide the signs ageing. If necessary, it is possible to re-perform the surgery after 5-15 years. Unfortunately, not always the results of plastic surgery justify your expectations. Much depends on the technique of intervention and qualification of a plastic surgeon. Unsuccessful operation significantly worsens the appearance of the patient. You will definitely need another surgery to correct the acquired defects.

To avoid failure during the face lifting, many patients prefer to contact the best plastic surgeons who work in reputable clinics. One of the most demanded countries, where people from all over the world go for face lifting, is Germany. Highly qualified specialists work here, and plastic surgery hospitals are equipped with the latest medical technology.


  1. Filament facelifting
  2. Deep face lifting
  3. Endoscopic face lifting
  4. German hospitals of plastic surgery
  5. How to use the services of german plastic surgeons?


Facelifting (Tuck-up surgery) in Germany


Filament facelifting


Lifting the face features with threads is a non-surgical technique. It is carried out in the gentlest way. The threads about 20 cm long are introduced into the face. They are fixed with the tissues of the face in the "right" position, thereby smoothing the wrinkles. The filaments can be absorbable or non-absorbable.

Minimal invasiveness, absence of hematomas, no need for long-term rehabilitation are among advantages of the technique. Limited effectiveness represents the disadvantages. It is impossible to reposition the tissues of the face or to excise them with the use of a filament lifting. The skin just stretches - just like you can do it with your own hands. The difference is that the threads stay in the skin for a long time and keep it in the required position permanently.

Possible problems during conducting an intervention in a not professional hospital:

  • Face asymmetry
  • Pain during and after the procedure
  • Swelling, hematomas in the area of intervention
  • Infectious inflammation with pus.

We advise to undergo the procedure under the control of best specialists.

Benefits of filament facelifting in Germany are:

  • Qualitative threads are used which allows you to avoid over-stretching the tissues. There are no scars, scarring, long healing bruises after the surgery. There is no risk of hemorrhage, which is possible with the use of substandard threads (they can cling and rupture blood vessels). In Germany they use threads with the effect of biorevitalization (rejuvenation), which saturates the skin with useful supplements, stimulate the formation of elastin and collagen.
  • Long-term effect. Quality lifting with using good threads allows achievement of long-term effect. They are well fixed and do not stretch over time. Therefore, after a proper facelift, the results remain at least for 5 years. It does not disappear, but only weakenswith the time. This is not due to the stretching of the threads, but due to the withering of the face and the reduction of the skin elasticity.
  • Fast recovery. German doctors will perform the operation in a maximum sparing way. It takes only 40-60 minutes. Thus, anesthesia is not needed, so you don’t risk your health.Only local anesthesia is used. The rehabilitation period, as after surgery, is absent. Face looks rejuvenated right after the filament lifting. There are only small punctures left in the hair growth zone.

Deep face lifting


Deep face lifting is what helps prominent changes of the face. This is a full open surgical operation. Such manipulations are carried out:

  • Resection (excision) and fixation of the subcutaneous-muscular-aponeurotic system (SMAS-lifting)
  • Distribution of the facial and neck skin
  • Removal of excessive skin

There are many ways to do the surgery. It depends on the area of intervention. This can be lifting of the upper, medium or lower third of the face. Combination of the liftings is also possible.

Types of lifting are differentiated by their depths:

Deep face lifting is often combined with other ways of rejuvenation like filament lifting. Experienced plastic surgeons successfully combine various techniques, thus, reaching better results.

Possible problems which can occur if you have a surgery done in the bad hospital:

  • Poor outcome of the surgery – unnatural facial expression or its asymmetry, a discrepancy between the results and expectations of the patient
  • Complications such as bleeding, suppuration of postoperative wounds, formation of scars
  • Nerve damage, which may result in damaging the sensitivity of the facial skin or motor impairment

Benefits of the deep face lifting in Germany:

  • Nice aesthetic effect thanks to the professional surgeons
  • Absence of scars
  • Minimal risks of complications thanks to thorough exam of the patients prior to the surgery and following all the rules of asepsis and antiseptics
  • Comfortable conditions of stay in the hospital during the postoperative period

Endoscopic face lifting


Endoscopic or closed face lift differs from deep lifting because it is performed without large incisions in the skin. Onone hand, this is an advantage, as the rehabilitation period is shortened, there is no postoperative pain, less edema, hematomas are less pronounced. On the other hand, endoscopic lifting is less effective. It does not allow you to achieve same results as a deep or open face lifting.

Problems which cannot be corrected by the endoscopic face lifting are:

  • Transverse wrinkles on the forehead or between the eyebrows
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Omission of nasolabial folds
  • Sullen or harlequin facial features

During the intervention:

  1. Miniature incisions on the face are done first.
  2. Tubes with cameras and microsurgical instruments are introduced through the incisions.
  3. A surgeon performs all necessary manipulations controlling the image on the screen.
  4. Doctor lifts not only patient’s skin but soft tissues too during the procedure. 

Benefits of the endoscopic face lifting in Germany are:

  • Absence of scarring, as instruments are inserted in the imperceptible places (the scalp, the oral cavity, the lower eyelid)
  • Rapid rehabilitation - up to 2 weeks
  • Long-term effect - lasts up to 15 years
  • Good aesthetic effect, justifying the patient's expectations
  • Ability to combine with other methods of rejuvenation

German hospitals of plastic surgery


Germany can boast with the bunch of hospitals where highly-professional surgeons are working. They own high reputation in Europe and worldwide. German doctors operate not only German citizens but foreign patients as well.

Here are some German hospitals where you can undergo face lifting:



How to use the services of german plastic surgeons?


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