Liver transplantation in Germany

Liver transplantation in Germany

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Liver transplantation is a surgical intervention when a patient is transplanted liver fragments from a live or recently deceased donor. The operation is required in cases where other therapeutic measures aimed at restoring the function of one’s liver are ineffective or unpromising. Since transplantation is a complex operation, it is better...

Liver transplantation is a surgical intervention when a patient is transplanted liver fragments from a live or recently deceased donor. The operation is required in cases where other therapeutic measures aimed at restoring the function of one’s liver are ineffective or unpromising.

Since transplantation is a complex operation, it is better to conduct it in the hospitals of developed countries, because a qualitatively performed surgery gives a person a better chance of survival.

Indications for liver transplantation 

Indications for liver transplantation are chronic diffuse organ diseases with a prognosis for life of less than 12 months. The main indication is cirrhosis, which develops as a result of viral (hepatitis C), autoimmune or alcoholic hepatitis.

Rarer indications are:

  • Irreversible damage to the liver against hepatitis B or D
  • Toxic hepatitis caused by drugs or industrial poisons
  • Congenital fibrosis of the liver
  • Secondary biliary cirrhosis
  • Some hereditary metabolic diseases


Liver transplantation kinds
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Liver transplantation kinds

Main kinds of liver transplantation are:

  • From a deceased person
  • From an alive donor

Transplantation can be as well:

  • Orthotopic (own liver is removed)
  • Heterotopic (own liver is preserved)

Liver transplantation from the alive donor has a number of benefits which are:

  • The possibility of a planned, and not emergency surgery (the liver from a deceased person should be transplanted no later than 12 hours after his death)
  • Less waiting period for the operation, as there is no shortage of donor material
  • Better biological compatibility of tissues, because a relative of the patient usually becomes a donor

Donor’s liver completely regenerates within several months. He usually has no negative health effects.


Liver transplantation is a highly effective method of treatment of irreversible lesions of the corresponding organ. Although it is used only in extreme cases, when the high risk of a fatality  within the next year is estimated, such patients after transplantation can potentially live for decades.

Prognosis of the life expectancy within the different time frames:

  • 1 year after the surgery -  90% of patients
  • 5 years after the surgery -  from 75% to 85% in different countries
  • 15 years after the surgery – 58% of patients in average

High life expectancy and absence of graft rejection among most patients are associated with the development and introduction of new immunosuppressive drugs. They suppress immunity and prevent rejection of the donor's liver.

Benefits of treatment in Germany

22 medical institutions are functioning in Germany where one can receive liver transplantation. Surgery in this country is the most effective and safest procedure than in the developing countries. Further, intraoperative death is lower here, the risk of post surgical complications is also lower, the patients’ survival is better in the long run. 

Main benefits of treatment in Germany are:

  • High qualification and experience of doctors who conduct such interventions.
  • Surgical clinics are equipped with the latest technology.
  • High level of comfort while in hospital.
  • Quality and safe anaesthesia during surgery and in the postoperative period.
  • Ability to undergo rehabilitation with a gradual return of the person to the former way of life, restoration of work capacity.

Organisation of treatment in Germany

You need to find a good hospital that deals with such operations, arrange a stay in the country, and agree on how to undergo treatment in a medical institution for liver transplantation. It is also necessary to settle a number of everyday issues: transportation, accommodation, communication in a foreign country.

Booking Health can take care of the entire organisation of treatment in Germany. This is a service for selecting hospitals and booking medical services abroad. Our headquarters is located in Germany. We organise treatment in Germany as well as other European hospitals.

Benefits of Booking Health online platform usage are:

  • Selection of a hospital where the treatment will be of the highest quality.
  • Speedy medical care in Germany (reduced waiting time for surgery).
  • Reduction of the treatment costs by optimising the extent of diagnostic and treatment procedures.
  • Ensuring all organisational issues.
  • Obtain insurance, which compensates for all unforeseen medical expenses up to 200 Thousand Euros.

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Liver transplantation in Germany
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Author: Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova



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