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When people first hear about this type of cancer, they usually wonder what is cervical cancer and where it is located. Cervical cancer develops in the cervix, which is a neck of the uterus. This kind of cancer is the fourth most-widespread cancer among female population. Cervical cancer prognosis states that this tumor is the fourth most-common cause of death among women.

The most common cervical cancer symptoms that one should pay attention to

When people think about what are the symptoms of cervical cancer they usually come up with the idea of strong abdominal pain. It`s not entirely true. One may say that cervical cancer symptoms are very tricky, as during early stages of cancer development there are no signs of cervical cancer that can clearly indicate the existence of malignant cells. Usually the vaginal bleeding and postcoital bleeding are first symptoms of cervical cancer. Other early signs of cervical cancer include metastases, that can appear is either lungs or abdomen, most commoly abdomen. Warts cal also be symptoms of cervical cancer.

Some cervical cancer signs and symptoms that include more advanced stage of the disease are:

  1. considerable weight loss
  2. heavy vaginal bleeding
  3. constant fatigue that cannot be restored by sleep or simple rest

There are different symptoms of cervical cancer that differentiate depending on cervical cancer stages. When it comes to cervical cancer stages the International Federation of Gynecology outlines 7 stages, in which the first two are very difficult to diagnose, as they lack usual cervical cancer symptoms.

The more rare signs and symptoms of cervical cancer

  1. Pain during the intercourse. While blood after sex is not considered to be among most common cervical cancer symptoms, blood and pain during sex are clear signs that there is something wrong with the cervix.
  2. Oddly looking discharge from the vagina is another sign of cervical cancer
  3. An infection that you can test at PAP test is a rare sign of cervical cancer that indicates that a patient needs immediate cervical cancer treatment.
  4. Back and pelvic pain are cervical cancer symptoms and signs that areconsidered to be advanced.
  5. HPV is among the most dangerous signs of cervical cancer that can beacquiredduring secual intercourse and it is transmittable at 40% cases of interactionbetween HPV positive and healthy person.
  6. The last signs of cervical cancer are swelling of the legs and problems withurinating.

There are ways to foresee even the least distinguished signs and symptoms of cervical cancer that can raise the chances of effective cervical cancer treatment. The most effective ways are regular screening and PAP test that can detect early the cancerous issue and allow the doctor proscribe cervical cancer treatment. If you see any symptoms of cervical cancer, it is of utmost importance you get tested.

Diagnosis of cancer of cervix

To diagnose even early signs of cervical cancer doctors use three major types of diagnosis:

  1. Biopsy
  2. Colposcopy
  3. Conization

This types of diagnosis are used only if cervical cancer symptoms are proved to be right after such common examinations as MRI and ultrasound.

What causes cervical cancer

HPV infection is probably the biggest risk factor of what causes cervical cancer. Other cervical cancer causes are smoking, big number of sexual partners and also oral contraceptives, if they are used for a long time. Among more rare causes of cervical cancer are malodorous discharge and dysuria. Also postcoital bleeding and discomfort that are most common signs of cervical cancer indicate that causes of cervical cancer must be of an infectional character.

What is the treatment for cervical cancer

There are many cervical cancer treatment options, that depend on the stage of the tumor.

Hysterectomy (the removal of uterus by surgery). This kind of treatment of cervical cancer is practiced for the stage IA and 1A1

Trachelectomy (surgical treatment for cervical cancer without actual removal of uterus and ovaries). It is practiced during early cervical cancer stages and treatment of this kind can be performed only in limited number of hospitals, as there are few doctors that are able to diagnose the patient with the cancer without advanced signs of cervical cancer. Trachelectomy cannot be performed at stage 1b and 1a, as there is too much risk that cancer can spread to the lymph.

Radiation terapy is another treatment for cervical cancer which is usually used in the combination with surgery.

As we can see cervical cancer symptoms and treatment are proportional and usually doctor chooses cervical cancer treatment by stage, so that the entire cancer is removed from the body of the patient.

Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) and other signs and symptoms of cervicalcancer

Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) is an abnormal growth of cells on the cervix. Usually CIN precedes the emergence of cervical cancer and it is the root of what causes cervical cancer. Most apparent symptoms of cervical cancer that emerge during CIN are chronic cervix infection and sometimes warts.

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