Treatment of Cervical Cancer using Conization in Germany

Treatment of Cervical Cancer using Conization in Germany

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Cervical cancer treatment in Germany includes the full range of minimally invasive and extensive surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation, as well as combination of these techniques. At the early cancer stages, German oncologists perform conization – a sparing surgical intervention that allows the doctor to remove the tumor and...

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Cervical cancer treatment in Germany includes the full range of minimally invasive and extensive surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation, as well as combination of these techniques. At the early cancer stages, German oncologists perform conization – a sparing surgical intervention that allows the doctor to remove the tumor and preserve woman's reproductive potential. Additional benefits of conization include a short hospital stay, minimal pain and maintaining of the normal levels of sex hormones.


  1. Who is eligible for the cervical conization?
  2. The preoperative preparation
  3. The surgical procedure modifications
  4. Postoperative care
  5. Cancer treatment in Germany with Booking Health

Who is eligible for the cervical conization?


As a method of cervical cancer treatment, conization attracts patients due to minimal invasiveness and preserving the childbearing ability and possibility of natural childbirth in the future. However, there are strict indications for this type of treatment:

  1. Confirmed microcarcinoma or microinvasive cancer, namely IA1 tumors according to the FIGO classification (2009). These are neoplasms less than 7 mm in size, which penetrate deeper into the cervix by no more than 3 mm.
  2. Reproductive age of a woman and desire to preserve fertility. If a woman does not plan to have children in the future, the specialists prefer more extensive surgical procedures (for example, total hysterectomy).
  3. The anatomical structure of the cervix is suitable for conization performing.

When following all the requirements, cervical conization has high safety and efficacy, namely the death rate is less than 1%, whereas the relapse rate is less than 3%.

The preoperative preparation


In addition to control gynecological examination and confirmation of indications for conization, German specialists always conduct a preoperative examination, including a complete blood count, tests for hepatitis B and C, syphilis, HIV.

Doctors give the following recommendations for preparing for cervical cancer treatment in Germany:

  1. Arrival should be planned based on the day of the menstrual cycle. The operation is performed on the 5-7th day of the menstrual cycle, that is, immediately after the end of menstruation. This helps prevent the development of postoperative endometriosis.
  2. During the previous menstruation, the woman should use pads, but not tampons. It is also better to use special personal care products.
  3. Sexual rest for 2-3 weeks.
  4. On the eve of the operation, physical overload and overheating should be excluded.
  5. The operation is performed on an empty stomach, 6 hours before its start the woman cannot eat or drink, as well as take anticoagulants.

Also, when treating cervical cancer in Germany, you should tell your doctor in advance about intolerance to medicines or drugs for anesthesia, bleeding disorders, chronic diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.


Treatment of Cervical Cancer using Conization in Germany


The surgical procedure modifications


Before planning a surgical intervention, the doctor explains to a woman the methods of cervical conization in Germany. The conization can be both a diagnostic and treatment procedure. Thus, it can serve as a type of excision biopsy. This advanced biopsy technique can be used in patients with large suspicious areas, when a doctor needs to take the histological material for the subsequents study as widely as possible.

German clinics use several modifications of cone excision of the cervix:

  1. Excision with a scalpel is a classic technique that makes it possible to obtain the highest quality material for further histological study. This technique is used in controversial diagnostic cases when it is important to differentiate dysplasia and microinvasive cancer.
  2. Radiowave surgery, or loop electric conization, uses high frequency radio waves. With a loop electrode, energy is directed to the pathological site and destroys it.
  3. Laser surgery, in which high-intensity laser beams imitate the action of a scalpel. During the intervention, the surgeon controls the intensity of the exposure and the volume of the affected tissue removal. The German experts use modern argon, neodymium and carbon dioxide lasers.
  4. Cervical cryoconization involves the use of liquid nitrogen and cryoprobes of various shapes to destroy the atypical site using low temperatures. During the operation, the temperature of the cryoprobe ranges from -100 to -170°C.

Once the main part of the surgical procedure is completed, the women of reproductive age will undergo a diagnostic curettage of the mucous membrane of the remaining cervical canal, while the women in menopause will have a separate diagnostic curettage of the uterine cavity and the remaining cervical canal.

Postoperative care


During the early postoperative period, the woman will stay in the patient room, under the supervision of a nurse. The patient room is also equipped with a button for an urgent call of medical personnel in case of emergency. As a rule, a woman can leave a medical facility on the day of the operation.

Before discharge from the clinic, the patient will receive the following detailed recommendations:

  • Use of vaginal suppositories for the prevention of infectious complications and faster healing of the wound surface
  • Limitation of intense physical activity, running and lifting weights for 4-6 weeks
  • Sexual rest for 6 weeks

The first control gynecological examination is carried out in 6 weeks after surgery, while a control cytological examination takes place 3 months later. According to their results, a woman receives recommendations for further follow-up and rehabilitation.



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