Prenatal care and childbirth in Germany

Prenatal care and childbirth in Germany

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Germany is one of the most the most successful European states. Each branch of medicine is well-financed here including obstetrics and gynecology. Prenatal care and childbirth in Germany is set apart with its professional approach, comfortable service and the latest techniques of chromosomal abnormalities in the screening... 

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Germany is one of the most successful European countries. Each branch of medicine is well-financed here, including obstetrics and gynecology. Prenatal care and childbirth in Germany is set apart with its professional approach, comfortable service and the latest techniques of chromosomal abnormalities detection in the screening of the fetus. This is associated to the late childbirth in Europe whereby women are generally older in the range of 30-35 years of age. The search for an ideal partner, a tendency to marry later in life, a goal to achieve professional success or stable financial position – these are the basic reasons why many women postpone having kids for later.


  1. Benefits of prenatal care in Germany
  2. Benefits of childbirth in Germany
  3. Arrangement of prenatal care and childbirth in Germany

Benefits of prenatal care in Germany


Many foreign patients use the trustworthy services of German clinics during their pregnancy. Meanwhile, they also benefit greatly from a number of advantages:

A thorough gynecological examination during pregnancy. 3 ultrasounds are performed during pregnancy in Germany, and according to these results it can be performed more often. Examination for infections, hormones, evaluation of blood coagulability and other tests are also required. Thanks to the latest generation of ultrasound devices and other methods of instrumental diagnosis, examination results are often more informative in Germany.

NT-test for the most common genetic abnormalities detection. A woman's blood sample is taken during this test from a vein for an examination of her hormone level in contrast to the standard study of the levels of beta-hCG and PAPR hormones, and ultrasound, when the doctor determines the likely risk of having a child with a particular chromosomal syndrome. Usually, the 13, 18, 21 pairs of chromosomes (Patau, Edwards, Down's syndromes, respectively) and trisomy of the sex chromosomes (X, Y) are defined during the test. The doctor calculates the length of the nasal and femur bones, the neck fold and the fetal head circumference, his heart, etc. are measured. The probability of a child's birth with chromosomal abnormalities is calculated immediately, and the patient receives the result on the day of the analysis (in contrast to the standard hormonal assays).

Noninvasive diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities. Along with the puncture of the amnion for the harvesting of the genetic material of the fetus and its investigation, there is an innovative technique for the accurate non-invasive diagnosis of these possible anomalies. To do this, it is enough to take blood from the vein. Conducting this test is informative as it starts from the 11-th week of pregnancy.

Special programs for childbirth (labor) preparation. It is possible to take courses in preparation for childbirth privately. Visiting them is possible in the mode of 1 lesson per week for 5 weeks, or in the form of a crash course, when one session is held for 1 day lasting 5 hours. They are more convenient for foreign patients, whose duration of stay in Germany is limited.

These courses help a woman to recognize when the labor has started, to recognize the contractions, when to urgently seek medical help and additional treatment, etc. Future mothers are taught exercises that help reduce pain during contractions. Along with the preparation for childbirth, women can attend courses in the training of newborn care, breastfeeding etc.

Summarizing the aforesaid, prenatal care in German hospital allows one to:

  • Avoid a miscarriage
  • Avoid complications of the mother or fetus during pregnancy
  • In case of complications, get high-quality medical care to preserve the woman's pregnancy and health
  • Diagnose the pathology of fetal development at an early stage


Prenatal care and childbirth in Germany

Benefits of childbirth in Germany


A lot of women come to Germany to give a birth. It offers many women from foreign countries numerous advantages of the obstetrics in Germany:

  • Natural childbirth. German doctors are trying to maximize the process of delivery with natural birth. If desired, a woman can give birth to a child in a sitting position, standing or in the water. Cesarean section is used only in the presence of strict medical indications.
  • Anesthesia during childbirth. Some women find it difficult to tolerate the process of a painful childbirth. In Germany, epidural anesthesia is often used in such cases. At the same time, the woman is conscious and fully controls the process of the childbirth.
  • Babies are provided with everything necessary in the hospital. A woman does not have to take a huge number of baby products with her. It is enough to take only beautiful clothes for for a family photo, and things for the new mom. A list of items can be obtained after taking prenatal training.
  • Early mother to child bonding, with attaching baby to the breast and putting the newborn onto the mother’s stomach. Evidence-based medicine suggests that contact "skin to skin" is very important for the mother and baby immediately after childbirth. The child will receive a maternal protective microflora, a sense of calm, and also colostrum, which he/she needs after birth. The woman's contact "skin to skin" stimulates the production of milk, which facilitates the establishment of breastfeeding in the future.
  • The possibility of a joint stay with her husband in the postpartum ward. The options for staying in the maternity hospital after the birth of the baby, are a standard room where there are two women in childbirth and their children, or a single room, and a family-type room where the woman will stay with her husband.
  • Making an individual menu after childbirth. The food for the woman during the postnatal stay in the hospital will be prepared taking into account her wishes or general recommendations regarding the ration of nursing mothers.
  • After birth, the woman can visit a breastfeeding specialist, postpartum rehabilitation gymnastics. She will receive all the necessary information about the care of the child after childbirth: bathing, swaddling the baby, etc.

Summarizing the foregoing, the childbirth in Germany has such advantages for a woman:

  • She will give birth on time, naturally
  • Anesthesia will be used if necessary
  • A woman will give birth in comfortable and safe conditions
  • After delivery, she will receive information and psychological support
  • Stay in the room will be as comfortable as possible
  • Experienced doctors examine the mother and child immediately after childbirth to assess their health status



Arrangement of prenatal care and childbirth in Germany


Many women want to give birth in the best clinics in Germany, because it is as expensive as giving birth in their own country, but with better healthcare conditions. Nevertheless, they may be put off by a number of organizational issues. How to choose a hospital? How to negotiate with the administration without knowing the language? How to communicate with doctors? What is the reasonable cost for treatment and how not to overpay for medical services? What documents are needed? Indeed, arranging a trip to Germany to receive medical services is not an easy task at all. Sometimes the response from the head physician must be delayed for so long that the woman might give birth to a child during this time. But all these can be solved if you seek help from the specialists of Booking Health.

We will help you to:

  • Arrange the visit to the leading German clinic as soon as possible
  • Save up to 70% of the funds that you would have spent with self-management of treatment program
  • We will provide an interpreter for translating medical records and communicating with the medical staff of the hospital
  • Book flights, hotel, help with visa

Using the services of Booking Health, you will get a health insurance, which will cover unforeseen expenses in case of complications for up to 200 thousand Euros. Therefore, the cost of medical services, which is stipulated initially, will remain the same, regardless of what happens.


Choose prenatal care and giving birth abroad and you will get the best results for sure!


Authors: Dr. Vadim ZhiliukDr. Sergey Pashchenko


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