Why does Germany offer the best treatment for hepatitis

Why does Germany offer the best treatment for hepatitis

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Hepatitis is a term used for liver inflammation. It can develop due to various causes. The most common hepatitis is caused by viruses or toxic chemical compounds.  Occasionally, patients can have radiation-induced (caused by radiation) or autoimmune hepatitis. 

Hepatitis is a term used for liver inflammation. It can develop due to various causes. The most common hepatitis is caused by viruses or toxic chemical compounds. Occasionally, patients can have radiation-induced (caused by radiation) or autoimmune hepatitis. 

Toxic hepatitis treatment

Toxic hepatitis is a disease that is caused by the ingestion of chemical compounds that are poisonous to the liver. These can be found in: 

  • Industrial poisons
  • Medicines 
  • Poisonous mushrooms
  • Plants 

Acute toxic hepatitis develops at an instant ingestion of a large number of hepatotoxic venom. Chronic toxic hepatitis is diagnosed when small doses of toxins get into the blood for a long time and cause liver dysfunctional disorders. This is more common than the above mentioned cases. Among the most common types is chronic alcoholic hepatitis caused by a regular consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

Toxic hepatitis treatment involves: 

  • Use of a specific antidote, if the source of poisoning has been identified
  • Use of non-specific detoxification measures aimed at eliminating toxins from the body
  • Prescription of drugs to improve liver function and restore its structure

Toxic hepatitis often causes cirrhosis and chronic liver failure that require appropriate therapeutic interventions. In the most unfavourable cases, the patient needs a liver transplant. 

Viral hepatitis treatment

There are many types of viral hepatitis. The most common are hepatitis A, B and C.  Hepatitis A poses no danger to human life and health. It can be managed easily and quickly. 

Viral hepatitis C poses the greatest threat. It is called “a gentle killer”, since the disease can cause death without experiencing any pain and significant clinical manifestations during the initial stage. Nevertheless, today effective drugs are prescribed which can defeat the infection.


Viral hepatitis treatment


The main groups of drugs include: 

  • Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
  • Nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors
  • Interferons

In recent years, a new group of drugs for hepatitis C treatment - non-nucleoside NS5B polymerase inhibitors – is at the final stages of clinical trials.

Possible treatment outcomes 

Up to 20% of patients with hepatitis C recover without treatment. In others acute form of the disease can develop into chronic. It is extremely difficult to treat and has a less favourable prognosis. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to treat viral hepatitis C not later than 6 months after infection.

A general statistics on the outcomes of the disease is disappointing. Every third patient develops liver cirrhosis. Without appropriate treatment, most patients can develop liver cancer due to viral hepatitis C. This is despite the fact that doctors today  have effective drugs that can block viral replication and prevent damage to the liver. 

Hepatitis C can be treated, if the patient takes care of their health and seeks the relevant medical care in a good hospital on time.

The majority of unfavourable outcomes are due to the fact that:

  • Hepatitis C does not manifest pronounced symptoms for a long time. Therefore, the patient often does not visit a doctor to have treatment, even if he has already been diagnosed and identified what kind of condition he/she has. 
  • Hepatitis C often affects drugs users and people with a promiscuous sex life. 
  • Hepatitis C requires the use of modern drugs. They are not available in all countries. Even if it is possible to buy them, not every physician knows effective treatment regimens for the disease. Therefore, it is better to treat hepatitis C at good hospitals in the economically developed countries.  

Peculiarities of hepatitis treatment in Germany 

Viral hepatitis can be treated by drugs. If the treatment is timely and proper, most patients can achieve complete recovery.

The peculiarities of viral hepatitis treatment in Germany include:

  • Use of the most up-to-date original drugs that have been tested for its effectiveness during clinical trials. 
  • Selection of the most effective drug treatment regimens.
  • High quality maintenance therapy aimed at the preservation of the liver functions, prevention of complications and improvement of the patient’s condition.
  • The possibility to use innovative treatments and the latest groups of antiviral drugs that are not yet available in other countries. 
  • High quality rehabilitation after treatment to restore functions of the liver and other internal organs. 

If necessary, Germany offers treatment for complications of hepatitis, such as liver failure or cirrhosis. If necessary, the patient may be required to have a liver transplant. This surgery can save the lives of numerous patients suffering from the advanced form of the disease. 

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Authors: Dr. Nadezhda IvanisovaDr. Farrukh Ahmed


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